Creation Energy Teaching

  1. Creation is the immeasurable mystery suspended in immeasurable expanse.
  2. Creation is identical to ‘Universal Consciousness’, which guides and prevails in the BEING of consciousness; it is a double-helix, egg-shaped configuration that simultaneously constitutes the Universe in its growing expansion. Its pulsating double-helix arms live as spiritual energy, while rotating against each other.
  3. The Universe is Creation’s internal and external body.
  4. Creation — through its entirety pulsate the Universal ‘Gemüt’ (a non-translatable German term for the spiritual counterpart to the psyche) and the Universal Consciousness, the power of life and existence in general.
  5. Creation pervades everything and everything pervades Creation, therefore forming oneness within itself. Within this oneness occur all life and all of the evolution allotted to it.
  6. Creation has the identical developmental and evolutionary process as every life form, — however, its values of time are anchored in very high values indeed.
  7. Creation itself exists in a conscious creative state for seven Great-Times. — Subsequently it lays dormant for an equal number of Great-Times, but this time they last seven times as long. Following this period, Creation is awake to create once again for a period seven times as longer once again than the previous one. (One Great-Time is equal to 311,040,000,000,000 terrestrial years; seven Great-Times add up to 2,177,280,000,000,000 terrestrial years, also called an eternity; 7 x 7 Great-Times make one All-Great-Time.)
  8. Creation is The Creation and there exists no Creation other than it within its own Universe.
  9. Creation is the Creation of all creations such as the Universe, the galaxies, stars, earths (earth is equivalent to ‘planets’ in this context), skies, light and darkness, time, space and all multitudes of life forms in existence, each according to its own species.
  10. Creation is justice, love, strength, wisdom, knowledge, compassion, freedom, mercy, laws, directive, alliance, fulfillment, evolution, life, support, joy, beauty, peace, infallibility, equilibrium, spirit, forever, logic, growth, perfection, contentment, inexhaustibility, omnipotence, sweetness, infinity, solidarity, perception, harkening, elevation, the Sohar, gentleness, lucidity, purity, transformation, origin, future, power, reverence, allness and BEING.
  11. Creation is the BEING and non-BEING of life. It is the most immense mass of spiritual energy in the Universe.
  12. Creation is spirit in its purest form and immeasurable in its wisdom, knowledge, love and harmony in truth.
  13. Creation is a spiritually dynamic, pure-spirit energy that prevails over everything. Incomprehensible for human beings, it is an active, creative wisdom in the midst of its own incessant evolution; it is all-encompassing for all times.
  14. Creation is verity, the all-embracing, solace, comprehensiveness, guidance, equality, accuracy, cognition, empirical knowledge, admonition, discipline, recollection, revelation, praise, perfection, explanation and direction.
  15. Creation is the path of life; it is nature, light, fire and contemplation; Creation is consciousness, and it is omnipresent.

Glory be to Creation.

Excerpt from Stimme der Wassermannzeit (Voice of the Aquarian Age newsletter), No. 89 December 1993

Book of OM Canon 8…

1. In the Name of Creation, which hath created the armies of all life.

2. Praise be unto Creation, which is Creation.

3. And the JHWH speaketh and the Prophet, they who know about the beginning and about the laws and recommendations:

4. “In the beginning was the egg-shape of the Creation-spiral, brought forth by the idea of Ur-Creation.

5. The Creation-spiral was spiritual Ur-form, diminutively small and only the size of a flea.

6. But the spiral rotated and pulsated the Spirit-energy of the becoming Creation, powerful and expansion-determined.

7. The energy form grew and became compacted power and exploded in the most glaring lightning-fire.

8. A sohar among the countless universes of the ABSOLUTUM-space.

9. With powerful expansion power the Creation spiral pressed outward, stretching at many times the speed of light, steadily growing and creating creative-universal space.

10. Creation was born, conceived by the idea of Ur-Creation, and created by Its own power.

11. Freed from the endless duration in the Ur-cell, the grip of fetters loosened within It and Creation began to think in conscious manner.

12. Common-sense and mind developed and sensitivity and feeling.

13. So the thought created the idea, which is given forth by the Ur-eternal, by the ABSOLUTE ABSOLUTUM, which is the source of all things.

14. The Ur, which created Itself out of the absolute nothing of the endless duration, which is called timelessness.

15. But the idea of the Ur-eternal is given in the evolutionary sense of existence, in becoming and passing away, unto the final life of the all-timely and timeless BEING in the ABSOLUTE ABSOLUTUM.

16. Creation lived, thought, had feeling and sensitivity, mind and intelligence and the idea of life.

17. And It grew powerful and mighty in true love, to expand and to stretch Itself.

18. With Its power It changed Its thoughts and Its idea into becoming, so It therefrom created space and time.

19. It created the universe thus, which in its expanse was empty and only filled with the spiritual power-energy of expanding Creation.

20. Thus in the beginning Creation created the empty expanse of the universe in which still prevailed endless duration, and still no space had become present.

21. But the idea of change unto becoming was created, and the endless duration became time and the empty expanse became space.

