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Contact Report 770

N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English. Before reading onward, Please read this necessary prerequisite to understanding this document  


  • Date and time of contact: Wednesday, 5th May 2021, 00:08 hrs
  • Translator(s): DeepL Translator, Joseph Darmanin
  • Date of original translation: Sunday, 4th July 2021
  • Corrections and improvements made: Joseph Darmanin, Catherine Mossman
  • Contact person(s): Bermunda, Florena


This is the entire contact report. It is an authorised but unofficial DeepL preliminary English translation and most probably contains errors. Please note that all errors and mistakes etc. will continuously be corrected, depending on the available time of the involved persons (as contracted with Billy/FIGU). Therefore, do not copy-paste and publish this version elsewhere, because any improvement and correction will occur HERE in this version!

Contact Report 770 Translation Translation

Seven Hundred Seventieth ContactWednesday, 5th May 2021, 00:08 hrs

Billy:Ah – welcome, Bermunda. Hello. – It is nice that you are also here again. This is unusual, because the last time you came here you did not say anything about being away for so long … well, I mean, you have been away for so long now … I also greet you, Florena, and welcome. …

Bermunda:Yes, but greetings to you too … Unfortunately I was not able to come here because I was called away.

Florena:Greetings also, dear father friend.

Bermunda:Because I … unfortunately, because I …

Billy:… ? … ?

Florena:Bermunda and I, we are good friends and like siblings together. I also have unpleasant things to report, unfortunately, because my connection with …

Billy:Oh, I see, then you also talk together about those things that have moved Bermunda as she just said. That it was not easy for you, Bermunda, I can understand, because … … …

Bermunda:Yes, thank you … I knew you would understand. But what we have said now, that relates to my private matters, which I do not want you to call out and write down when you are writing the conversation.

Billy:Of course not, that is obvious, because … But you, Florena – I find it regrettable that your …

Florena:Unfortunately, that is the way it is, and it cannot be helped. But with that, like Bermunda, I … Besides … if I may then also talk about it with you, if you can take some time for it?

Billy:I can also understand you, Florena. However, you should not worry about it in any painful way, and above all it is not a problem, because there are always moments and situations in life that you simply have to fit into, whether you like it or not. Besides, problems can usually always be solved if you talk about them and let understanding and reason prevail. So the three of us can also discuss these conditions together and look for a solution to everything. But we can talk about it openly later, and then privately. Now it is not the case, because I think that what we have talked about so far was, so to speak, our welcome introduction, although some things should not be mentioned when I call up the conversation and write it down, because some things do not belong to it and the whole thing is your private affair, and it should also remain that way, although I also think that you, Florena …?

Florena:We trust each other.

Bermunda:Of course.

Billy:Then everything is clear, and it is also self-evident for me that I see your matter as purely private and treat it as such and neither retrieve nor write down anything from it. But look here, please, this article was beamed to me yesterday by Achim Wolf. You should please read it, and then tell me what you think of it.

Bermunda:… reads …

Florena:Can I listen in if Bermunda reads aloud?

Billy:Of course – if you will please read out loud, Bermunda?

Bermunda:Yes – … read aloud …

AstraZeneca: Dangerous side effect much more common than thought 4th May 2021 06:45 hrs, by Susan Bonath

COVID-19 vaccination: AstraZeneca classified acute platelet deficiency as a “common side effect” as early as mid-April. One to ten out of 100 vaccinated persons are at risk of internal bleeding. However, the Paul Ehrlich Institute does not make a big fuss about this.

Source: © Alfonso Di Vincenzo/Keystone Press Agency

The COVID-19 vaccines can promote blood clots. This has been proven in the meantime. The AstraZeneca company in particular made headlines after young vaccinated people died of cerebral venous thrombosis or brain haemorrhages. Both in combination were found only “very rarely”. And COVID-19 was much more dangerous, the German vaccine monitoring authority called Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI) and the leading media alike appeased. But the PEI has been hiding one explosive detail for three weeks: so-called thrombocytopenia apparently occurs much more frequently than previously known. Such a lack of blood platelets is not always noticed. But in an emergency it can lead to severe internal bleeding, also cerebral haemorrhage, and is therefore always considered an emergency.

PEI and leading media remain silent

This is what emerges from a second so-called “red-hand letter” of the Swedish-British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. This letter is dated from the 13th of April 2021 and has not been reported in any sensational way in the leading media. Only on the webblog is a more detailed report to be found.Furthermore, the specialist portal reported on the red-hand letter of the British-Swedish vaccine manufacturer. However, the fact that thrombocytopenias are now considered frequent was not mentioned in it. The Paul Ehrlich Institute duly published the letter on its website. But the layperson has to search very meticulously to find it there.

One to ten Percent of those Vaccinated could be affected.

The letter states that the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) Committee for Risk Assessment (PRAC) continues to classify thrombosis in combination with thrombocytopenia as a “very rare side effect” of an AstraZeneca vaccination. However, the group literally admits:

“One of the updates concerns section 4.8 of the SmPC. Thrombocytopenia has been introduced as an adverse reaction with a frequency of ‘common’, based on data from clinical trials.”

Side effects of medicines are classified on package inserts according to the frequency of occurrence. “Very rare” thus means that less than one in 10,000 patients is affected.An adverse effect is declared “frequent” if it occurs in one to ten out of 100 patients. The serum Vaxzevria from AstraZeneca was administered almost three million times by the 2nd of April (more recent safety reports have not yet been published by the PEI responsible). If the studies are to be taken seriously, a platelet deficiency could have occurred 30,000 to 300,000 times in those vaccinated – probably mostly unnoticed or without a doctor being consulted.

AstraZeneca: Thrombocytopenia probably an Autoimmune reaction

According to the letter, the authors of AstraZeneca, Susanne Tubis and Klaus Hinterding, suspect that the dangerous clotting disorder is probably caused by antibodies that are formed by the vaccination. These so-called PF4 antibodies often bind to blood platelets and change their structure. In vaccinated persons who developed thrombocytopenia with or without thrombosis, a particularly large number of these special antibodies were found. This strengthens the thesis, according to the authors.Officially, the PEI reported a total of 75 cases of cerebral venous thrombosis after COVID-19 vaccination by the 21st of April, which represent a small part of all thromboses that occurred. Twelve of these cases occurred after administration of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine Comirnaty, and 63 cases occurred in vaccinated persons with the AstraZeneca vaccine. In total, 56 women and 19 men were affected – most of them younger than 60 years.According to the PEI, 34 cases of simultaneous cerebral venous thrombosis and thrombocytopenia occurred exclusively after the administration of Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca). Twelve persons died as a result. Three others did not survive blood clots in the brain that occurred after administration of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

However, a relevant number of unreported cases is to be assumed. Firstly, only a small number of side effects are reported at all. Secondly, a particularly large number of elderly and sick human beings have been vaccinated so far. Deaths or severe clinical symptoms can be blamed much more easily on previous illnesses and age. In nursing homes, for example, there have been numerous deaths known to the author after vaccinations to which a natural cause had been attributed and which were therefore not further investigated by forensic medicine.

Information intended only for Doctors

The presumed secrecy with severe side effects of these mRNA and vector vaccines seems to be confirmed again by the latest example of AstraZeneca. Why do PEI and the press not inform the general public about the frequent occurrence of a vaccination reaction, which can even have fatal consequences, especially in the case of non-treatment?PEI spokeswoman Susanne Stöcker explained that such a “red-hand letter” is “explicitly addressed to doctors”. In the past, they were therefore sent exclusively to doctors. “For some years now, the PEI and the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices have additionally published these documents on their websites, where they are accessible to all interested parties”, she added.In other words: Anyone who wants to know whether the vaccination possibly poses more risks to them than a coronavirus infection has to search the websites of the specialised authorities themselves. But it is also a fact that the vaccinators should know about this and warn the vaccinated accordingly.

Where is the safety report?

It is also incomprehensible why the PEI has not published a safety report for weeks. The most recent report, available on the 3rd of May, covers the period up to the 2nd of April. So there has been no new information from the responsible authority for over a month. Stöcker appeased: The next publication is planned for the beginning of May and will probably come out this week. She added verbatim:

“Against the background of the increasing number of vaccinations, we naturally also receive correspondingly more suspicious case reports, which have to be recorded and evaluated and for which, if necessary, follow-up research has to be carried out (sic!). In addition, I would ask you to bear in mind that a great deal of activity has been required in recent weeks with regard to the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines.”Already in the PEI’s last safety report, originally listed serious suspected cases, including facial paralysis, heart muscle inflammation, stroke and seizures, were no longer explicitly named. A few weeks ago, the spokesperson explained that it was not possible to name each individual effect separately.

Source: AstraZeneca: Gefahrliche Nebenwirkung veil haufiger als angenommen

Billy:So – what do you think and say about this?

Bermunda:The whole of these remarks is already known to us, since the first appearance of these vaccines, but I am thinking not only of this one mentioned here, but without distinction of all those which are altogether not sufficiently tested and are used negligently untested in a fast-track procedure.

Billy:And you, Florena, you are also well versed in medicine and virology, so I think you could also say something about what your research shows. Or should you not talk about it?

Florena:What is fundamental to mention, this was already objected to by Ptaah from the beginning as irresponsibility on the part of the authorities. And as he predicted, these untested vaccines also caused many deaths, but this was generally kept quiet in public and all deaths were wrongly declared as direct pandemic deaths. The long-term damage to health that these vaccinations have caused and will continue to cause for many human beings has not been publicly explained. This, as well as what will result in this respect for human beings who have been suffering from long-term consequences of Corona since the beginning of the vaccinations, as well as what will also follow in this respect from now on, has not been made public.Our investigations have recently shown that not only in Europe several thousands of human beings have succumbed to malignant severe side effects and long-term health damage as a result of corona vaccinations, but also in all countries where corona vaccinations have been administered and where vaccinations continue to be administered. Particularly to be mentioned here are vaccination consequences which, on the one hand, have repeatedly occurred in many cases since the first vaccinations, but which will occur in the future, such as:

  1. Brain Haemorrhages
  2. Heart Attacks
  3. Anxiety
  4. Loss of taste
  5. Hyperactivity
  6. Hypersensitivity
  7. Visual disturbances
  8. Flu-like illnesses
  9. Fever
  10. Chills
  11. Dizziness
  12. Malaise
  13. Guillain-Barré syndrome, damage to the nerves, especially in the spinal cord, resulting in sometimes severe motor dysfunctions such as paralysis
  14. Voice changes
  15. Bell’s Palsy [facial paralysis]
  16. Uncertainty of movement
  17. Pain at the injection site
  18. Cerebral venous thrombosis, possibly with simultaneous platelet deficiency or thrombocytopenia, which is triggered by an autoimmune reaction, whereby antibodies against the patient’s own platelets are then increasingly formed in the case of internal inflammations and vascular injuries
  19. Arteriosclerotic changes
  20. Heart muscle inflammations
  21. Bleeding in the female sex outside of menstruation

Furthermore, our findings and research revealed that the following complaints can also occur:

  1. Chest pain
  2. Leg swelling
  3. Brusing
  4. Shortness of breath
  5. Abdominal pain
  6. Headache, enormously strong
  7. Blurred vision, [decreased ability to regulat slep/wake cycles]
  8. Risk for possible narcolepsy
  9. Digestive problems
  10. Body pains of various local kinds
  11. Fatigue

Other health damage, ailments and diseases have also resulted from vaccinations, such as numerous short-term consequences and long-term consequences, but also long-term consequences, permanent ailments or various permanent diseases can result from the used and inadequate vaccines of various types, whereby the effective origin of the same cannot be determined and thus cannot be recognised, whether this is due to the Corona pandemic itself or to the inadequate vaccines. When specific symptoms appear in autoimmune diseases, they do not always appear immediately, but only over time, and the whole thing can then become all the worse.Also, long-standing vaccine damage resulting from other vaccinations with regard to other diseases can recur as a result of corona vaccinations as long-term and late effects and be disputed by scientists, doctors and virologists etc., as they have been doing since 1796 from the very beginnings of vaccinations. It …

Billy:Excuse me for interrupting you, but how did that come about in those early days, just, that first vaccinations were made? Unfortunately, I never looked into how and when the first vaccination came about.

Florena:It came about because a boy was to be immunised against cowpox, precisely through a manufactured vaccine, with which the first vaccination was tested on a human being, a boy, whereby the vaccination process was then also called vaccination.

Billy:Aha, interesting, and that name has survived to this day. So cowpox was the reason for it, then the Latin term ‘vacca’, meaning ‘cow’, became the epithet for vaccination, which then probably continued with ‘vaccinus’, which can mean ‘coming from the cow’ or something.

Florena:That is correct. – And what I am going to explain now, you should emphasise in writing our conversation:

What is to be said now is neither fear-mongering nor scaremongering, just as it is not a call to refrain from vaccinations or to have them carried out with regard to protective precautions against the Corona pandemic. Every reflection, consideration, decision as well as action with regard to whether a person decides for or against a Corona vaccination, requires in any case detailed, thorough and logical deliberations and considerations. The whole thing requires a personal, logical and thus one’s own, well thought-out, rational decision, which can only be determined by each person for himself/herself, who is capable of his/her senses and able to decide on his/her own personal well-being, woes, doings and non-doings.