22. Yet space was still empty and time stood still therefore.

23. But the idea brought forth movement.

24. The duration split itself into minutest impulse units, which henceforth coursed through space in waves.

25. The moving time was born, and living, it created past and future.

26. The hastening time set the spiritual Creation-energies hovering in space into motion, and rotation began.

27. Moving and rotating, the spiritual energies pulsated, and flaky material created itself therefrom.

28. Thus was done the first step of material-formation.

29. The idea of Creation developed itself further, which was given unto it ur-eternally by the Ur- Creation, to which in turn the idea was given by the ABSOLUTE ABSOLUTUM.

30. Until then, in the universe was only hastening time, movement, rotation, pulsation and flaky material.

31. Space was chaotic and desolate and hung in darkness, and nothing solid was present.

32. So the idea of Creation stretched itself, and it created rotation for densification.

33. The flaky material rotated and pulsated to spirals, equal to the egg-shaped form of the Creation-spiral, and densified from which originated heat, which was of a different type than the cold of space.

34. The densifying flaky material of Spirit-energy became a galaxy, so it also was born, glowing and raying brightly, whereby the darkness of space was broken.

35. Born, therefore, was the Ur-galaxy.

36. Out of the Ur-galaxy originated new becoming, new densified material which was in motion, rotated and pulsated.

37. The material of coarse form began in galaxies of a new type which, manifold and countlessly, animated the expansive space.

38. But thereby the idea of Creation was not yet completed because no life for evolution was yet created, and nothing which creepeth and flyeth.

39. And no legalities and recommendations existed yet into which life and the existence of all things were to be arranged, not for the existence and not for evolution.

40. Thus Creation thought and created all-encompassing laws and recommendations into which all life, all evolution, all becoming and passing away and BEING were to be arranged.

41. With it was created the seven-fold order of the creative legalities and recommendations.

42. Thus therewith were given the guidelines of all life and all evolution, and given were the laws and recommendations for everything existing, becoming, passing away and for BEING.

43. And Creation arranged Its legalities and recommendations into everything already created by It and in everything which would still be created by It.

44. It anchored Its laws and recommendations in everything existing and becoming, so that for all-great-times, all armies of life and everything existing shall be imbedded into this order.

45. The legalities and recommendations of the all-encompassing sevenfold order took their course, and lately other types of life also originated therefrom.

46. The sevenfold order was born, which sayeth that all life, all existence, all becoming and passing away, all evolution and BEING, each would complete itself in seven consecutive steps and planes.

47. Therefore sayeth the sevenfold order of the Creation-laws and Creation-recommendations that everything is arranged into a course and progression, which from the beginning to the goal encompasseth seven steps or, therefore, seven planes.

48. But the sevenfold order is not yet fulfilled therewith, because every such plane, again, is subdivided into additional seven planes, and these again into seven lower planes and this in sevenfold consecutively following order.

49. This resulteth in the sevenfold order of the 7 x 7-fold development, which sayeth that to all armies of life are given seven directly Creation-related development planes.

50. And every such Creation-related development plane is subdivided into seven lower development planes.

51. And every such lower development plane is subdivided into seven still lower development planes.

52. And every such lower development plane is subdivided into seven still lower development planes, which continues so up the seventh link.

53. Therefore, the number of all planes resulteth in 7x7x7x7x7x7x7, which weave through all things and all existence, each one according to its own kind.

54. And out of the sevenfold order originated a new and different kind of life, which was of denser and coarse-substanced matter.

55. The glowing, rotating and pulsating spiral arms of the new galaxies of many types in densification created large formations and which distanced themselves from the center of the galaxies.

56. Of the large, rotating, pulsating and glowing formations soon had become densifications, which formed themselves into suns and planets, and which were projected out into the expanses of space.

57. And the suns and planets were sporadic in space, and they were united and thus circled each other in groups and systems.

58. Therefore, they enlivened the space of the universe, in differing size and in manifold form and kind, and in most differing colors, so the space of the universe was manifold in colors also.

59. And the suns radiated in their own fire and spent light and warmth to the circling planets, which in part and with cooled surfaces became sporadically able to develop their own life, as this was determined by the sevenfold order of Creation.

60. Therefore it was given through the laws and recommendations of Creation, that planets should develop and bear life, every planet according to its own kind.

61. So life created in manifold form and kind on sporadic worlds, those which are called earth worlds.

62. And the first life brought forth as flora, which overgrew the solids of the earth worlds.

63. And forthwith also the life of fauna brought forth, which was the world of the animal kingdom, after the flora had flourished, which is the plant kingdom.

64. Therefore, the flora was created first, and the fauna followed it, according to the sevenfold laws of order of Creation.

65. And as last lifeform it brought forth the human being, when the flora and the fauna were already alive, and that the possibility for life of the human being was given therewith, who was the highest developed and independently thinking lifeform, preconceived by the idea of Creation.

66. In the beginning was Creation, which created the universe, the space and time and the solids therein.

67. But on the solids, manifold life created itself to satisfy the idea of becoming unto BEING in the ABSOLUTE ABSOLUTUM, and so that the way to evolution shall be opened.

68. And so shall be the course of all things, if all armies of life obey the laws and recommendations given by Creation.

69. The laws and recommendations, which are given ur-timely, and which to the knowing and wise in true love are visible everywhere in all-great-timely constant and unchangeable lasting form.