The fact is that the whole issue of vaccinations also has aspects of concealing explosive dangers with unknown long-term consequences. In this respect, well-known institutes also lie and claim that long-term data on negative consequences of corona vaccinations are based on misunderstandings and, moreover, very often on the incorrect use or misuse of medicines. However, this is not true, as we have found.                                                                    Normally, and this is to be explained explicitly, vaccination reactions normally occur within a few hours or days, but our research has shown that as a result of a corona vaccination various illnesses, diseases, ailments as well as long-lasting health-damaging reactions up to infirmity of all kinds can only occur after a few weeks, months, years or even decades, in which case – according to our forecasts – the causes cannot be explained and no healing methods can be applied.                                                                                               Our research also shows that women in particular are adversely affected by the side effects of vaccination, but we have also discovered and recognised that the ribonucleic acid of the corona pandemic virus builds itself into the human genome, and so on. Consequently, there are also long-term hereditary damage of various, but not predictable kinds, as well as serious health problems and very serious disabilities of an inner-organic and outer-body kind. I also observe on a daily basis that in all countries where vaccinations are carried out, deaths occur again and again, which, according to our findings, are very often the after-effects of vaccination. Despite the obvious, very massive side effects and deaths, vaccination propaganda continues unhindered in all countries, whereby neither the authorities, state leaders nor health institutes and doctors, etc. inform the public about this, but rather deny, conceal or deliberately deny everything in this regard. And this will be especially the case in the near future, because infections and deaths will be on the decline in various countries for the time being, which will cause many humans to be careless and overconfident and may possibly have nasty consequences, just as it may also be possible that new mutations that arise will bring further pandemic disaster, about which I, for my part, do not yet have any knowledge, because I do not inform myself directly about this, but only in passing and also only sporadically.

Billy:I know that, but thank you for what you were able to explain, Florena. I also know from Ptaah, among other things, that many things were, are and will continue to be more than just dishonest and also connected with fraud. Ptaah also explained that in addition to the occurrence of many vaccination deaths, many human beings will also suffer long-term health impairments and late vaccination damage as a result of vaccinations, but how vaccinated persons can nevertheless be infected by the pandemic, which can then, however, in special cases no longer be detected even by tests, because the pandemic only remains impulsively in the organism, which, however, cannot be detected with earthly medical possibilities. Therefore, he explained, such corona impulse sufferers could continue to infect other persons without themselves knowing that they were corona impulse carriers and thus infective. And furthermore, he explained, those infected with such impulses could then also infect other persons, etc., in which case, however, not necessarily corona symptoms again, but a wide variety of other ailments and diseases up to and including infirmity could be the consequences.

Bermunda:Ptaah also explained – and as a specialist he has been very busy with everything and has done research himself – that the pandemic ebbs and flows, new mutations will combine with others and thus form new forms. He also explained that the Corona virus has a sneakiness that can manifest itself in such a way that the virus appears to be retreating, only to suddenly break out again in greater numbers and spread vehemently once more, which is why a drop in infections and deaths could possibly only be a warning sign of a new outbreak. Our scientists also explained that the Corona virus is everlasting and can become active again as new mutations even after thousands of years.

Billy:I have already been told this by Sfath, and everything you have said corresponds to what has happened so far and is still happening now. Furthermore, we, Sfath and I, have observed through our foresight that, on the one hand, the Corona virus, which had already developed in India more than 3 months ago, was not recognised as a new mutation until it was too late, after it had already claimed many victims, and consequently no precisely targeted measures could be taken and implemented. And the measures that were then taken and are being taken too late against the new variety of the Corona virus spreading in India are absolutely negligent-useless against this variety that infects more easily than other mutations, as a result of which hundreds of thousands of infected human beings and equally thousands of fatalities will now have to be mourned every day. This Indian mutation, which has already been introduced into Europe as a result of the incompetence and stupidity of those in power, will also change the situation for the worse.Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, the inability of those in power to assess and recognise the situation and to enact all necessary protective measures has been so careless, inadequate, foolish and detrimental to the health safety of the peoples that there was no chance of ending the evil before it could have become an pandemic.                                                                                                   The Indian mutation will again create new infectious conditions, which will lead to further problems, as will the now emerging too early openings and relaxations of the otherwise already irresponsibly insufficient safety-protection measures. The irresponsibility and stupidity of those in charge of all the authorities are already beginning to relax their otherwise already very inadequate orders and measures far too quickly, which may, however, in a certain time take its revenge in one way or another in the future, although I have no knowledge of this and am not yet informed as to what will actually result from these premature relaxations.

Florena:As far as the Indian mutation is concerned, a permanent control of the Corona outgrowths would have been necessary in this respect, but this was just as not the case, as it is not today, and as it will not arise tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, etc., and will therefore still claim many victims. Such a control and also the ordering of the necessary precautions etc. would have been the task of the WHO, which is responsible for this on Earth, but which has failed in every respect in this case, just as it has failed in general with regard to the Corona pandemic worldwide. As a result, this pandemic was able to spread as a pandemic and to claim – according to our very precise counts – 9.65 million human lives, of which, however, official earthly statistics show 3.4 million fewer. This, while estimates of earthly scientists thus assume almost 3 million fewer dead than the 9.65 million we have counted very precisely.                   The reason for these false estimates is that the statisticians lack all the possibilities to accurately clarify and count all corona deaths and corona events. Due to the lack of these possibilities to ascertain the effective facts, however, inconsistent figures as well as hypotheses are brought up and presented to Earth human beings as facts, which, however, corresponds to a deception and work of lies. In this respect, a new deception and work of lies by the WHO will also arise – as has already been mentioned, as I know, by Ptaah as well as elsewhere several times – because, as a further consequence, a bogus research into the alleged origin of the corona plague has again been started, whereby new allegedly scientific investigations etc. in China are to prove the origin of the corona plague. And as we have learned through our observations, clarifications and overheard secret conversations, bats have already been determined by a few certain participants of this research commission as the alleged cause of the Corona plague, although the alleged research will not provide any corresponding evidence for this, because the persons infected with the virus from the secret laboratory have already died of the plague a few weeks after the virus was carried away. And I have already explained that this spread of the virus also brought mammals, such as bats, into contact with it, as well as the fact that this has also occurred in isolated cases in other countries.                                                                                                    Through the work of lies and deception, which is already a done deal, the whole of what has emerged as the effective origin of the Corona virus in the 1970s between Mao Tse-tung and the American … who was grown up in hatred against America, is to be prevented, whereby the virus was bred in secret laboratories and then released through carelessness. So, in a short time, a new work of lies and deceit will be put into the world by the WHO and fraudulently presented to the peoples, if the origin of the Corona pandemic is to be investigated again pro forma, whereby, however, as said, it has already been considered for some time to determine bats as the originators of the pandemic, which, as mammals, were also partly attacked by the Corona virus. This happened when the virus infected laboratory workers in a secret laboratory through carelessness and they spread it to the outside world. Not only human beings were infected by the Corona virus, but also various bats. And since bats are the only mammals on Earth capable of active flight, the search was also spread to some other mammals and creatures, but this has not yet had any widespread consequences that would have made the whole thing known. However, this has not only been limited to China, because the whole process of spreading the disease to the rest of the world has been carried out by infected human beings who, despite the Corona disease, have travelled around and spread the virus to various other countries, so that individual bats and other mammal species have also been infected by the Corona virus in other countries. Although this has so far occurred in very few cases in the wild, it has already occurred several times in private animal husbandry and in show animal facilities.                                                                                                                             As we have known since time immemorial through our observations and investigations etc., the earthly peoples are misled by authorities, statisticians, authorities as well as by secret services and politicians etc. with fraudulent data and lies – which are presented as alleged scientific facts. This, while effective factual data and important enlightening information are concealed and hidden from the peoples, as is also the case with many political secret negotiations, high-handed decisions and secret resolutions which are often hostile to the people and the state and degenerate to the detriment of national populations and state constitutions, but as in this way such machinations also lead to acts of war and terror against other countries and peoples – which would be absolutely impossible with us Plejaren. And these facts have nothing to do with the widespread pathologically insane delusions of the so-called conspiracy theories that have been spread on Earth since time immemorial.

Billy:Conspiracy theories, you’re talking about something that could not be more idiotic, but which has been driving large groups of earthlings crazy with delusions since time immemorial. These conspiracy idiocies arose through religious-sectarian delusions, as for example in the case of pandemics, in which the believers in God’s delusion, in their delusion of faith, regarded the whole thing as God’s punishment for their disobedience to Him and therefore chastised themselves, not infrequently to the point of suicide. The whole thing was driven forward by priests and clergymen as well as by crazy sect fanatics, as I was able to observe with Sfath.                                                                                   But as far as the WHO fellows are concerned, whom you have addressed with regard to new alleged research, they are only loudmouthed and run a useless and very expensive organisation, whose operators ‘earn’ horrendous salaries, as is also the case with the majority of all government officials. But let’s leave it at that, because talking is useless, and besides, one is viciously denigrated by the stupid people of the population who stand by the rulers and believe all their lies, but also by the authorities and the ‘people’s watchdogs’ who call one a troublemaker and register one as antisocial in fiches, as I know from my own experience, but also from police reports and state archive records etc. which I have requested and received. But now something else, and it is the following: In the case of infections by the Corona virus, is it possible that the vaccines, which have not yet been tested to a large extent, and the vaccinations carried out with them, depend on the current state of the immune system with regard to their effect?

Florena:Yes, that is true, I am aware of all that. However, what I wanted to mention with regard to conspiracy theories is that on the one hand the whole of the truth cannot be fathomed because the entire technical instruments for this are lacking due to all the necessary development possibilities and therefore do not yet exist, on the other hand everything will be concealed or, which could very probably become the case, will be brought up as a conspiracy theory. The reason for this could then be that America is to be protected from all blame and also to remain as a major financing force for the WHO. But how do you arrive at your question?

Billy:It will probably be as you say. On the one hand, it is the case that pathologically stupid human beings invent conspiracy theories, or such crazy theories arise unintentionally through some circumstances, while effective truths are also deliberately constructed and spread as conspiracy theories, not only by private individuals, but also by authorities, governments and organisations etc.. This is the case, for example, with the faked alleged first moon landing by the USA, which was fabricated during the ‘Cold War’ in order to get one over on the Soviet Union and to scare them. And if it possibly comes to that with the origin of the Corona plague, then it will be to absolve the USA of any guilt, although it was an act of revenge by the American … in collaboration with Mao Tse-tung, because the hatred of … was directed against the American people and he wanted to punish them, although this …, but that is all the same. But my question: Sometimes thoughts and questions just come up in me, like right now, when I remember that Sfath and recently also Ptaah said that we should continue to exercise extreme caution and wear respiratory masks and keep the necessary distance from our fellow human beings even when the pandemic is receding, because an easing of an pandemic wave is no guarantee either for its end or for greater safety. Moreover, I know from my time with Sfath that what is happening at present with the somewhat subsiding Corona pandemic is not simply due to better protective measures and their observance by the sensible among human beings, but is largely due to the climatic condition of the emerging spring, as Sfath explained at the time. This, however, may cause the pandemic to rise again if the climate continues to influence it. This, however, could possibly be caused by other factors than the plague itself, such as other ailments and diseases that arise from the plague through impulse triggers or through transformation consequences, as Sfath explained. It is possible, however, that suffering and disease could also arise insidiously from unrecognisable viral infections. And further, the Corona plague leads in many human beings – I recall what Sfath explained at the time – not only to death, but also to severe long-term health damage that cannot be cured. This is also the case with the respiratory problems caused by the pandemic, which very often lead to death and cost many human lives, as is the case with various long-term brain diseases, which cause serious lifelong problems or in many cases lead to death. I also know from Sfath that virologists, medical doctors and epidemiologists as well as health institutions conceal a lot of information that is important for the population, such as the fact that the corona virus proteins very strongly attack the signals of the immune system and manipulate it in such a way that it fails.Consequently, it is necessary – as I have already learned through the teachings of Sfath – that everything necessary be done for the immune system to maintain its extremely vital total body-organic function, which in particular is sensibly to be done by the human beings consciously in such a way as to supply the immune system with additional strengthening vital substances as required.

Vital substances correspond to various nutrients that the body organism needs indispensably for its function, but which it cannot produce itself; consequently, these nutrients must be supplied to it through food. If, however, the vital substances contained in the food are not sufficient to keep the body organism healthy, then such nutrients must be supplied separately. This can easily be done by purchasing sufficient food supplements available on the open market and giving them to the body organism as – as the term explains – food supplements, in complete defiance of all the stupid and impudent naysayers and know-it-alls, etc., which also include certain doctors, etc., who consider themselves called upon to deny the truth that such vital substances are vital for many human beings and their immune system function and health. The fact that doctors etc. often deny the fact of an additional necessary use of vital substances can often be justified with the stupidly impudent reason that this is not necessary because the food contains enough of these substances. However, the fact that the private purchase and use of vital substances and food supplements by patients puts doctors etc. at a disadvantage in that they have to restrict the sale of their chemical medicines and expensive vital substances to their patients is not mentioned. This is on the one hand, while on the other hand ‘good patients’ become healthier or simply stay healthy, so they do not need a doctor and can claim much lower fees. This fact, however, is vehemently denied – which should be logical.To strengthen the immune system, vitamins, minerals and trace elements in particular are indispensable and can be purchased in the open market. However, special attention should be paid to good, clean and high-quality products, which are usually only available in state-certified products and therefore only in specialised shops, such as drugstores, pharmacies and state-recognised, legally binding specialist shops. In particular, the following vitamins, minerals and trace elements are important for the development, correct functioning and maintenance of a functioning immune system:

  1. Vitamin A
  2. B Vitamins
  3. Vitamin C
  4. Vitamin D
  5. Zinc
  6. Copper
  7. Selenium and Iron

The immune system is innate in human beings as an organic protective factor against harmful bacteria, fungi, microorganisms, pollutants and viruses. When the body organism is attacked by such invaders, it reacts immediately and takes defensive action against them. This means that no illnesses or diseases can be caused by the invaders, so that the immune system fights them off and renders the invading pathogens harmless. The immune system’s permanently vigilant defence capability is fundamentally and comprehensively geared towards maintaining the health of the entire human body organism, which constantly ensures that all pathogens and disease-causing agents that constantly affect the human organism from the environment are not only combated when they penetrate the organism, but also protect it from the pathogens to which the body is constantly exposed from penetrating the organism.I still remember some of the things that Sfath explained about how the immune system and everything else works, and because someone recently asked me for relevant information and explanations, I read up on it a few days ago on the internet and reworked it, so that I am up to date again with my knowledge in this area, which is why I can now also explain some things about it. Therefore, I can now say and explain the following:The immune system protects the body and the various organs, cell types and proteins from pathogens and from disease-causing cell changes, and thus of course from all attackers and harmful substances etc., whereby it does not make itself noticeable, however, but simply functions silently and smoothly and keeps the body’s own defences under control. The immune system fails, however, when it is weakened or can no longer do anything against particularly aggressive pathogens, consequently the body then becomes ill. This can explicitly be the case when a pathogen is still unknown to the immune system. Without this system, the body’s inner organism would be just as defencelessly exposed to harmful influences from the environment as the entire body’s outer area, whose main task is to protect it against pathogens and injuries through the body’s own defensive measures, and additionally through clothing, etc. Fundamentally, however, the human being himself must be concerned to make rational-intellectual efforts to keep his immune system healthy by internal and external measures, etc., and thus to protect himself from suffering, diseases, injuries and damage to the body, organs and also to the mind, etc., and to render harmless everything that can impair his health system in any negative respect. In the first place, the human being himself must, through his intellect, his mind and his reason, be anxious to recognise everything that is harmful and to keep it away from his body and from the whole of his inner and outer organism, or, if he is afflicted with harmful agents, to remove them from the body or to neutralise them, which may be necessary as a rule through professionally correct medicinal treatment. This is the case when microbes, bacteria, parasites, fungi, viruses and toxic pollutants as pathogens cause suffering or diseases that require specialist treatment throughout. This is the case when, for example, the following pathogens occur:

  1. Microbes or microorganisms: Fungi, e.g. mould, filamentos fungi, fungi that grows on shoots
  2. Viruses, such as influenza, hepatitis and noroviruses
  3. Bacteria, such as staphylococci, enterobactyeria, pseudomonads, salomonella
  4. Parasites, such as helminths or worms, amoebae, lambliae
  5. Pollutants of all kinds from the environment, such as poisons of all kinds
  6. Bodily injuries caused by accidents and other factors

Microbes or microorganisms are tiny living organisms, too tiny to be seen with the naked eye, but which surround the entire human body, but are also found in the air, in water, in the Earth and practically on and in everything and everyone that exists. The human body alone is inhabited by millions and millions of these tiny microorganisms or microbes. Some species are agents of suffering and disease, while others are absolutely vital to the health and ability to exist of human beings. If we look at the most common of these microbes, fungi and viruses are the first to be mentioned, while there is also another group that consists of microorganisms that cause diseases, such as malaria and toxoplasmosis. What remains to be said with regard to individual pathogens is the following:

Bacteria/bacilli. Bacteria are single-celled organisms, some of which need oxygen to survive, while others can do without it, some of which can tolerate heat, while others prefer to live in a cold environment. These are unicellular spore-forming rod-shaped organisms. Bacteria can produce their own offspring and have a metabolism. They are unicellular organisms without a cell nucleus. Everything that bacteria need to live and reproduce is located in their cells.Bacteria are also needed to produce certain foods, such as yoghurt, sauerkraut or cheese. Bacteria have their special name because of their rod shape. Bacilli are generally equated with bacteria and with pathogens. From a technical point of view, bacilli are also equated with bacteria, although bacilli correspond to a subform of several genera, which also include cocci or nucleus or spherical bacteria. Altogether, they all occur in many areas of the human body, whereby many, as already mentioned, are benign and useful and even vital for the human organism, others, however, are harmful. The latter must be contained, especially in the oral cavity, through regular and correct oral and dental hygiene, because new dangerous pathogens are constantly forming and multiplying in the oral and dental area – especially in the case of dental decay – which can possibly lead to fatal consequences. If the whole thing is considered, then it is realised that in principle the fight against bacilli etc. must be waged for life.

Microbes/microorganisms are tiny living beings that are far too small to be seen with the naked eye, as already explained.

Viruses are not living beings in the true sense of the word, but only simple organic structures that have no metabolism of their own, but which invade healthy cells of the human organism (as they do in animals, creatures and other life-forms) and thereby cause suffering and disease.So they are not living organisms either, but rather consist of one or more molecules enclosed in a protein shell containing genetic information needed by the viruses to reproduce.Many viruses are responsible for many ailments and diseases, while others are harmless to human beings or cause only a troublesome cold and other insignificant health-related harmless phenomena, while others, however, can unrestrainedly cause serious or even life-threatening diseases, such as. e.g. the Corona plague, AIDS, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza, Japanese encephalitis, the human papilloma virus, hepatitis, measles, mumps, poliomyelitis, rabies, severe diarrhoea caused by the rotavirus, rubella, varicella, yellow fever.Viruses penetrate healthy cells and multiply from there. Without such a host cell, a virus cannot reproduce. Not all viruses are such that they cause symptoms, and in many cases it is even the case that the body is able to fight the invaders so successfully that no outbreaks of disease occur, as is the case, for example, with cold sores, which are very widespread among many human beings. So cold sores are triggered by viruses that are found in certain nerve cells and lead to cold sores in some human beings when the immune system is overstrained.Viruses are relatively difficult to fight with medication because they are not life-forms, but only lifeless organic structures that have no metabolism and therefore no nutritional process and therefore cannot absorb and digest any medicinal substances. However, vaccinations can ‘train’ the body’s defences and thus make the body less sensitive to the pathogens.

Fungi are very widespread and also adapted to many different habitats, so also in the household and living quarters of human beings, where probably the best-known moulds of all kinds are to be found in this respect.However, some species of fungi also occur naturally on the skin or in the body of human beings, whereby they can also cause ailments and diseases or mycoses, which often appear as foot and nail fungi.Fungi in human beings can also lead to serious infections and even pneumonia, as well as to inflammation of the mucous membranes in the mouth.Fungi in human beings are not harmless and can also be spread and transmitted to other human beings, especially if sexual organs are infected by fungi and sexual acts are nevertheless performed.Fungi that affect body organs can be cured well, but if complications occur, they can become life-threatening.Fungi can also be useful, because plant fungi of certain varieties are edible and therefore serve as food for human beings, just as various fungi also have helpful properties for them, such as a mould fungus, from which the antibiotic penicillin can be obtained.

But let us get back to the immune system, because it should be said that especially in the cold season, temperature fluctuations and dry air caused by heating quickly cause the body’s own immune defences to falter, making human beings more susceptible to colds and flu infections, so an effectively healthy immune system is of particular importance, because this alone protects human beings from illness. The task of the immune system is always to

  1. Differentiates its own components from foreign invaders and then fights these strangers in order to eliminate them as harmful invaders, pollutants and toxic substances, etc.
  2. The immune system is – simply explained – the defence system of the body itself and of the entire internal body organism. It ensures that pathogenic microorganisms of all harmful kinds, as well as bacteria and viruses, fungi, germs and parasites, etc., that enter the body organism are fought and prevented from causing an infection. However, the immune system is not an independent organ, but is made up of numerous components, including organs such as the skin, the spleen and the entire intestine, whereby the large intestine fulfils a very important task. Together with other endogenous systems, these organs protect the entire organism from suffering, disease and infirmity.

Vital substances correspond to the constant needs of the immune system, and these substances are basically absorbed through food and processed through digestion in order to then reach the organs concerned, which have an explicit immune system-building effect and accordingly utilise the corresponding vital substances and thereby strengthen the immune system.

Vital substances correspond to substances and materials foreign to the body, through which all organs involved in maintaining health and building up the immune system are activated when the substances are supplied to them. These substances also include the proteins on the surface of fungi and viruses. When these dock onto special defence cells, a whole series of cell processes are triggered and set in motion. After an initial contact with a pathogen, the corresponding information emanating from the pathogen is usually stored. If a new contact of the same kind then occurs, the stored information is immediately recalled, as a result of which the attacked immune system activates itself more quickly for defence and fights the pathogen.

  1. The immune system is the human beings’ innate protection against harmful viruses, bacteria and pollutants of all kinds that can make them ill, and it is therefore of particular importance and significance for them to keep their immune system fully functional at all times, so that they can rely on it day in, day out, and thus ensure their health. What else needs to be considered in order to maintain the immune system, to keep it healthy and strong, it is also important to make sure that the entire body is always given enough exercise and enough sleep, just as the entire respiratory system, right down to the lungs, requires fresh, healthy and oxygenated breathing air.

What is particularly harmful and greatly impairs the effectiveness and strength of the immune system and makes human beings susceptible to suffering and disease are the following factors:

Smoking should be refrained from, for it is – as is generally known – very harmful to health, especially with regard to the lungs, although it is little or not at all known that the immune system also suffers greatly from it, is impaired and weakened.

Alcohol also has an adverse effect on the immune system, so – if alcohol ‘must’ be consumed – it should only be consumed in extreme moderation.

Medicines of a chemical nature (possibly also natural ones) can be harmful to health, even if they are prescribed by a doctor and are capable of recovery and therefore curative or are considered almost harmless – especially the painkillers that are usually ready to hand for every little ache.

Pain tablets/Pain powders etc. contain harmful toxins etc. which, as pain messengers, dock onto the pain receptors of the nerve endings in the tissue and not only inhibit the sensation of pain, but also have a negative weakening effect on the entire immune system. This is because the pain-relieving substances effectively correspond to dangerous poisons, such as paracetamol, naproxen and diclofenac.

Paracetamol/Naproxen = stomach ulcers; Diclofenac = heart attacks, contain toxins and are dangerous to health. Paracetamol is present in most painkillers, and an overdose can be fatal, but normal use alone can lead to severe liver failure. In addition, any painkiller containing paracetamol greatly increases the risk of heart attack, stomach ulcer and stroke. Kidney damage and internal bleeding in the digestive tract can also result, just as the skin can be attacked by paracetamol. In the worst case, fatal consequences result.

Paracetamol also causes liver damage by breaking the connections between the liver cells. If these are destroyed, then the structure of the liver tissue is also damaged, whereby the cells can no longer function correctly and they also eventually perish. An overdose of paracetamol can be fatal. Taking painkillers – with paracetamol, possibly also without – can lead to liver failure. In addition, the risk of heart attacks, stomach ulcers and strokes etc. is greatly increased by painkillers of all kinds, as Sfath has already explained. This, while earthly-scientific research has also established that all painkillers containing paracetamol have malignant side effects, such as the following, which I have copied here as a list from the internet, whereby other painkiller additives and their active ingredients have, in my opinion, similar side effects:

  1. Increase in liver enzymes (serum transaminases)
  2. Decrease in blood platelets (thromnbocytopenia)
  3. Decrease in white blood cells (agranulocytosis)
  4. Allergic reactions (skin rash/hives)
  5. Shock reaction
  6. Narrowing of the airways (analgesic asthma)

It should also be said – but this is not mentioned – that human beings who are overweight and/or obese, alcoholics or suffer from a poor diet are particularly at risk from the side effects of painkillers. If painkillers are taken too often or in excess, it can lead to severe liver poisoning as well as other liver damage, etc., especially with problems such as being overweight or obese, frequent alcohol consumption, poor diet as well as drug use. This is the basic thing I had to say about this subject, also from the point of view that later on some human beings may be able to benefit from it when they read our discussion report, which I will retrieve and write down and which will then also be posted on our FIGU website. Now, you 2 lovely silent listeners, I have a question on another matter that is coming up in me, and that is, what do you actually think about what has been going on since the mid-1980s and up to now regarding the strange singing and music trend here on Earth? Mei…

Bermunda:I guess I have an answer to that, because I have a diverse specialist training in that regard, which is …

Billy:Excuse me – you mean that you Plejaren also learn and study music and all the trimmings?

Florena:Of course, and Bermunda is a renowned virtuoso on Erra and is proficient on several harmony instruments.

Billy:I did not know that, because you’ve never even made a comment to me to that effect, Bermunda.

Bermunda:Yes, there was no need for that either. But if you want, I can explain something to you about it now!

Billy:Gladly, thank you, but I think that will make the time a bit long today, because I still have a few things on the tip of my tongue.

Bermunda:That will not be a problem because we can sit back for some time if you want.

Billy:If you think so – good, 2 or 3 hours would probably be enough.

Bermunda:Then let us go, we need to get into my …

Billy:Tamam …

Bermunda:… Here we are.

Billy:Then we can get started now, and you can reveal to me your knowledge regarding your virtuosity, which I am looking forward to. After all, time is no longer an issue.

Bermunda:I will talk about that later, if you really still want to then, because first Florena should tell you the explanations Ptaah ordered for you regarding the Corona plague, which he mentioned as significant to inform you.