70. So the Earth also was created according to the laws and recommendations of Creation, but so were created the sun and the other planets as well.

71. In the beginning the sun of the new system formed, and it bestowed warmth and light.

72. And far beyond the sun, material structures densified themselves and the planets were formed.

73. The light of the sun illuminated the darkness and the rotating planets, so light on them also formed,

and darkness on the side turned away from the sun.

74. Therefore, day and night was created on the planets and on the Earth also.

75. And according to the sevenfold laws and recommendations of Creation, manifold life created on the Earth.

76. Flora and fauna were born, each one life according to its own kind.

77. And life on the Earth was given, because the world was in part of solids and in part of water, from which firstly and lastly, all life created itself in the beginning.

78. And life created up to the human being, who developed and created himself as separate and true to his own line and highest developed creative lifeform, out of Ur-substances of Earth and out of their life in substance-binding manner.

79. And the human life created in substance-binding manner of the earth and of the existing life of flora and fauna, without direct specie-union with floric and faunic life therefore.

80. Thus was born the human specie as its own and special kind, in no direct union whatsoever with floric or faunic life therefore.

81. And the human lifeform on the Earth developed common-sense and mind, feeling and thinking, and speaking also.

82. The human being created words and strung them together to certain logical consequences, and out of it was created the meaning of the consecutive words and their connections.

83. The value of language was created, so that the human being could make himself mutually understood through words.

84. Thus the language was created.

85. And as the human being had mastered the language, he named the space above the world “heaven”, the dry solid “earth”, and the damp moisture he named “water”.

86. Therefore it was decided through the laws and recommendations of Creation, that on certain stars life of manifold kind and species shall be created, if the planets in their type were able to bear life.

87. And thus planet Earth was one of them.

88. And the laws and recommendations of Creation said that also on Earth armies of life should sprout, each according to its kind.

89. And the laws and recommendations of Creation said that on Earth should sprout grass and diverse weeds, each according to its kind.

90. And diverse trees, flowers, plants and shrubs should sprout, and they should bear seeds and fruit in great quantities, and fragrant they should be, tasty and fine smelling, each according to its kind.

91. Out of the waters and soil everything developed, as it was provided for and conceived by the idea of Creation.

92. And the Earth sprouted forth grass and diverse weeds, flowers, plants, trees and shrubs and diverse animals.

93. And all created armies of life bore their own seed and fruit, so they fertilized and propagated themselves in continued order, each according to its kind.

94. And breathing space was created over the solids of Earth and under the heaven, so every life could breathe, and each according to its kind.

95. And lights were set in the darkness of heaven over the Earth, so that during the day the sun gave light and warmth, and at night far off stars spread moderate light.

96. So was given day and night, created by the signs of light and of darkness.

97. The firm Earth circled in space around the sun and around itself, and so was thereby given the change of day and night.

98. And by the turning were given the times of the days and hours and the times of the years, but so also the change of the becoming and passing away of the entire life.

99. And with it also was given the spring, the summer, the autumn and winter, those which in the form of change are birth, the active life, the thoughtful eve of life, and death, which like a deep sleep leads to renewed life again.

100. Thus becoming and passing away ruled on Earth, given by the sevenfold laws and recommendations of Creation.

101. There was created becoming and passing away and again constant new becoming and passing away.

102. And there was created water and solid, solid and heaven, day and night, year after year, and there was created change of seasons, manifold life, impregnation and birth and passing away and reincarnation in infinite order, and each according to its kind.

103. Therefore, the Earth had become existing and living, the waters, the heavens and stars, and each and all armies of life and according to their kind also.

104. And each and all life was filled and enlivened with minute particles of creative power and creative Spirit-life, which shall develop itself unto perfection, whereby shall be fulfilled the laws and recommendations of Creation, up to and into all all-great-time.

105. Therefore, it was finished, and given over to life and to evolution were the Earth and the stars and all armies of life, while the universe spread itself further and will only pause, when the time of time has come.

106. Thus the Earth was completed, the heavens, the stars and all armies of life, light and darkness, cold and warmth and the waters and everything else, which is existing.

107. Thus everything has become, been created and born and produced in the beginning, from the very beginning of the idea of Ur-Creation to the self-creation of Creation.

108. But out of Creation sprang forth and was brought forth the universe, the galaxies, the stars and all armies of life, that which creepeth and flyeth, in fulfillment of the laws and recommendations of Creation, those which are of validity from all-great-time to all-great-time and eternally.

109. Thus Creation Itself was born, also by the idea of Ur-Creation.

110. And thus was born the universe, by the idea of Creation.

111. And thus were born the legalities and recommendations of the sevenfold order by the idea of Creation.

112. And thus were born the solids, the galaxies and stars in the space of the universe, and also space and time, light and darkness, by the idea of Creation.

113. And finally were born the diverse and manifold armies of life, that which evolving strives toward the goal of BEING.

114. This took place so according to the will and to the idea of the ABSOLUTE ABSOLUTUM.

115. And this took place according to the will and to the idea of the Ur-Creation.

116. And this took place according to the will and to the idea of Creation.

117. So that life flourish in goal-aspiring evolution.

118. And so that life finds perfection through evolution in BEING.

119. In the Name of Creation, which is truth, and which is wisdom, and which is truthful love, this is the truth from the very beginning of the very beginning.”


(Creation Genesis) Transmitted by the highly Spirit (collective)-Consciousness level PETALE (= The Crown of Creation) Received, interpreted and explained by “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier…. Transmitted date and time: Wednesday, 17. December 1975 00.41 h – 02.59 h 

Genesis page 9-52…

Creation Genesis and interpretative declaration

1. The Universe was enveloped in it invisible garment,[1]

1. The universe was still not existent.

2. It was neither visible nor invisible, because it was not yet created.

3. <<It was wrapped in the invisible garment>>,[2] in the non-existence.

4. It rested only as an idea from the Primordial(Ur)-Flame, of the Primordial(Ur)- Time, which is also called the Primordial(Ur)- Creation.

2. created out of the Ur-Flame of the Ur- Time, the Ur-Creation.

5. The universe was only a created idea of the Ur-Creation, so thus still invisible and without physical (spatial) existence, indicating that, that the universe as a well thought idea in createdness existed, however still not realized was as created existence, so it is still not in a space dressed, therefore without spatial existence was.

3. Still was the universe only infinity in unending duration,

6. Since the idea that through the Ur-Flame / Ur-Creation an conceived universe only as an idea existed and still not as created existence created was, ruled also still no time, but only an endless duration without any limitation.

7. Time involves a space.

8. This however was not yet created, so just endless duration at rule was in position.

4. then still not was created by Creation the space.

9. To create a time, required it first a space, which from the Creation creating must be, then it was for this task awarded.

10. The Ur-Flame / Ur-Creation created only the idea of the existence of Creation, in it embedded the idea of the space / universe and the time, which the Creation, itself still not from it expectant existence knew, itself out of itself creating should.

11. Still but was just endless duration, timeless and Non-Being, because:

5. In it, in the endless duration, slumbered during seven great times of the Ur- Creation and in it protection the fetus of Creation,

12. It was still timeless, the endless duration without time and space.

13. It was only the yet not into existence born idea of the Ur-Creation.

14. It was the Nothingness, into which the Ur- Creation had laid it idea.

15. The idea was the fetus of the Creation, so therefore the idea-exemplary becoming of Creation in the least form, as probably already born, though still not in existence created idea.

16. The fetus Creation, the born idea, the seed, from which the Creation germinate and itself must unfold, still slumbered.

17. It was itself not conscious about.

18. And it slumbered during seven great- times of the Ur-Creation and under it fovour.

19. For the fetus the becoming (expectant) Creation were space and time still not existent, then still was for it only endless duration without any limitation.

20. So it slumbered heretofore within itself under the control of the Ur-Creation, which of a time and space for itself conscious was, and out of which the fetus of the Creation for the duration of the time from it own time- duration, namely seven great-times, to be granted.

21. So bid the Ur-Creation the Creation-fetus protection in the form, that the Ur-Creation up to now only as idea and seed created idea and that likewise idea-existing nothing in it own time enveloped, by which the Creation- fetus in whom granted space and the time and to evolutionizing in position to be, what is states with:

6. Itself unfolding and evolutionizing (evolving),

7. to become Creation in energy, might and BEING and henceforth to be called Creation Universal Consciousness or in a simply manner Creation.

22. The Creation-fetus, the seed, slumbered still in unconscious, still but itself unfolding and evolutionizing (evolving).

23. The Creation, still fetus, germinated in itself, growing and becoming, whereby it forces unfolded and vivid became.

24. Still but was it only conceived (begotten) as idea of the Ur-Flame,

8. Still but was it only begotten (conceived) as idea of the Ur-Flame,

25. Even without any knowledge, without wisdom, love and power, then still was it only in itself undetected fetus, seed:

9. unknowing and unwise.

10. Slumbering it laid in the womb of the delivering and the becoming (expectant) of the first seven great-times,

26. Still was neither time nor space, then space and time must first become.

27. The Ur-Creation itself laid out of it level it own time in the Nothing, in which the fetus of the becoming (expectant) Creation slumbered.

28. Thereby was the becoming Creation time devoted, so for it the endless duration a term became, to the time, that it becoming is still to it unknown devoted was:

29. Seven great- times after the time-existence of the Ur- Creation, from conception (procreation) to conscious birth.

30. Out of the non-existent must the Creation indeed itself created, in an endless duration, in which neither space nor time there was, because everything Nothing was.

31. The Nothing but must be through itself, the becoming Creation, to space and time created to become.

32. Since it could not even do this by itself, because it still the knowledge and the consciousness lacked of, gave the Ur- Creation it the time of seven great-times in attached.

33. Then with it becoming began for it the time, which synchronous with it evolutionization (evolvement) becoming was and to the finitiness of the endless duration.

11. to be knowing to become and wise.

34. The fetus of the Creation therefore, the seeds, slumbered, out of itself to germinate and itself to develop, to become knowing and wise.

35. Sprouting, in itself arousing, set it thoughts (spiritual energy) in excitement, to create ideas, that is as force created, so it knowing become and wise.

12. The existence of the BEING was yet not born,

36. Still was the becoming Creation in itself not in the conscious created, still not into life (existent) become in conscious, itself creating form.