Florena:This is indeed the case, so I have the following to explain on behalf of Ptaah: The WHO and also certain European and American authorities will again try to find out the origin of the Corona plague, but its germ cell cannot be fathomed and effectively does not want to be found, in order to keep the shame of treason away from America. Therefore, it will be that several times deliberately false theses and suppositions will be put forward to prove that the plague is of animal origin. However, we will have to talk about this again and again.Another comment by Ptaah refers to unpleasant things from forecasts which show that in the next few weeks the majority of all precautionary measures and lockdowns regarding the Corona pandemic will be relaxed and in some cases completely lifted by state and authority decrees worldwide, thoughtlessly and irresponsibly. This lulls the populations of all countries into a false sense of security, which could possibly have serious consequences, about which, however, according to his order, no statements are to be made, about which I myself also lack personal knowledge. Ptaah explained that his foresight has shown that unthinkingly and irresponsibly far too early even the safety of the lockdown is being lifted and the non-use of respirators and non-resistance is being allowed, which in connection with new corona virus mutations could lead to further major outbreaks of contamination. He therefore recommends:

1. No one should get involved in these ill-considered decrees and irresponsibilities that will be issued in the near future by those responsible for the state and the authorities, but should behave correctly and responsibly according to their own sense and reason in each situation that arises.

2. Respirators of class FFP2 should continue to be used when dealing with other persons who do not belong to the personally safe and disease-free handling area.

3. Like the wearing of respiratory masks of class FFP2, the necessary distance to other persons should also be kept, especially to strangers, while in the circle of close acquaintances and friends, further distances are not necessarily required if there is a certain degree of certainty regarding non-infection.

4. Not wearing respirators or wearing inferior non-FFP2 masks, such as FFP1 and cloth masks, etc., should be refrained from because they offer no protection against the Corona virus and all its mutations. Wearing inferior masks is not only negligent, it is also irresponsible and a health hazard – possibly life-threatening.

5. With regard to vaccinations against the Corona pandemic, we cannot and must not give any advice, because the pros and cons lie solely in the personal decision and responsibility of each human being.
These are the 5 important things that Ptaah wants explicitly mentioned.

Billy:I think this is all correct, good and right, but I also have to say that we at the FIGU adhere to this and do not give any advice as to whether someone should be vaccinated or not. Effectively, each human being has to decide for himself, use his intellect and decide everything personally after his own mature reflection according to reason and rationality.

Florena:That must be so and is important. But now let’s move on to what I have to explain according to Ptaah’s order: Throughout the world, human beings have been criminally abused as test subjects for dubious and dangerous vaccine tests through the use of negligent, testless or untested Corona disease vaccines without their knowledge. This inhuman and even criminal action and deed of the corresponding chemical and vaccine companies has not only led to very numerous negative effects and to much suffering, misery and suffering – which is deliberately concealed or kept secret – as many deaths and long-term illnesses, but also as late effects which will only occur after months, years or decades and whose origin and cause can then no longer be determined. This is in addition to the fact that various ailments etc. can be caused by the dangerous gene-based vaccines, whereby in the case of individual human beings it cannot be predicted how, when, whether and which reactions will or can occur as a result of a vaccination. In addition, a certain proportion of vaccinated people may not show any detectable corona symptoms, even though they carry corona impulses, so they may show changes in their blood levels in the same way as recognisable corona infected people. Our research also shows, as Ptaah explains, that spike proteins from corona viruses also cause blood clots, with D-dimers being formed in the blood as cleavage products. Ptaah further explains that small thromboses can also form unnoticed, using up clotting platelets, as our research and findings clearly prove. So the gene-based vaccines are absolutely not harmless, and not even then when completely irresponsible claims to the contrary are made. In addition to all that has been mentioned so far, there are numerous other different symptoms that result from the various Corona vaccines in the human organism, some of which lead to death as well as to long-term damage and late effects, the cause of which is, however, concealed and denied, and will continue to be so in the future. Consequently, deaths and severe side effects will also result as long-term consequences and late effects far into the future, the fundamental cause of which, however, will – contrary to reality – no longer be sought in the Corona pandemic as well as in the dangerous gene-based vaccines, which are used unconscionably and irresponsibly untested, primarily as a result of greed for money and profit on the part of the vaccine manufacturers. And this unconscionability and irresponsibility is also given when, in various cases, a certain immunity against the Corona pandemic can be achieved through vaccinations, whereby this immunity may only last for a short time or be such that an infection can nevertheless arise and be spread, without an infection being detectable as a result of the vaccination. This is also related to the fact that impulse depositions of the disease occur, which are carried on and can thus produce new infections in this way, which could possibly persist for centuries and millennia and lead to new mutations and the outbreak of the disease again and again, as is similarly the case with influenza viruses. Ptaah explained that this peculiar phenomenon was completely unknown to the scientists responsible for it, because no scientific research had ever been carried out on the deposition of disease impulses, and all the necessary possibilities were lacking. Ptaah went on to explain that the vaccines used up to now, which have still not been sufficiently tested, are toxic and therefore also have toxic effects. Among other things, the antibodies from these vaccines, some of which are very dangerous to health, are also transferred to the colostrum or the colostrum of the female sex and therefore also to the hormone prolactin, which is crucial for the formation of breast milk. This means, however, that newborns are already infected with the Corona virus through such infected breast milk, which can also cause bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract of infants. However, all these facts, as soon as they become known to the experts, especially also by the vaccine producers, are concealed and hidden from the common people, who, on the contrary, are encouraged to take untested vaccinations, unconscionably accepting suffering and illnesses and even the death of human beings, and all this just for the sake of filthy lucre. In addition to all the information disclosed so far, it also emerges that spike protein develops in the organism of human beings as a result of the Corina virus, which, as soon as it enters the bloodstream, can cause severe to irreversible damage almost solely to the cardiovascular system. In addition, Ptaah further explained, the pathogenic spike protein also crosses the blood-brain barrier and also causes serious and irreversible brain damage, as well as blood clots and serious heart problems. He goes on to explain that our research proves beyond doubt that vaccine nanoparticles penetrate the body’s organs, accumulate in the blood and become highly concentrated in the bone marrow as well as in the liver, spleen and adrenal glands. In the female sex, our research clearly proves that the vaccine nanoparticles concentrate in the ovaries and lead to severe birth defects in newborns during pregnancies. However, symptoms of this kind have been occurring since the first vaccinations, which, as our observations and clarifications show, among other important information, is also concealed or denied to the public, such as the fact that the consequences of vaccinations can often be fever of over 38 degrees as well as joint pain, abdominal pain, headaches, diarrhoea, tiredness, hearing problems, vomiting, dizziness, shivering, nausea, shortness of breath and muscle pain, etc., even to the point of life-threatening or even fatal effects. These are thus some vaccination consequences to be mentioned – or can be – although these are determined by the negative susceptibility of the overall physical-organic constitution, such as a mentally negative attitude and thus a psychologically negative constitution. Negative consequences of vaccination result mainly from the degree of effectiveness of the immune system, although this degree is determined in particular by the human beings themselves, namely by their behaviour in relation to their entire way of life. Unpleasant susceptibilities with regard to the immune system arise mainly in the case of immunosuppression, namely because the body’s own defence system or the immune system is forcibly suppressed by this. This results in particular from an organic disease or excessive physical or psychological stress, whereby addictions are particular risk factors and play a major role, but also a negative mental attitude, hypochondria, nicotine, an excess of caffeine and teaein. Also amphetamines, sniffing substances and even sports addiction, insufficient personal hygiene, tranquillisers, too little physical exercise, as well as the deliberate consumption of alcohol, drugs and medicines increase the susceptibility to infection, as do anorexia, bulimia nervosa, obesity, an incorrect diet and eating disorders, etc.There are various factors that I have to mention in this connection, such as how, in addition to a usual-normal transmission infection, an infection of the corona disease arises as a result of other serious additional factors, for which the human being bears personal responsibility in terms of his or her overall behaviour, etc. This is an effective fact. And this corresponds to an effective fact which, however, as we have always known from our research and observations, is denied by all the ‘knowing’ earthly disciplines of the medical faculties of all universities, such as especially by virology, epidemiology, infectiology, immunology, immunohaematology and psychology, because they are all too uneducated and too ignorant in these incidental disciplines and, moreover, also stuck-up, as you once ‘conceded’ to these persons.What is to be explained further, according to Ptaah’s instructions, corresponds to the fact that the Corona virus, like any virus at all, persists or persists permanently as a pathogen for thousands of years, because viruses that have once become active can be contained, minimised and made to disappear, but never eradicated. Contrary untrue claims of earthly virology and immunology etc. correspond to an ignorance or a deliberate untruth. After an infection, the viruses, despite effective serum antibody dilution, and the antibody carriers themselves form potential sources of infection. Viral multiplication is usually inhibited by vaccines, but the vaccine substances never lead to convincing results with regard to each individual type of virus. Consequently, viruses can also never be eradicated, but only paralysed or their activity restricted for a shorter or longer period of time – even over millennia – although they can lapse into new activity again at any time. If the pandemic infestation of the earthly world population is considered, then it is affected by the Corona virus in different regions and varies greatly in every respect between the industrialised countries and the Third World countries, because these developing countries are generally unrestrainedly disadvantaged and unconscionably exploited in every conceivable respect by the leaders, companies and corporations of the industrialised and ruling states, and the Third World peoples are driven into misery, hardship and ruin, into hunger and even death. Further, I have to explain that dilutions for vaccines, for antibodies or antigens can only just give a positive antigen-antibody reaction, consequently the dilution level can just be shown positive in a diagnostic test. And because the dilution ration in chemistry corresponds to a different process, it is therefore to be explained that it is correctly said to be an antibody dilution. If a vaccine dilution is to be meaningful, then it must be at least 4 times the existing basic dilution of the substance. However, if there is an increase, then this indicates that there is a fresh infection, whereas a decrease indicates that the infection has subsided. So it is also to be said that a single measurement of the whole is therefore often of little significance. An increase is necessarily linked to the presence of the antibodies examined in each case, and since the production of antibodies only starts after approx. 10-16 days, an increase is also only detectable after 10-12 and more rarely after 14-16 days if an infection is suspected. An explanatory approach to the whole of what I now have to call the biopsychosocial factor, which finds its development in disorders in those origins that are founded in physical levels as well as in thought-feeling-psychic levels as well as in the social level, provides an explanation. On the physical level, these are, for example, reactions in the consciousness and brain that occur during substance use of the various levels. On the psychological level, for example, certain thought and feeling patterns – such as a lack of self-esteem, hatred, lying, slander, revenge, retaliation and deviousness, etc. – can lead to substance use. On the social level, relationship groups also play an important role, such as peer groups, which are important for the human being as a primary social reference group. All levels influence each other, and they are also crucial in determining the causes. Finally, the various factors contribute to a change in consciousness and in the brain, through which messenger substances are released in the brain that influence both the entire body system with all its organs, as well as consciousness. Various strenuous learning processes that require a lot of strength can also cause a weakening of the immune system and thus contribute to a virus infection. The changes in consciousness and brain in this way ultimately lead to the efforts creating negative thoughts and feelings, which have a negative effect on the psyche and weaken the immune system. However, the human being who becomes dependent on these changes does not perceive this, feels neither pleasure nor joy, but tiredness and falls into a bad mood, which has an overall negative and weakening effect on him. In addition, certain situations in daily life can also have an equally weakening effect on the immune system, such as the appearance and smell of persons as well as certain foods and all kinds of substances. This leads to conditioning or to forms of stimulus-stimulus associations or stimulus-reaction associations or to repetitive couplings of stimuli or linkages of ideas that create psychological restlessness and behavioural patterns that have an immune-weakening effect. This means that the situation itself triggers risk factors in human beings that play a negative role in maintaining the immune system and weaken it instead of strengthening it.The susceptibility to what is explained differs from human being to human being due to different hereditary, environmental, developmental, ethical, character and moral factors. Ultimately, then, it is an interplay of different factors that can increase the risk of – or protect against – immunodeficiency and thus infection by a virus.

Billy:Excuse me, everything you say and explain, Sfath has already taught me, to which, however, he also said that the whole thing would not be understood by all earthly scientific greats who would deal with virology, epidemiology and immunology etc. But he also said that the whole thing would never be considered, let alone accepted, by all the terrestrial scientists who deal with virology, epidemiology and immunology, etc. – and especially by our earthling superpsychologists who always want to know everything better anyway and think they are superintelligent and above their fellow human beings – because in their narrow-mindedness they are incapable of even the slightest intellectual and rational thought in this direction. But go on talking, for I only wanted to remark this in passing.

Florena:What you say, Ptaah has also already told me, and besides, I know much from his explanations, which he passes on to us from the records of Sfath, to inform us generally about what is of importance for us to know about your personality as well as about your abilities and all that you have learnt.But now I want to mention the rest of what Ptaah told me to explain: As far as the risk of suffering an immune deficiency is concerned and thus more easily causing a viral infection, which will be denied by earthly virologists etc. – as Sfath has already explained to you, as you say – the most diverse individual factors of the individual human beings also play an important role in the whole thing, so also the environment in which the human being lives, acts and acts, as well as his behaviour, his life and learning characteristics and even all substances with which he comes into contact in one way or another. Together, these can induce and increase the risk of immune weakening to such an extent that they can lead to a viral infection practically without any other susceptibility. Therefore, various risk factors can occur, of which even virologists, epidemiologists, physicians and especially psychologists have no idea and will therefore deny everything, such as that hereditary, but also purely individual factors of a traditional, recent or current nature can be significantly involved in infections, such as:

  1. Depression
  2. Substancs taken in childhood or in the course of life that have a lifelong effect
  3. Pressure to perform
  4. Stress load
  5. High pressure to perform and compete
  6. Anxiety
  7. Stressful personal circumstances
  8. Overstrain of any kind
  9. Sleep disorders or painful conditions
  10. Mental disorders or illiness
  11. Attention deficit
  12. Decision-making pressur
  13. Hyperactivity
  14. Wrong social environment
  15. Bad acquaintances, friendships or family relationships
  16. Stressful or unpopular professional life or work
  17. Risk factors due to abuse of substances of all kinds, etc.?
  18. Interpersonal conflicts with parents, siblings, friends, acquaintances, strangers
  19. Poor performance at school
  20. Underachievement
  21. Seperation from a loved human being
  22. Death of a loved human being, etc.?