37. It was itself of the spiritual, mightful life, the BEING, still not conscious (aware), then this consciousness lies dormant yet unrecognized in itself, in the becoming Creation.

38. Still was to it the consciousness of this existence unknown, what implies with:

13. then still slumbered it in the becoming the emerging Creation.

14. Still was also not born the Universal- Gemüt (Mind/Consciousness),

(Gemüt noun – the Gemüt is the spirit-form’s counterpart of the material body’s psyche. It is that spiritual block and factor which, in the spirit-body of a life form, in this case a human being, regulates and looks after the material- consciousness-based feeling and the material-consciousness-based thoughts in itself, in negative or positive consequence.

39. Still lived the Creation only in itself, knew neither itself nor space and time, so therefore also not a meaning of anything outside it own to become into existence, then first must the becoming (expectant) and slumbering (dormant) Creation the sense for the great- extent, the out of-itself-of-creating in itself to create, to let it in itself and within itself into existent become, namely the Universal- Gemüt as existence:

15. then the becoming (expectant) Creation created it in slumber only to the becoming existence.

16. Not yet available were the causes of life.

40. The causes of life were still not available, the idea and the forces of the becoming Creation for the procreation of life except it own.

41. Then still slumbered the Creation in its becoming, to itself creating (concern) and Creation to be as life and spiritual-energetic existence:

17. since the Creation slumbering only became,

18. itself to bring forth.

42. By itself from the created idea of the Ur- Creation self to create.

19. Darkness alone filled the Nothingness of the infinite duration,

43. The Nothingness that for the Creation still infinite of duration was darkness, neither day nor night, neither glimmer nor dawn, then the darkness itself was Nothingness:

20. which placed was in the first seven great-times of the Ur-Flame

44. The darkness, which itself the Nothingness was, was only existent in the first seven great-times, which the Ur-Creation as time and expectant time of it idea had created, otherwise the darkness, the Nothingness, the endless duration and non- existence would have remain, never as a space and time, as universe and limit created to be, which as an idea of the Ur-Creation conceived were:

21. and which placed was in the idea as universe,

22. in which light should be,

45. The darkness, the Nothingness, should transform and into existence to become in the form of visibility (luminous radiation), the light, and admittedly in the instant of Creation:

23. through the birth of Creation,

46. if it out of it unconsciously created existence in the conscious converted into and deliberate it forces/powers to the elaboration and implementation would bring:

24. due to it becoming BEING,

25. when it awakening/arousing on the endless (infinite) wheel of time

47. If it awakening/arousing and conscious and of itself consciously become of it all- great-times BEING beginn would, to as BEING-existence of it time-infinite life to fulfill and it all-great-times and it invigorating breath (Odem) to spread:

26. the wandering of it existence admit would,

27. to itself seven times seven (7 x 7) Total-Great-Periods

48. To itself over the course of seven times seven Total-Great-Periods self to the Ur- Flame / Ur-Creation to evolutionize. This time in numbers expressed 36 593 544 960 000 000 000 years = 36 quintillions, 593 quadrillions, 544 trillions and 960 billions. Total-wake-time: 42 692 417 280 000 000 000 years, = total-slumber-time = double wake-time. Total-time = 85 384 834 560 000 000 000 years:

28. itself to the Ur-flame / Ur-Creation to evolutionize.

29. And it awoke out of it slumber of the Primal-Time,

49. The becoming (expectant) Creation awoke from it slumber of the primal-time.

50. The primal-time however was for itself still non time, still non perception and still nonexistent.

51. The time was just an idea, from the Ur- Creation as term created, to Nothingness, in which the to-be Creation impended, in a becoming existence provide, conceived by the Ur-Flame,

30. conceived through the Ur-flame

52. conceived through the Ur-Creation in the form of an idea, which to the expectant of truth, to the existence consolidate must, as one in Nothingness suited idea, which it out of itself, now independent from the Ur-Flame, creating must and also created:

31. and created out of itself.

32. So was it alive,

53. The Creation had it out of the idea of the Ur-Flame / Ur-Creation itself created, awakened now out of it slumber of the unconscious existence, so it became and to live began, it and it existence self conscious become, as a consciousness-block of its own creation as consciousness..

33. as consciousness,

34. as force in the widely-finite become space, the universe,

54. Through the awakening from the slumber and the therewith related it’s-self-conscious- become as a Creation and life, widened it pulsating spirit-mass as a might-block, itself spreading and stretching.

55. As a result widened the Nothingness and became a visible term, to the becoming space as a finite, to the universe, in which the Creation out of itself into the existence created had.

35. was to the existence become, 

36. in creating form in itself,

37. knowing and wise.

56. In the seven-great-time slumber the unconscious primal-time and itself-creation- time created it the Creation in its becoming in unconscious form creating truth, which to be mentioned as knowledge.

57. The real estate knowledge though prides itself in its utilization to the wisdom, which states, that through the application experienced ensued, that to the logic transforms, therefore to the Creation-Might in absolute certainty.

58. Thereby this is said, that wisdom identical is with the Absolutum, with the absolute certainty, with logic, with the creating Creation-form of the power of Creation.

38. It created forms and force (might) within itself

59. From the first-seven-great-time slumber of the idea of the Ur-Flame awakened, created the Creation in itself forms and forces of various kinds.

60. It widened in itself, forms and forces of it own-creation developing, to it further evolutionizing and become stronger in itself as Creation, alive and be itself-existence- aware during seven great-times.

39. and pulsated alive seven great-times, that there is an overall great-period, in it own evolution.

61. Therefore evolutionized the Creation during the seven first Ur-Creation-great- times, this referred with 2 177 280 000 000 000 earthly human years to be understood.

62. This time is an overall-great-period in the first Creations time factor, which however extended to the great overall-great period, which however in it simplify form as overall- great-period to be mention, which though 36 593 544 960 000 000 000 Earth years corresponds to.

40. Thereupon lay itself in the consciously stage to the slumber,

63. Itself through the awakening from it first- great-time slumber consciously become and itself thereupon in observance to knowledge and wisdom evolutionize, laid the Creation for the first time as itself concious unit to slumber, to be resting to recover from it self- evolutionary recognition/affirmation:

41. itself dormant resting,

42. still though itself further evolutionizing.

64. Also in a state of slumber evolutionize the Creation further, so it development therefore do not rest.

65. The unconscious of Creation is fulfilled and enlivened in spiritual power, animated by the will of life and evolution, never inactive and at all times active in sentinels as in the slumbering.

66. Active though only in purely spiritual form, mightily, tremendous and indestructible, life- shaping, forming and creating, while the conscious of the material paralysation decays and just only in spiritual form resistant is, together working with the unconscious in spirit-evolutionary form.

67. This is the lively existence of the spirit, creates in itself in the Creation, whereby also the slumber to the evolotionizing factor becomes, while the structure of the all bordering mass, the body respectively spirit- energy-body, resting from the activity in the waking state recovered.

68. Slumber mold the relaxation factor that of the strength and spirit bordering mass, therefore the body respectively the spirit- energy-body, which of periodic tranquilness respectively a slumber need, while the that inherent spirit energy and the that own power timeless waking is and never a tranquilness needs.

69. It is this just the hull, which after tranquilness demands, after slumber therefore, in which the conscious turn off and the material paralysation falls prey.

70. Through the material paralysation is the conscious from all external influences shielded, whereby only the pure spirit energy form active remains and itself to the main working factor rises.

71. Through the shielding (Paralysation) of the material conscious predominates the pure spirit energy form of the unconscious, stronger, mightier and tremendously than in the waking state of the all bordering mass and as then the sole controlling force in Infinity/limitlessness.

72. Through the from external controlling tranquilness able itself the unconscious in the internal in unlimited power/force to unfold, evolutionizing, shaping and originating, while the all bordering shell, the mass, the body, itself slumbering and inactive recovered/regained.

73. This applies for the Creation itself as well as for the Ur-Creation and all out of the Creation arisen works, as well as for all life forms in fauna and flora, so therefore also for all human life forms.

74. The difference between the Creation and its creations is only noticeable in a single factor of importance, namely in the period of limited time terms; last the waking and the slumber of the Creation per seven great- times, after human terms so eons of time, so constrain the times of the wake and slumber periods of the Creation created life forms on short great time-units, which are stated as seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.

75. So the human of the earth in the normal form the day has as a wake period and the night as a slumber (sleep) period, has the Creation therefore a wake period of seven great-times and a slumber period of the same time duration.

76. The proceedings/processes of the conscious and unconscious though are equal directed; lies the human to slumber, then the same procedure takes place as in the Creation:

77. In the conscious decays the material paralysation; the material consciousness paralyzed and triggers the shielding factor against all external influences.

78. The unconscious becomes the controlling force in evolutionary form.

79. In the humans appears the evolutionary process as visible increasing consciousness language, in symbolic imagery (visual/picture language), which in the first instance through/by the unconscious analysed and to knowledge evaluated becomes, while only in the second instance the perceptions/cognitions/realisings are obtained in the conscious self, if the human being knowing of the existence of their spirit form consciously become.

80. As long as this recognition factor not in him/her to the truth has become, forms in him/her the visible to be consciousness language also the symbolic imagery language respektively the dream language for that which inexplicable abiding factor of the spiritual symbolism.

43. Thereby was eliminated the causes of the visible Existence.

81. Through to the renewed and now conscious slumber of the Creation were eliminated the causes of the visible Existence.

82. Through the slumber was the Creation again in itself shrouded/draped and to the invisibility become in a renewed Nothingness, then through the paralyzing of the conscious material-consciousness transformed itself to the to become universe space, its visible Existence, back to the non-space, to the Nothingness, again resting as self-created idea of Creation in itself, therefore the causes of the visible existence were eliminated.

44. Also was still not born the material Existence,

83. The Creation had during it first slumber and of the after the following waking state still not creates any material forms, then still was it only with it own creation and self-evolution fulfiled.

84. In its interior though matured already the nascent idea to the creations of material life forms, which as visible forms should be;

45. the becoming should be as visible,

46. which still not was

85. that though still not to the existence created was

47. and that still rested in the invisibility of the seven-great-time Non-BEING,

86. and that still as idea rested in the interior of the slumbering Creation and in the spaceless Nothingness, that to the term of the finite become were through the itself- aware-becoming the Creation.