Billy:Thank you, and if it was not complete, you could always say it afterwards and elaborate. Anyway, thank you again. Then I would now like to hear from you, Bermunda, what you would like to elaborate on regarding music and your knowledge of it.

Bermunda:Gladly –, now if you really want to lay claim to my educated understanding concerning music, then I can explain in this regard that I have also studied the entire earthly musical art genres profoundly out of the interest of my eclectic passion. It was also in my passion to also study in depth all these works and the organised sound events that emerged from them and still emerge from them today. So my knowledge covers all related art movements resp. music movements of all earthly peoples since then. So my knowledge covers all related art forms and musical styles of all earthly peoples from time immemorial to the present day, such as opera, salon music, dance music, jazz, pop, schlager, house, hip-hop, country music, classical music, worksongs, children’s singing, country music, fair music, rock music, operetta, musical, techno, rhythm and blues, metal, alpine music, Singsang, Industrial, Krautrock, Electronic, Call and Response, Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, Negro Spiritual and African-American Spiritual, Gospel, Folk Punk, German Rock and Grunge, Jazz Rock, but also Church Music, Sect Singing, Prayer Singing, Folk Music, Choir Music and many others.Music and song of a harmonious nature mobilise the consciousness of the human being as well as the instinctual consciousness of mammals, animals and all living beings in general, which unfortunately is not known to the majority of Earth human beings.Music and singing of a harmonious kind – as you know, since you have been instructed in this respect – produce in the human being beneficial hormones which have an effect on a half-way good or effectively good as well as on the best developed character traits of the human being. In a certain larger mass of Earth human beings, these character traits are usually to be measured with a half-way value, which means that these human beings are capable of and accessible to a thought-feeling-psyche mood of peace, harmony, joy and love, consequently they lead their thoughts, feelings and psyche in a certain balance. This is because the consciousness of these human beings processes the harmonious sounds of music and song in a predominantly, well-structured and equally calming way, as it also does unconsciously with the noises, sounds and all the voices of nature. If, however, something disturbing breaks into this mood, then it dissolves very quickly and lets the only half-baked good character traits surge up and break through everything negative. However, you should explain something about this, because you will retrieve our conversation and write it down so that it can be read by many. Unlike me, you also know the Earth human beings and know how to explain things to them. Moreover, you are very knowledgeable in these matters and are therefore able to explain everything precisely so that it is also understood. After that I will explain the rest of what is necessary. Therefore, please …

Billy:If you say so! – Good, what you have mentioned, not only negative things break through, but also anger, violence, malice, hatred, revenge and retaliation, whereby as a rule murder and manslaughter, destruction and devastation are not shied away from. I suppose these are the facts you think I should explain?

Bermunda:Yes, please. You should explain something about this, if possible in detail, because your knowledge in this regard is greater than mine. Besides, you will also retrieve our conversation, write it down and pass it on for learning, which would be important and probably instructive.

Billy:You may be right that the whole thing should be elaborated a bit. However, you said something earlier that I have to ask back because I do not know the term, namely ‘half-way value’. What does it mean? When I turn this word through my brain twists, I come to think that perhaps you mean by it ‘half of something definite’ or just something ‘halfway’, something ‘that is only halfway done’ or something like that?

Bermunda:Yes, that is the sense of it.

Billy:Good, then the matter is clear, and I will also use the term in my explanations. What you have said shows that in human beings – which I must now repeat – who have effectively worked out and developed good or best developed character traits in themselves, harmonious music and singing produce good hormones. This produces in them movements of thought, feeling and psychology which lead to a certain equilibrium. These human beings, as you explain, as a rule have a halfway value of character, which – if I understand and interpret this correctly – corresponds to a halfway good value of character, which in my opinion is inherent in a large part, even the majority, of human beings, regardless of whether the human beings fall prey to a completely erroneous and confused belief in God, or whether they are devoted to the clear mind, sound reason and constructive intellect. However, and this corresponds to the sad fact, it has been proven since time immemorial that the most evil degenerates in those human beings who are addicted to a religious or sectarian delusion. The wars of faith and religion, which have led to strife, war and terror since time immemorial, indeed since the first emergence of religions and sects, and continue to this day, have claimed many millions of human lives and continue to claim many lives. All this in the name of a God-Creator who does not exist, but who is supposed to be love and goodness itself, yet demands evil punishment for every disbelief in him, and in addition blesses wars, terror, murder, torture and manslaughter. And if, as a result, murders, massacres, rapes, destructions and exterminations as well as genocides or exterminations of peoples are carried out, then this is done with mad prayers of praise to a non-existent God of the countless religions and sects, of the various of which not even the experts know how many hundreds and thousands there are among Earth human beings who are delusional about God. But all the many billions of believers in the religions and sects with their gods – such as God the Father of Christianity; Allah of Islam and Sikhism; Ahura Mazda of Zoroastrianism; Adonai-Eleohim-El-Yahweh of Judaism; Brahma/Indra/Dakshaé/Hiranyagarbha/Vishvakarman and over 3 million other deities of Hinduism – are exactly the ones who immediately freak out if anything goes against their halfway good character values acquired in puberty. Very quickly, all good intentions are thoughtlessly thrown over and weapons are taken up to give free rein to all hellish degenerations with quarrels, violence, murder and manslaughter, war, revenge, hatred, terror and all evil degenerations, come hell or high water. And this fact is traceable far back into the earthly history of mankind, above all demonstrably through religious wars and other serious religious conflicts, which together have cost several times as many human lives as all three world wars together, of which the 1st world war from 1756 to 1763 is suppressed in the earthly history of world wars.There are no exact records of how many religious wars there have effectively been on earth since time immemorial, and how many there still are – with Islamism, with all its murderous and destructive fanaticism, with its murders, massacres, rapes, torture, destruction, etc., being at the forefront today – so no exact number can be given, but it is undoubtedly in the thousands.Religious and sectarian wars have never been and still are not solely about religion, sects and their delusional belief in God, because in addition to religious sectarianism, the other two main causes of riots, uprisings, civil wars, wars between nations and terror have always been gold, diamonds, treasures, land gains and money, as well as might and power. Only at the end was it effectively about delusion, for which the delusion fanatics tortured, raped, murdered and massacred. This has always been done, whether in religious and sectarian wars or in other wars and terror, as is also still the case today and will continue to be so for a long time to come, as long as religions, sects, delusions of God and power-hungry and money-hungry human creatures still exist, which are hoisted into governments by the ignorant peoples. This on the one hand, while on the other hand the delusion of faith will also continue to bring disaster, if the upper and highest religious and sectarian figures continue to be tolerated, whose forefathers up to the highest leaders brought unspeakable disaster upon humanity and had countless human lives murdered.Wars, uprisings and terror – whether caused by politics, obsession with power, greed of any kind, hatred, revenge or religious or sectarian mania – are all determined and carried out only by human beings who have used their puberty period only halfway to develop a character worthy of a human being, consequently their character has been built up only halfway and has thus been poorly developed. Thus, in the 6-year main puberty development phase, there was the serious deficiency that the high life-behaviour values as well as the vital thought-feeling-psyche values were not learned and not developed. These also include the good and high character traits such as love, goodness, freedom, balance, decency and peace, as well as righteousness, etc., which have also only been acquired and developed halfway, and consequently all these halfway values as a whole cannot be controlled. Due to the lack of control, however, the human being immediately flips out and becomes angry, wrathful and ready for violence, and hatred and revenge etc. arise in him. Consequently, it was and is also not understood what these certain values mean, such as love, which is described in ‘reference books’ as not being definable, such as the following, which I once read: “There is no universally valid description for love, because each human being defines it for himself individually differently from another human being.” In the ‘Duden’, for example, I once read: That ‘a strong feeling of being drawn towards and thus an affection based in feeling towards a close human being is to be defined as love’. Moreover, love can also be based on ‘spiritual’ attraction, for example, and therefore does not always have to be physical. I often discussed this with Sfath and learned a lot from him, which led me to form my own definition of real and honest love, which Sfath found good and to which he said that in his opinion what I formulated explicitly stated and defined what was really to be understood as love, namely:

‘Love is empathic thought-feeling-psyche-feeling of worthy connectedness.’