48. that to the conscious become were.

49. Alone now stretched itself the slumbering Creation as force in the Non- Universe,

87. Through the awakening from the slumber of primal time and by the Itself-self- recognition and itself-self-conscious-become evolutionized the Creation Universal Consciousness to an independent unit in the unit, became independent of the Ur-flame / Ur-Creation and lived in self-generated Nothingness, that for it form in it slumber the hull the space was, the hull of the Universe, which in the slumbering-stage in that it sheltering Nothingness convert to, that it place of it complete evolution was, now created as form of the resistiveness (endurance, reliability), of the BEING in the slumbering state:

50. as form of the slumbering and still conscious BEING,

51. in limitlessness and endlessness (infiniteness),

88. It living BEING was to the limitlessness and infiniteness grown.

52. uncausal in exteriorly,

89. In the slumber was the Creation uncausal to the exterior.

90. It created neither the vast space of the universe, nor any tangible and visible entity, nor anythings except it existing life; on the contrary it was but in itself creatively and evolutionizing (evolving) and configuring inwardly;

53. but itself evolutionizing (evolving) inwardly

54. and pulsating in the life,

91. and breathing, grown in itself to the BEING become life, itself and of the BEING conscious become and creating in all forms;

55. conscious and creating,

56. through it omnipresent that have become Existence,

92. through itself to the life become as BEING spread itself in it own created Nothingness to the omnipresence out and fulfilled itself.

93. And which now by itselfs generated Nothingness, in which it slumbering impended, was that by itselfs created space, that to it as an idea of the Ur-flame / Ur- Creation inputted as Ur-Idea one to creating space form.

57. in the by the Ur-flame for it idealized Sphere.

58. The universe lay again in the darkness of Non-Sphere,

94. The universe was again converted in the shell/hull of spaceless, in the darkness of the non-existent, in the nameless, in which the living force of the self become-conscious Creation slumbering impended;

59. and in it Nothingness impended the pulsating force of the slumbering and itself conscious-become Creation,

95. as a form of self-creation,

60. as Self-Creating-form,

61. from the Non-form,

96. self-created from the unexistence and formlessness, by the strength of own-creation though grown to the root and origin of all BEING and Being in the from it created universe.

62. become to the root of all BEING and Being,

63. that there though still rested in the bliss of Non-BEING and Non-Being.

97. Apart from it own BEING had the Creation still not other Being-form created, then still rested all the to become creating forms as Non-existing within the Creation, as yet not conceived thoughts and as yet not apprehended ideas.

98. It was still the bliss of non-borns, that protective embedded was in the shell/hull of the yet-to-begetting.

64. It was there still not the form of solid, not the matter in the tangible,

99. It was still no form of solid, of tangible and visible matter.

100. The Creation had still non idea to the creation for any tangible matter.

101. It were there still non solid-body-worlds in any form, no planets, comets, no nebulas and suns, not a dust particles and no life forms of any kind, neither in spiritual nor in the material.

102. So were also still no material life forms, neither fauna nor flora, nor in hominid form or in homogeneous life (Life of same gender), then the thought thereto matured first in virtue in the slumbering Creation:

65. then first matured the thoughts in virtue to it, during the slumber of the Creation.

66. It was still neither loud nor stillness,

103. It was still neither loud nor stillness, then the Creation had still not the idea of segregation between infinity and limitation (demarcation) conceived and to the thoughts and to the creation allow, round the silent stillness in a tone to attire, which itself as sonic sound in space spreading should, somewhere beginning and somewhere ending.

67. nothing as infinite, all-great-time- become life-breath (Odem) the itself evolutionizing Creation, 104. There ruled the noiseless silence of Nothingness, in which the infinite all-great- time-that-have-become life-breath (Odem) the evolving Creation pulsated:

68. which itself still did not knew.

105. The Odem of the Creation was about its existence still not conscious, then its consciousness was first to become of detection by the strength of the Creation, who the knowledge to testifying created, to it to the idea, cognition and comprehensiveness to make.

69. Still had the duration not the term of the time,

106. Still was just endless duration in the become BEING of the Creation and in it previously created space, which it again to the Nothingness contracted had and in which it impended in slumber.

107. It was only the endless duration of infinity without an end.

108. The time was still not, and it was just continuity without limitation, then it was in itself termless as uniform duration and at the same time endlessness duration:

70. and it unit/uniformity was still endless,

71. then still not was the ray of the designation into it flashed,

109. The endless duration was still not through a created concept-thoughts of the Creation transformed to be, to have a border.

110. Still there was only the endless, the timelessness in unlimited duration, because the ray of the designation, the term for the finite, still not in the Creation created was, around the endless duration in the garment of restriction to dress up, in the term of the designation time, so becoming and passing it could form, which only in the limitation of the finite existent could be;

72. to it let in the finite be.

111. then only the finiteness offers the possibility of limiting, a becoming and passing by, a self-evolutionizing, an idea-createdness and thinking.

112. Only the Creation itself possessed in itself and for itself the by the Ur-flame-Idea lay in it the term of it own time, so was itself able to evolving.

113. Exteriorly of itself though was still endless duration and term of timelessness, therefore outwardly from it also still not a becoming and passing by able to create.