Love as such, if it is effectively given and not dishonestly hypocritical, can be felt intimately by a human being for another human being, just as a real love of this kind can also be felt in a correspondingly different way for a plant, animal, beast or other living being, but also for something objectively material, for music, song or another art form or for anything else of its kind etc. Love corresponds to something other than an infatuation.Love corresponds to something other than infatuation or being in love, for this, in contrast to real love, has nothing to do with love, but results from an unclear and deceptive thought-feeling-psyche state. This arises from imaginative desires, which result from particular and various causes, such as considerations and a liking for physical proportions, a facial image, a voice, form of speech, or as a result of bodily movements, gait or behaviour, etc.. However, this cannot result in a worthy or inner empathic thought-feeling-psyche-connection, even after a long time and therefore not even after years and decades, so that one day the infatuation or being in love inevitably ends and becomes null and void. This is often the reason why other infatuations with other human beings arise, so that human beings who have been together for many years separate again and enter into other partnerships, whereby they may once again only fall in love, so that the problem of infatuation repeats itself – and then perhaps again, and again …What I was talking about before: The reason for this – that no conscious and lasting control can be exercised over the half-value of the very deficient character traits, but immediately freaks out and violence, hatred, revenge and all evil degenerations occur when something arises that does not fit into the personal thought-feeling-psyche pattern – is that there is only a half-value of good character traits and no control over them. If the human being rejoices in music and song and all kinds of harmonious things and allows emotions such as love, peace and equilibrium etc. to arise in him in return, but does not have the strength over them to also retain and control everything when some mood-disturbing repugnance or aggressiveness arises, then inevitably the other and even more negative, evil half-way-value character side breaks through and creates evil outbursts, quarrels, hatred, revenge and violence etc., because the good parts of the character are only half-heartedly and, as you say, Bermunda, only half-way developed, consequently they can be dominated by the other still unprocessed and evil parts of the character and be overpowered, ignored, abused or simply terminated, as is also the case with the half-way values of the character traits.Those in power or any religious, sectarian groupings of human beings want to gain more and more might over their believers and to determine everything about them as far as possible, just as those in power and ruling by force also do, in addition to the fact that everyone is panting for lots of money and wealth – and above all money, money and wealth. Therefore, it is also the case in the governments that the parties fight among themselves over money and that no political agreement is reached, but that party differences always dominate the political arena. That religiosity and sectarianism also arise everywhere in all governments is undeniable. The greed for money also arises when valuable land is to be destroyed for buildings, or when mineral resources such as gold, oil or other raw materials are to be found and exploited. The fact is that the majority of the quarrelling rulers and politicians, like the majority of the peoples, have only half-way-value character traits, so they are the first to cry out for war and terror when problems arise with other peoples. It is unavoidable, as a result of the half-way character development of the population, that the equally half-way character populations then take up arms and follow the unpeaceful, malicious and murderous calls for war and terror of their rulers and agitators just as thoughtlessly and willingly as when the religious and sectarian leaders do the same. This has been proved since time immemorial by the countless wars, uprisings, civil wars, religious and sectarian wars and all terror, be it by the murderous Crusaders, after the Hussite wars, the first European religious wars or the Kappeler wars between the Catholic Central Swiss and the Zurichers, or the battles at Zülpich, Germany; Toul, France; or Wogastisburg in East-Central Europe. Also the battle in 1740 over the Austrian succession and the 8 wars over Silesia, as well as the war between North Vietnam and the USA. The religious wars in France should also be mentioned, as well as the Huguenot wars of 1562-1598, then also the Dutch struggle for freedom in the same century, which was followed about 100 years later by the English Civil War and then the 30 Years War. And all this is said only in passing, because far into the past and present of the history of mankind’s wars, so countless wars and acts of terror have taken place and claimed a total of so many millions of human victims that they cannot be counted and have also not been recorded in writing. The fact is, however, that the most numerous and most evil religious wars and acts of religious terror since time immemorial and up to the present day have been initiated and carried out by Christianity and Islam, with horrific massacres, torture, rape and murder. And all this in the course of only 2 millennia, which has claimed many millions of human lives, and also countless women and children – and all in the name of the God the Father who loves his children, the human beings; the God the Almighty and All-Merciful, in whose name the deadly weapons, wars and religious terror is blessed to miserably and bestially massacre and slaughter all human beings, men, women and children, if they are of other faiths or other races.The different faiths of the contending delusionists of all religions, sects and their bigwigs as well as of all peoples of all countries, as well as of all governments and parties, often contribute to the fact that the fronts between different believers intensify again and again, whereby especially degenerated nazi Christians want to rake and exterminate all Jews just as much as degenerated fanatical believers in Islam. But hatred and revenge also flare up among many Jews themselves, who consequently do not hesitate to murder their hostile adversaries if they fall into their hands. The same applies to the believers of other religions and sects, for they all have the half-way value of their character, according to which true love, peace and freedom, as well as harmony, balance and human righteousness, as well as genuine ethics, morality, human honour and human dignity, are like smoke and mirrors to them outside their half-way value and are immediately null, void and forgotten, if even the slightest thing arises against their convictions. This has always been the case, as the history of mankind since time immemorial also proves. Even the ancient Greeks waged wars to protect their sanctuaries. In the Middle Ages, Christians and Muslims fought over who had the greater rights to Jerusalem. The dispute has not been settled to this day, so the wars, the terror and the murder and destruction go on unchecked everywhere and have no end.If we look at the history of murder in the Christian religion, then Catholic and Protestant Christians have been engaged in wars and acts of terror in Europe and elsewhere since time immemorial, just as in the early modern era, as early as 1232, inquisitors persecuted so-called heretics, i.e. human beings who either did not believe in an imaginary God or at least did not practise a delusion of God, as prescribed and demanded by the Christian Church. The so-called witch mania, which began in Europe around 1350 and lasted until 1750, peaked in 1550 and lasted until 1650 with the wave of witch trials and the horrific torture and burning of human beings at the stake, as well as the drowning in rivers.The numerous bad harvests that occurred from 1562 to about 1630 due to bad weather, which also led to sharp increases in the price of food, were used by Christian preachers to blame witches because the delusionists themselves believed that this was the case. In the opinion of human beings in general, alleged witches were thus held responsible for everything and anything negative, evil and bad, including poverty, deaths and war campaigns and, and, and. And this ultimately lasted in Europe until 1680, when the last witch hunts were ended in Austria. All the disaster, misery, suffering and unspeakable pain, as well as the entire witchcraft nonsense preached and lied about by mendacious Catholicism, as well as the idiotic, unrealistic belief in God of many thousands, which brought torture and murder of innocent human beings – women, children and men – massacred as witches, did not concern the Christian believers and God delusionists at that time, nor the entire Christian world today. Truly, that is how it was, for they did not have to have their own skin torn off, tanned or burned at the stake then, nor do they have to nowadays. Just as at that time downright murderous religion-based hunts for Christian madness were organised on alleged witches, to which many tens of thousands of innocent human beings fell victim, who were horribly tortured and then burned alive at the stake – above all young and elderly women and sometimes also children – so it continues in hiding, especially in Third World countries, where Christian delusion continues to run rampant. Triggered in ancient times by the head of the Catholic sectarian bosses in Rome, Pope Innocent VIII, who issued a document as a so-called witchcraft bull – and this is still being done today in a perfidiously different way. This is done in order to eliminate human beings – like I – who dare to speak and spread the effective truth, namely, what the delusion of God is all about and which monstrous murderous crimes against human beings have been committed and continue to be committed in the name of an imbecile and allegedly ‘loving’ God-Father.Christian religious groups also fought each other in civil wars in Northern Ireland, and they still fight each other secretly, even if it is not reported publicly. And also today the same thing is happening in Israel and Palestine respectively between the Jews and Muslims, as well as the Chinese and Uyghurs respectively the Buddhists, Taoists, Confucianists and the believers in Islam are terrorising and murdering each other, but also in Myanmar the Burmese and Rohingya respectively the Buddhists and Muslims. With all these, too, the same sad religious hate song is sung – and with all these, as is the case everywhere, one cannot turn one’s hand and see something better, because some are no better than others, because they are all sick in the same hospital, full of hatred and revenge against the delusion of God of the others, whom they see as enemies because of their faith. And precisely in this respect it is a fact that all these human beings have at the most a development of a half-way value, although the great masses and their leaderships are far below this and perhaps, I think, if I take into account everything I know concerning these human beings, that these human beings are still to be classified far below the half-way value with regard to their overall development as human beings. And that means that they are still so caught up in their delusion of belief in God that a human life is null and void, absolutely indifferent and worthless to them – except their own -, consequently the whole disaster continues as it has been handed down and inherited since time immemorial and is carried on in this way into the future. And all the loudmouthed know-it-alls, psychologists, religious delusionists, experts on human beings and nations, professors and other studied know-it-alls will not change anything, not even if they were to claim to be their fantasised God himself.All that remains to be said is that, as I have already explained, in all the degenerations mentioned, it is above all a question not only of the belief in God alone, but of who can have the big say in governments and in politics, and who can hold the real power of government. This is in addition to the fact that since time immemorial it has also been mainly about money and wealth and land ownership. And this is also the case, for example, with the constant warfare between Palestine and Israel, ever since the ancient Hebrew people fled Egypt and settled in the ‘Promised Land’, and since then a bloody feud has cost human lives time and again, as is written in religious history. And the whole thing will continue far into the future with terror, murder, destruction, and always with the cry ‘God is great’.It is inherent in all these human beings that they are accessible to a thought-feeling-psyche mood of peace, love, joy and harmony and are also able to feel these values, to express the whole and to live it, also in daily life and in dealing with fellow human beings, nature and their life-forms. And this results because the consciousness of these human beings absorbs the harmonious sounds of music and song in a predominantly, well-structured and equally calming way, and through their swinging waves of their thoughts and feelings they raise them to a state of psychological well-being. And they do this as long as they also do it in an unconscious way with the noises, sounds and all the voices of nature.In human beings, their half-way-value character is good and right as far as it goes, but only until something disturbing breaks into the harmonious mood, for if there is even a slight disturbance or hindrance to the whole of love, peace, joy, harmony, open-mindedness and balance, etc., then the half-way-value character fades away very quickly, crashes and causes the very laboriously acquired and only half-way-value good character traits to surge up angrily or wrathfully. The control over the half-value good is thus lost without restraint, whereby everything present of the still unprocessed negative of the character traits breaks through in an evil way and thus mischief is caused. This inevitably leads to quarrels and strife, hatred and vicious violence, acts of revenge, acts of retaliation, wars, terror and murder and manslaughter, because all of a sudden, for some crazy and confused reason, the whole of love, peace, joy, harmony and balance etc. is pushed away, becomes unimportant and is rendered null and void by surging fear, anger or rage, thoughts of victory or profit.Well – good is something better, and best would be what ought to be, however, it is as good as. That nothing is achieved in the way of good and best character development, that is clear, and not so long as nothing is done for it, but only muddled on in the old-fashioned rotten and sad and disastrous style.What is still to be said and explained, because I consider it urgently necessary that it be disclosed, is that in general, depending on the genus and species, all animals, i.e. mammals, but also all animals – which do not correspond to mammals – as well as birds, creepers, reptiles and all other life-forms in general, are to be classified in the category of pathworthiness, according to which they also behave. Basically, this must be effectively explained once, but also clearly revealed – and also when all the clever scientific greats dealing with this matter, all the know-it-alls and truth-negators are running amok against it, organising terror and insulting me as a lunatic and madman – namely that all mammals exhibit an animalistic half-way consciousness form. Although this natural half-way form corresponds ‘only’ to a half-way consciousness, it is more highly developed than the instinct-only consciousness of the animal, which – as I have already explained – does not correspond to an animal but to the animal and thus not to a mammalian being. This fact means, however, that every animal perceives and feels or ‘understands’ what is going on around it and with it according to its genus and species and thus according to the evolutionary half-way conscious half-way consciousness. This, then, is explained in this way, as it is also to be disclosed that, depending on the genus and species of the animals, as a result of their naturally given half-way consciousness, a half-way instinct-thinking faculty and thus also a half-way instinct-self-recognition and half-way instinct-psyche is accordingly also classified. I have already learnt, experienced and learned this from Sfath when he offered me the possibility to communicate with various mammals in speech and answer with his apparatuses. All animals, depending on their genus and species, also have similar forms, as do many other life-forms, including plants. All of them have at least an instinct-sensing-perceiving ability and thus I also have certain instinct-sensing-action abilities, which are preceded by instinct-sensing decisions, which I was also able to experience and learn myself with the help of Sfath. Therefore, I can say with a good conscience that all earthlings, especially scientists – who are concerned with these factors – with their assertions to the contrary, not only know purely nothing with regard to other life-forms, except some with regard to the human being. As a rule, all their wisdom is based only on assumptions and presumptions and thus not on effective knowledge factors, consequently they only hypothesise and in reality have no effective knowledge at all – which, however, they vehemently deny in their lack of intellect, understanding and reason in this respect, because they want to be the cleverest before the people with blinders on. Admittedly, they probably all know – if I may deviate somewhat comparatively from the actual meaning of what has been said – the age-old wise saying ‘Never torment another being for a joke, for it feels the pain just as you do’. Although in modern times the term ‘being’ has been replaced by ‘animal’, the value of the saying remains the same.Now, however, once again: Everything that has been explained with regard to the path values does not only apply to human beings, but also to animals, birds and all other living beings in the wild, right down to the last small insect, as well as to those living beings that are kept by human beings. The path values play the role of behaviour, for in so far as these life-forms can live in their path value of their natural instinct consciousness behaviour uninhibited, unencumbered and completely unimpaired by influences that burden them, and so are not maliciously altered and disturbed in their behaviour by any evil influences – especially by human beings through maltreatment etc. – then they do not as a rule degenerate, but live in their normal drives, and this also with regard to their completely natural given instinct character path values. In contrast to this is the human being, who in his juveniles, in the middle 6-year puberty phase, has to form his important path values with regard to his important character traits and character behaviours and to form them in a correct way, which unfortunately the majority of Earth human beings only carry out in an insufficient way as half-way values, consequently only half-value character traits are developed. This, however, leads to the fact that – as, for example, through harmonious music and similar singing, which was mentioned at the beginning – the acquired half-way values can be created up to a certain degree of certain learned values of love, peace, freedom, harmony and balance as well as righteousness, which, however, due to a lack of control, immediately collapse again and become null and void as well as give free rein to evil violence as soon as the harmonious is burdened by disturbing and unfair things. This, Bermunda, is what I had to explain. You probably did not expect the whole thing in this way, but if I am to explain something, then ….

Bermunda:… you also do it in detail, correctly and in such a way that everything can also be understood. You have not only explained everything very well, in detail and extensively, as I would not have been able to do, but I myself have learned a lot from everything that was unknown to me until now. My thanks to you for that.

Florena:I concur with that, and I also thank you – you are like a storehouse of knowledge.

Bermunda:A library.

Florena:Yes, that is the correct term.

Bermunda:Dear friend – Eduard …, – it should have dawned on me that when I ask you to explain, that you then explain in detail, consequently I do not then have to explain anything further. So you have also explained what I still wanted to explain, that music and singing of a disharmonious nature, discords, discords, discords and generally discrepant tones, sounds and noises cause chaotic states in the consciousness as well as in the thoughts, feelings and in the psyche of human beings, which have an uncontrollable and fanatical effect on the whole discrepancy and produce an inner disharmony. The whole has a damaging effect on the man-deficiently developed character traits of the human beings, whereby discord, lack of love, hatred, retaliation and vengefulness, as well as lack of compassion, hostility and dissatisfaction and loss of harmony, etc., emerge as inevitable consequences.The whole of disharmony and its negative effects does not only apply to human beings, for the whole discrepancy of disharmonious ways of discordant tones, discordant sounds and discordant singing, such as all-round discrepant tones, sounds and noises etc., also have a general effect on animals, creatures and all living beings. And when these are directly affected by such dissonant noise and ruckus, they consequently fall into forms of misbehaviour and evil aggression, even become viciously degenerate, as is the case with those human beings who have made insufficient progress in their evolution of path values, like the bulk of Earth human beings, as you have explained. That which the majority of human beings, as you explain, have acquired during the important main phase of puberty as only half-way-value character traits and character behaviour etc., which the human beings are nevertheless unable to control, leads to the fact that they very quickly become verbally abusive or degenerate into violence in various ways with every negative influence acting upon them.When music and song are more profoundly defined, they present a great challenge to the consciousness, for the harmonious sequences of notes not only build up harmonic effects of a loving, freeing, peaceful, balancing and right-creating form, but they can also produce a training effect for memory. But, as you have explained very well, any harmony created in this way by music and song leads in human beings – if they are afflicted with only a half-way evaluation of their character traits and behaviour – very quickly to fanaticism on the one hand, and to malignant effects on the other. And this results immediately when any real or apparent negative outside influences uncontrollably quickly disturb the harmony that has been brought about, and consequently everything that has arisen in harmony then suddenly collapses, whereby degeneracy, malice and violence break loose and disaster is wrought.The fact that music and song have a melodic-harmonic calming, morale-building and creative effect is due, among other things, to the fact that a great deal of information for building ethics and morals is simultaneously presented from the entire abundance of harmony. Thereby, ethical prerequisites for the evaluating human thought-feeling-psyche structure as well as for relevant decisions and actions arise. Consequently, this also promotes methodical reflection with regard to morality, which results in specifically moral thinking, morally correct feelings, decisions and actions at the centre of ethics, especially with regard to its justifiability and reflection.Consciousness must recognise the different melodies and pitches and parallelise them with each other, but at the same time it must also grasp the temporal sequence of the tones, from which rhythms and the bars also result, but at the same time the emerging tones must also be broken down into chords.The source of the sound and its type is also important, as is its position, because when music or singing is heard as a direct performance, attentive and interested listeners should know whether and where a particular musical instrument is being played and where it is located in the room. All this is equally important for the consciousness when really listening to harmonic music, so that it can judge the whole abundance of harmony, tones and sounds through measurements and comparisons and establish them in their harmonic value. This corresponds to a task of the consciousness that must first be done – especially in the case of persons who make music themselves – in order to orient the understanding of harmony towards it, although it is also to be understood that certain parts of the brain are occupied in the process, because various of these tasks require the right hemisphere of the brain for processing on the one hand, while others, however, can only be processed by the left hemisphere. However, this often results in the opposite way for persons who are very strictly involved with music, which …

Billy:Excuse me, what do you mean by ‘persons who are very strictly involved with music’? Do you mean professional musicians, like the ones we have on Earth, who earn their living with music? If so, then the question: do you also have such musicians?

Bermunda:I suppose you call these persons so. – Yes, that is the meaning of my explanation. And yes, we also cultivate music in this way and conduct studies of musical doctrine. And that I can explain everything to you for your understanding, that I am able to do, because through my musical education I am equally well versed in the fundamentals and forms of music as well as in the theory of composition, and also in the measures and time and notation, as well as in the naming of notes, rhythm, keys and tone levels, etc.

Billy:I cannot speak to that, unfortunately, because everything was anathema to me in terms of drawing and reading musical notes. Also with regard to fractions, I refused to learn this nonsense, because for me this nonsense is tantamount to terror, because only mathematicians and perhaps some technicians need it for developments, while for the average person, however, the whole thing is tantamount to bullshit. But do not be bothered by it, go on talking about what you have started to explain.

Bermunda:… Apart from my knowledge of harmony and harmony theory, I am also knowledgeable about genesis, genealogy, heredity, genetics and hereditary biology. So I am also versed in the science of the laws of heredity of characteristics, as well as in the fundamental phenomena of heredity in the field of molecules, as well as in the origin of all fundamental factors, etc. So if you have any questions in this direction, I can answer them for you, just as I am now also in a position to explain the following to you still further: In persons – which I mentioned earlier – who are very strictly involved with music, the left and right hemispheres of the brain often work in the opposite way to persons who are not very involved with music themselves or who are only listeners. I understand the reason for this, but I am not professionally educated, only generally educated, so I can only explain a little about this, namely how this phenomenon arises. The same fact also arises with arms and hands as left- or right-brained, and also the left- and right-brainedness of the brain parts as a whole develops during the period of the prenatal phase in the mother’s womb in the foetus, whereby certain biological factors are significant, such as genetic influences through chromosomes. In this prenatal phase, however, many characteristics of the mother also have an effect on the foetus, which are also transferred to it in such a way that they strongly shape it and remain inherent in its development into an actual physical human being up to and after birth and remain with it for life. These influences on the foetus – which are transmitted by the mother to her foetus at an early age and are absorbed and retained by the foetus, thus exerting a great influence on it – arise equally with regard to the general physical well-being and with regard to the prenatal mental constitutional development which begins at a very early age, which after birth, in a conscious as well as unconscious way, evolves through the development in the main pubertal phase higher than character formation and character behaviour, as you have also often mentioned and explained in our conversations. This development already begins shortly before the 3rd week of pregnancy, whereby also already by approx. the 8th week of further development, the brain, spinal cord and neural system will be created and formed almost completely, which then continues until the brain has fully developed, which in the species of human beings usually occurs at the age of 28.

Billy:Do you mean earth years?

Bermunda:Yes, of course, and these are to be calculated in the same way as our time, for with us also …

Billy:I know, yes, because also with you a year is practically a year like with us.

Bermunda:That is so.

Billy:Exactly, but our chief intelligentsia, who are concerned with the brain of the human being, want – since the advent of their sciences not so long ago – to have known and learned and recognised more with regard to the final development of the brain than you Plejaren, who have been intensively occupied with it for several tens of thousands of years and have gained many more insights than our pompous earthling scientists. These claim, as a result of their tremendous and boundless Intelligentum and in their conjectures, that their knowledge – as they think – exceeds the reality of the creative and that they have consequently eaten their ‘wisdom’ with shovel diggers. That is why they also claim that the human being’s brain is already fully developed at the age of 18 or 22 at the latest and that he is therefore also an adult. On the other hand, I learned from Sfath in his psychology lessons that, on the one hand, the human brain is not fully developed until the age of 28, assuming a completely healthy and constructive creation of the brain organism and its function. On the other hand – and this is actually the crux of the matter – the full development of the brain and the entire body organism in no way means that the inner brain development must also be fully developed normally. Explicitly, the inner brain condition corresponds to the factor that determines normal and abnormal, and thus also whether the human being is an adult or not. Therefore, a fully developed brain does not also mean adulthood, but only the natural structure of the outer and inner brain construction.The awakening of the human being does not correspond in any way to the full development of the brain, but to a completely different developmental factor and value, which is fundamentally and decisively founded in the development and unfolding of the intellect, as well as of understanding and reason. In certain ways, the development of character traits, as well as character behaviour and general life behaviour and life effects, etc., are also included in this. However, all of this, along with much else, is first to be learned and worked out in the middle process of the pubertal phase, and then to be put into practice through the conduct of life and thus to be lived, whereby the value of experience and the conduct of life result from it. The whole that emerges in this way from pubertal learning determines the degree and value of adulthood, which means that this is not simply adulthood, but determines the degree of adulthood depending on the nature of all the acquired factors and their values. The higher or lower the development of intellect, understanding and reason, as well as of character traits, character behaviour and general life behaviour are developed and implemented, the degree and state of adulthood is also to be determined accordingly, although this cannot be compared with the human being value and the personality value, because these are of a completely different nature.Now, the whole of all the developments mentioned only results from the brain and its function as well as its value and the work of countless nerve cells that make up the inside of the brain. These come together from the entire body organism via nerve fibres or the thinnest nerve strands or energetically working stimulus lines in the entire interior of the brain, namely as filigree nerve fibre strands, which also lead away from the interior of the brain again via the nerve fibre strands, which are connected with all necessary body organs, influence and control them. Basically, the brain is the centre of the entire nervous system, through which all vital bodily-organic functions are also controlled, and this in a special way through the immensely important consciousness block of the human being. This block enables, forms and controls the positive and negative – also called good and evil -, the Intelligentum, the intellect and reason, as well as all conceivable other factors, such as the ability to think and speak, but also the ability to make decisions, the ability to act and the coordination of many different movements. But this also includes the ability to perceive and all the sensory impressions and the ability to react, etc., etc.All that remains to be said is that the individual development of the human being is his own business, which means that he must make a conscious effort to build up and develop everything within himself. This has to take place first and foremost in the 6-year middle phase of puberty, during which the whole of life’s determining factors are to be worked out and developed. Every human being goes through this phase of development – as well as the later phases thereafter, which demand further learning again and again throughout life – regardless of whether here on this world as an earthling, on Erra as a Plejaren or elsewhere on other worlds.The whole of the development of human consciousness, however, does not begin at puberty, but already after the act of procreation with the fertilised ovum, continues throughout life and only ends when the human being ends his life again through death. Thus, everything is connected with a lifelong change, with the formation, growth and development of physical and consciousness-related abilities and, of course, their development. However, this also includes the age-related reduction and retraction of all acquired abilities, energies and strengths, as well as the ability to maintain everything that has been acquired lies in the personal interest and in one’s own initiative. This means that not only during the course of life are all abilities of every kind to be learned, acquired, implemented and maintained by oneself, but also into old age. All these abilities also include all bodily movements, which also include walking and running, which are used for locomotion, whereby running and walking differ – which is probably important to explain – in that when walking, the feet always come into contact with the ground, whereas when running, not the whole foot but only part of it touches the ground.However, as far as the personal interest and will of the human being is concerned with regard to his stamina to be controlled, he is himself responsible for it and has to generate the necessary energies and forces for it himself. All processes of every kind and of all manifold forms correspond to unstoppable changes in the cells and altogether in all bodily organs, for they are all subject to an inner life programme given to life – according to the species or kind. The whole is inherent and unstoppable in every life-form, and each – as already said – individually formed according to its genus and species, and in such a way that it cannot be undone.

Bermunda:But you amaze me again and again in spite of everything, because obviously you have learnt much more with Sfath – but it would probably be useless to talk about it – than you release to talk about it. Well, the encephalon or the brain – no, I have to put it differently: It is the brain stem that redirects information from the brain to the cerebellum and the spinal cord, which also controls the movements of the eyes and further also facial expressions. The brain stem also regulates the vital functions of breathing and blood pressure, but especially the heartbeat as the most important factor. This, while the cerebellum coordinates the movements and is also responsible for balance.

Billy:Interesting – can you say and explain a bit more about the whole thing, because I would be interested – maybe you could briefly say something in earthly-medical understanding about what is the cause of birth disadvantages resp. birth defects? It would also be important to explain that the left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for analytical thinking, while the right hemisphere is responsible for the interconnectedness of thinking and regulates everything, but also controls the emotions, and so on.

Bermunda:What you know about birth disadvantages I do not have to tell you any further, because as you have learned, every birth defect corresponds to an organic deformity or malformation of one or more organs that occurs before birth, which is called malformation syndrome. You have already made an effort to learn something about this with Sfath, because your sister Verena was affected by such a syndrome, as is unfortunately also the case now with your daughter Selina Mercedes, which is why you are also again and again concerned with these factors, as I know.However, as far as the working forms and working methods of the left and right parts of the brain are concerned, I do not want to consider any particular execution in this respect, but only to return to the subject I have begun, namely music.If I may say so, musical brains differ from the brains of non-musical human beings. In persons with musical brains, their areas are strongly developed in an analysing way and lead to special connections of the hands and hearing. In musician brains, the areas that link the activities of the hands with those of hearing and analysing are particularly strongly developed. On the one hand, this results in various activities when playing music, which create permanent changes when listening to music, and on the other hand, music also creates new connections between the nerve cells, which are stored and maintained in the musician’s brain as a whole.For a musician’s brain, music is a great challenge, despite music harmony ability, but it has an effect on music and harmony memory, in a constantly training way, so that it continues to form and does not fade away. This is because music in its fullness is made up of pure musical information, which the musical brain recognises as pitches and melodies and compares and orders them. In addition, the music brain is also able to classify emerging tones and chords at the same time, whereby the position and the type and location of the sound source in the musical space is also elicited through an abundance of measurements and comparisons. The temporal sequence of the tones is also recorded and likewise ordered, whereby the bars and rhythms are also logically structured. Of course, the musical brain first and foremost has the important task of dividing the left and right hemispheres of the brain, although passionate musicians often have this division explicitly the other way round than non-musicians, just as musical brains also differ in other ways from the brains of musical human beings.Music-making and music-listening activities change the brain in ways that are permanent. This makes it perfectly natural that any new circuitry created by music in the brain, and likewise by the nerve cells, will remain with the human beings for life.Harmonious music also has a positive effect on the heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing rate and muscle tension of human beings, as well as on the hormonal balance, and the sounds have a positive effect on the adrenal glands and pituitary gland. Depending on the type of harmonic music, different hormones are also released, such as adrenaline in the case of fast and aggressive music, while norepinephrine is released in the case of soft and calm sounds, which, for example, leads to a reduction in stress hormones, which also leads to a strong increase in betaendorphins in the body, which have a pain-controlling effect. Classical and other harmonic forms of music can also effectively alleviate pain, which means that every good harmony can also be used in music-medicine therapy. And this is especially true with regard to effective pain treatments, but also successfully with regard to psychological and psychic problems, and also with regard to any harmonious form of relationship between human beings, as you know and as I know you always strive for.For the melodically minded human being, harmonious music or making one’s own music is very restful, peace-promoting, morale-balancing, calming and love-promoting, as well as rehabilitating in relation to geriatric or geriatric medical problems with regard to physical as well as social and consciousness-related aspects and the care of acute and chronic illnesses, especially in the early rehabilitation and prevention of old persons. Har…

Billy:Excuse me for interrupting you. If I understand correctly, your explanation means, in other words, that you mean a special music-medicine discipline for older human beings. And if I also understand your further explanation correctly, then the whole thing is directed from harmonic music effects to physical, social and consciousness aspects, and in such a way that everything is directed as precaution and care for early rehabilitation and prevention in relation to acute and chronic given or possibly emerging illnesses – precisely directed to human beings of advanced age.

Bermunda:Yes, that is correct, and it is amazing how precise and better you explain it than I have elaborated on it- but I am not surprised. What remains to be explained, however, is the following: Harmonious music acts on the consciousness of human beings like a fountain of youth, namely as well-formed and healthy swinging waves, which have a love-effect as well as a peace-promoting, balancing and exhilarating effect on the consciousness and the bioresonance, whereby new nerve circuits are formed. This, therefore, in a positive way, while badly formed, disharmonious noises correspond to a changeable, inconsistent mixture of banging waves, which as lovelessness, peacefulness and balancing disturbance burden and demolish the psyche deeply underground, which, however, is not perceived by the human beings. This is because, as a result of their pathologically consciousness-conditioned and psychologically limited as well as very deformed, selfish, barren and extremely excessively abnormal disharmony perception, they are not able to grasp any effective harmony as such.Human beings addicted to any form of disharmonic perception lack the capacity of sensual perception of effective harmony in every respect, thus not only in relation to music, but in general in every respect. Consequently, they are accompanied in their existence by noises of disharmony, which they pathologically imagine as harmony, thereby falling into pathological-false enthusiasm, illusory joy and rapture, without being able to consciously grasp, identify, Without being able to consciously grasp, identify, understand and perceive that they are not enjoying effective musical harmony, but are self-deceivingly enjoying a false joy and false enthusiasm for disharmonious sounds that damage the psyche and the consciousness.According to our research, such blatant ‘musical’ disharmonies have been occurring on Earth since the mid-1970s, but especially since the mid-1980s, to which mostly young and middle-aged human beings have become addicted and have been able to maintain and spread until today. And as our research shows, this will also continue for a long time into the future, as a result of which these harmful and morally destructive noises will increasingly and dangerously spread to the majority of earthly humanity. This, however, has for some time been leading to discontent in various strata of the population, as well as to discord and anarchy, which is already unmistakably spreading and having just as destructive an effect on the ethics and morals of human beings as the false ‘peace symbol’, the death rune, as you have been trying to make this fact known for years, which ever….