114. A becoming and passing by is limitation dependent, thus time-dependent, then beyond the hull/shell of the Creation is everything term-dependent and therefore thus time-dependent, then exteriorly of the Creation is not capable of an endless duration to develop.

115. So this wouldn’t be the case, could neither logic nor truth and wisdom emerge, then in an endless duration is capable itself exteriorly of the Creation no thoughts to be formen, which to an idea and to an existence created could have.

116. Would nevertheless the impossibility of a thought in this form occur, then would it in the endless duration endlessly last and never a boundary and an ending find.

117. Even the Creation was able only through which in it embedded idea of the Ur-flame / Ur-Creation itself to evolutionizing, because the idea of the self-concept of time and the limitation through the Ur-flame in it laid was.

73. The Gemüt of the slumbering Creation had itself still not opened,

(Gemüt noun – the Gemüt is the spirit-form’s counterpart of the material body’s psyche. It is that spiritual block and factor which, in the spirit-body of a life form, in this case a human being, regulates and looks after the material- consciousness-based feeling and the material-consciousness-based thoughts in itself, in negative or positive consequence).

118. Still was the Creation only of itself conscious, and it thought and created only in itself.

119. Still had itself not exteriorly expanded, by it forces and ideas towards exterior to let be operative, to inwardly and outwardly to create and itself in the form of partition to lay, so the Gemüt inwardly and outwardly effective to be;

74. to it unit to drop into the form of division,

75. to itself to engage in the form of division,

120. by itself divide/split toward interior and exterior and but thereby in a joined unity to constitute in equality, itself letting in in the interior and in the exterior in a creative form and by itself to the exteriorly to create:

76. by itself to the outward to create,

77. so itself from inward to outward and from outward to inward evolutionize.

121. by itself through the inner self-influences and the external-influences of that from it created creations to evolutionizing and (relatively) to become perfect.

78. The vibrations of the seven great- times though swung through the slumbering Creation,

122. The vibrations and power(force)- radiation which by the Ur-flame in the Creation laid idea of the concept of time of seven great-times swung through the slumbering Creation and make it to the living BEING in the concept of time;

79. made it BEING

80. knowing and wise,

123. It became knowledgeable and wiser and created in slumbering the sevenness in itself, which stated, that it the seventhedness in itself created to the existence of all to creating creations (creations, creatures, figures/beings and everything existent) of it strength.

124. The seven-terms though is the unit of: 125. 1) Universal-BEING

126. 2) Universal-law

127. 3) Universal-Gemüt

128. 4) Universal-love

129. 5) Universal-force

130. 6) Universal-time

131. 7) Universal-creation

81. so it slumbering the sevenness created in itself.

82. And there the sevenness was born in


83. creates within itself its own evolution and strength.

132. And there the sevenness in the Creation been idealized and to the idea transformed, conceived and thought, begotten, animated, developed and into birth created was, in it own evolution and strenght out of itself through the conceived thoughts, there broke the hull/shell of its Gemüt and vivified it with the gained strenght of the Creation existence, with the Creation might, which there again is mentioned as Logic, Knowledge, Truth and Wisdom, borned out of the unity of the sevenness:

84. broke the shell/hull of its Gemüt and pulsated through it with might.

133. The sevenness therefore was conceived, begotten and created in the interior of the Gemüt.

134. The unit of the sevenness therefore forms the Ur-beginning of all life in spiritual and material form.

135. The sevenness is the fundamental law of all life in any form.

136. From it results also all terms for time and space, the form of all creating and creation, the existence and the existant-being of Creation itself and also the limitation of the finiteness by the number 7, that, in seventhedness calculated, in constant multiplication to the BEING in the BEING led, that there is the BEING in the highest Central-Creation, in the Absolute Absolutum.

137. So broke the all-invigorating sevenness with force the shell/hull of the Gemüt of the Creation and pulsated through it with might.

85. A in the Gemüt generated light ray quaked through the Creation

138. That by the creation of the sevenness generated impulse/momentum shook through the Creation and penetrated into the creation- idea and in the seed of thoughts:

86. and penetrated into the creations-idea (creating-idea) and in the seed of thoughts.

139. The sevenness-impulse shook through the Creation and swung into the embryo of creations-idea and in the thoughts, which stated, that the impulse/momentum of the sevenness in the already conceived idea penetrated, which itself as embryo of thoughts for the creation respectively Creation developed had.

140. Through the invigorating impulse evolutionize the idea, became bare joyfull and gave birth to itself, whereby itself it existence conscious certainly became:

87. The idea became a certainty, to consciousness

88. and to the bosom/womb of life.

141. The now to the certainty and consciousness (awareness) born creation- idea became to the bosom/womb of life, that as central creation point and bearing point in the Creation rests.

142. It is this the center of the conceiving, thinking, procreating, evolutionizing (evolving), creating (creative) and giving birth in spiritual form.

143. The bosom/womb of life therefore is the certainly and conscious become creation creating-idea, which as Ur-life and Ur-idea of the Creation as sevenness-unit each to conceiving creation think up, generates, bears and to the existence become let.

89. The light weave was born,……( download the PDF below or check the Future of Mankind website)

The Future Of Mankind – A Billy Meier Wiki – Genesis (the book)