Billy:…but as a result of the mass stupidity of Earthlings does not want to be comprehended, consequently this mischief symbol as well as the religious and sectarian God delusion of Earthlingness continues to bring evil harm, strife, injustice, hatred, unkindness, disharmony, murder and manslaughter, terror, war, strife, bondage as well as destruction and annihilation upon humanity, the Earth, its ecosystems, nature and its fauna and flora, the atmosphere and the climate.

Bermunda:Something in the similar sense I was going to say, as however further, also that the totally disharmoniousnoise pollution releases low-frequency sound immissions, especially infrasound or frequencies that are below the human hearing threshold. These frequencies put a total strain on the human brain and thus inevitably also on the consciousness, as a result of which Intelligentum, understanding and reason are impaired and hindered in their function.

Billy:Yes, that’s right, Sfath has already explained this to me in detail and taught me that human beings are exposed to low-frequency sound immissions every day, whereby many factors play devastating roles and burden human beings. The most evil forms in this respect result from consciousness burdens that arise from religious and sectarian faith of human beings, namely on the one hand through a conscious or unconscious perception, seeing, looking at, hearing, feeling or sensing of any religious things, signs, pieces of jewellery, books, buildings or noises – such as the sound of church bells, music, prayers, speeches and sermons, etc. etc.. All these factors, and many others in addition, lead in human beings to the unconscious switching off of intellect, understanding and reason, and thus also of the clear thinking faculty, which leads to the building up and breaking through of a faith, which also brings the controlling faculty to a standstill and replaces it with many kinds of uncontrollable emotions of negative, malignant as well as positive, benign forms. This results in thought-feeling-psyche excitations which uncontrollably expand from overflow of love, affection, harmony, attachment and peace, etc., but to strife, discord, strife, disharmony, hatred, violence, slander, war, terror and murder, and otherwise to all that is evil, base and degenerate.

Bermunda:How explicitly you are able to explain everything in such a way that everything is clearly interpreted and can also be understood, that never ceases to amaze me and I wish that this were also my own, but I will probably be denied it. But what I cannot avoid explaining is the fact that the earthly scientific experts still have no idea whatsoever, or perhaps only the first vague suspicions, of all that we are talking about and what you have just explained. So it is also not given to them to understand and know that the factors you have explained are actually given and are of enormous and fundamental importance for the formation of character, the disposition as well as for ethical-moral behaviour and action. It is also to be noted that in all earthly technology of any kind there are as yet no instruments and apparatuses etc. – which will remain so for a long time to come – with which these deep-frequency sounds, which work underground in human consciousness and cause many kinds of discomfort, could be perceived and registered.As a rule, the profound noises are moreover accompanied by further low-frequency secondary sound vibrations, imperceptible to the human senses, from a wide variety of noises, which are capable of exerting harmful effects on the consciousness of human beings, which they are unable to control as a result of their ignorance and inability to perceive, as well as their lack of self-control, consequently they behave to the point of degeneracy.

Billy:Exactly, and these degenerations correspond to bad behaviour and unattractive conduct, bad and evil habits, malice, insults, falsehoods, as well as lying, deceit and slander. In addition to all these excesses, however, there are also immoralities, further unpleasant misbehaviour and impertinences as lasting consequences, such as hatred, quarrelsomeness, disgracefulness, weaknesses, violence, malignant character excesses of various kinds, as well as vice, insolence, mischief, vices and immoralities. Also to be mentioned are naughtiness, naughtiness, shameful naughtiness, boorishness, aggressiveness, religious-sectarian delusion of God, delusion of God and its degenerations, political delusion, addiction to power, dictatorship, despotism, criminality and crime, ultimately also murder and manslaughter, torture, rape, paedophilia, slavery, prostitution, genocide, hatred of nations, persecution of faith, war and terror, etc.

Bermunda:The noise pollution resulting from low-frequency sound emissions, in particular from infrasound, is increasingly causing the majority of Earth human beings – as we have ascertained through our long-term and very extensive research in this respect – extensive damage in relation to all conceivably possible wrong behaviour, in which respect the human beings are increasingly falling into many kinds of degrading degenerations, whereby also their anarchistic unworthiness is increasing, as well as constantly new nonsensical, arbitrary, thoughtless and stupid state laws, regulations and ordinances, which are especially invented and enacted by power-obsessed and, moreover, faith-religiously biased people in positions of state leadership, for the restriction of freedom, strict control and chastisement of the populations. And according to our observations and findings, these state leadership powers are increasingly gaining the upper hand and increasing in importance for the oppression of the people. And all this results from state power holders who are incapable of state leadership and who, as a rule, as a result of their promises of lies and pretences of false interests etc., are elected and ordered into state positions by the people, who are thereby fraudulently convinced, ignorant of politics and uneducated with regard to knowledge of human nature, character judgement as well as ethics and morals etc., which they are neither worthy of nor capable of holding and rightly managing. These people-elected or self-important, power-obsessed pseudo-leaders, who have elevated themselves to such positions by means of lies, fraud or violence, are also the ones who, in an anti-populist manner, are doing everything they can to harass the people with constantly new laws, regulations, decrees and ordinances, etc., and also to exploit them with new tax levies. This in order to reward themselves more, but also to squander vast amounts of financial resources in a high-handed, senseless and irrational manner, as you once used this expression, without the consent of the population.

Billy:You are straying from the subject, Bermunda, but you are undoubtedly right, for I too have gained equal knowledge. However, I did not know until now that you also deal with these things in the way you have mentioned. And that this is indeed the case, as you say, is effectively undeniable, to which I think, however, that we should disregard the lousy political machinations of the power-obsessed rulers etc. in this respect and not talk about it, because that should not be our thing. Politics should be practised by those people who, in their stupidity, want to know everything better anyway than those others who, outside of any greed for power and stupidity, can calmly, reasonably and appropriately recognise, consider and judge everything, but who are neither asked for their opinion nor for advice, consequently the idiotic political and governmental theatre goes on endlessly. So we should stick to our subject and perhaps explain for those human beings who do not know what infrasound is all about, that it is airborne sound waves which are to be placed below the human hearing range and therefore cannot be perceived by the ears, but unconsciously through the consciousness and consequently also unconsciously, affect it positively or negatively, subconsciously and in various forms, types and ways. And these influences are not controlled by the human being, consequently he also does nothing against them if they subconsciously deform his character and he is thereby also impaired with regard to his intellect, his understanding and his reason as well as with regard to his behaviour and his perception of effective reality and its truth. This is also one of the various reasons why he becomes a believer who is alienated from the world or even alienated from reality – as a rule, then, in particular, religious-sectarian as a believer in delusions of God.

Bermunda:Once again – it is so astonishing to me how you are able to explain everything, whatever you are talking about, so simply and precisely – it almost puts me to shame. But now I should comment on what you said concerning the disharmonic noises that are called music and singing and are frenetically acclaimed by many devotees, although there is no question of harmonious tones and sounds and real singing, but only of terrible disharmony and …

Billy:Which runs through one’s marrow and leg and corresponds to nothing other than a demoralising yowling, howling and roaring, rustling, banging, crashing, hissing, crackling, howling, splashing, crunching, wheeling, clamouring, sonic chaos, tumult, hellish noise, shrieking, screaming and spectacle as well as everything that nips any joy, any peace, any balance and harmony in the bud. The whole of this catastrophic disharmonic noise, which is falsely called modern music, as well as the disharmonic yowling, which is considered modern singing and which mainly inspires and freaks out countless juveniles and middle-aged people, all this, I estimate, shows how demolished in terms of consciousness and psychology these human beings are. All the discordant noise, which they believe to be music and song in their noise delusion, causes them to atrophy in their character – also in connection with their God delusion – as well as in their dignity, honour, ethics and morals. Consequently, at every suitable and unsuitable opportunity, they suddenly snap viciously, become abusive, abusive, mean and violent, whereby revenge, retribution, strife and hatred break loose in them, just as suddenly, at every suitable and unsuitable opportunity, lie, deceit and slander break loose from them, whereby unhesitatingly, murder and manslaughter as well as war and terror are also part of their whole metier.

Bermunda:You call a spade a spade in such a way as it really is. But these human beings – who indulge in all the degenerate noises mentioned, which they falsely believe to be music and song, indulge in them and falsely estimate all their disharmonies as harmony as well as degenerate into the ways as you have just explained – are addicted to serious psychological disorders. From this also arise in them serious disturbances of character formation, which ultimately take the form of degenerating and violent character traits, which cannot be controlled and consequently lead to evil mischief. In the final consequence, these and those disturbances in the life processes in organs or in the entire body organism result in the course of time, with consequences of subjectively felt and/or objectively ascertainable physical changes or changes affecting the consciousness and thus also the thoughts, feelings and the psyche, from which not only a life behaviour alien to reality, but ultimately also suicide can result.What is still to be explained in relation to all that I have been talking about with regard to music is that harmonic tones and sounds etc. are effective forms of harmonics. are effective forms of harmony, in contrast to all disharmonic noises – such as those which you very aptly formulate as howls, howls and shrieks and which, against all reality, are claimed to be singing -, as that which has been called so-called ‘modern’ music on Earth for some time now, which in reality is not music but only an instrumental disharmonic ruckus and wheeling spectacle, as well as a discordant female and male shriek, wail, wail, wail and wail.

Billy:You’re beginning to catch up with me, Bermunda. Your expressions and terms are really great.

Bermunda:If you say so? But I’m teachable.

Billy:Yes, I hear that, and then that is settled too. So go on talking, please.

Bermunda:Good, then let me explain the following: Contrary to today’s terrible modern unmusical disharmony ruckus, which is called instrumental music on Earth, as well as the wailing and shrieking arias, which is supposed to be singing, it is to be said that neither the one nor the other corresponds to any harmony. A harmony, on the other hand, corresponds to an order of the sound of several harmonically structured tones – in the case of a tone, it is a matter of uniform and consistent oscillations, in the case of a sound, however, several tones are heard simultaneously, which overlap – which can be perceived as a vertical or simultaneous component of balance and equilibrium and precisely as music, in contrast to the horizontal or time-series components of melody and rhythm, which are perceived as recognisably oscillating and perceptible in terms of vibrations.The actual teaching of harmony, however, is to be defined as the systematic comprehension of a chordal structure in relation to a tonal sound space, whereby methodical instructions in tone-setting require a unifying and, as far as possible, error-free handling of the sound combinations in the sense of the traditional specification of the music within the corresponding tonal epoch. Apart from all this, the actual subject of harmony is that, in addition to the structure of the chords, the sound connections are formed into musically logical sequences.When considering the harmony of a piece of music, the whole of the leading triads of a scale must be considered and defined, as well as the main and secondary triads and the cadence. Only then is it possible to recognise which chords belong to the corresponding piece of music. If musical harmony is observed and analysed in everyday life in human beings, then a positive effect can be recognised in them when they react to harmony, whereby the harmony of music creates a harmonic relationship in them through individual chords to each other.The overarching term ‘harmonics’ stands for the harmony of tones, for the so-called vertical component of music. The chords consist of major triads as the main triads, with the 2nd, 3rd and 6th degrees composed of root, minor third and fifth and thus corresponding to minor triads and minor triads respectively, as …

Billy:Excuse me, Bermunda, I do not think it is necessary to explain all this, because it would be going too far, and what you have explained so far should be enough. Besides, I know that music and harmony also have a fundamental educational significance, even though many other things, subjects and values in daily life are given priority in the curricula because human beings consider them more important than consciously integrating music and harmony into daily life. That, I remember, is what Sfath explained to me anyway, and also said that these values would make a great contribution to my social development in my life, even if I myself will not learn musical notes or musical instruments. And the fact is that music and harmony have helped me a lot in my life and it was only thanks to them that I survived a nasty mental breakdown in my marriage when all the terror had gone over my head, with Semjase saving me from the worst at the last moment. In the process, I practised singing, as I have always done in my life, and I also let my musical vein be heard on the radio once in Baghdad, but it was actually in my life that my social skills increased to such an extent that I was able to create a calm, aggression-free climate within myself. This has made me free and open, without fault or quarrel with everything and everyone and with human beings, my work, nature and its fauna and flora, so that I have learned to deal with all situations that arise in such a way that I do not have to blame myself and can also perceive my fellow human beings, all life around me and in the great outdoors, etc., with alert attention, as it effectively is. This also enables me to constantly train my motivation and concentration in relation to my work, as well as my ageing memory, which is not as sharp as it used to be. But I would like to say that music and harmony are still an immediately rewarding experience for me when everything sounds correct and is also beautiful – if you can call music and ‘harmony’ beautiful.I still remember that Sfath said that real music and harmony prevent the degradation of nerve cells in the brain as human beings grow older and even develop them more strongly, whereas, on the contrary, disharmonious instrumental noise as well as human howling and howling etc. already cause a degradation of nerve cells in the brain during life and cause damage to consciousness and even lead to addictive behaviour.

Bermunda:I can confirm that, because all parts of the brain that are directed in relation to hearing and forming sounds are explicitly stimulated by true harmonics of music and singing and are thereby also moved and trained as well as actively maintained, whereby especially the harmonic acoustic subtleties powerfully influence and stimulate the memory, whereby in this respect harmonic singing in particular is of enormous effectiveness.

Billy:Yes, that’s what Sfath said too, I remember that. But thank you very much for all your explanations. But just now something else comes to my mind about the Corona pandemic, and that is that Sfath said at that time that even if the pandemic recedes, extreme caution should continue to be exercised, respiratory masks should be worn and distance from fellow human beings should be kept, because an easing of the pandemic wave is no guarantee either for its end or for greater safety. And I also remember from my time with Sfath that what will happen with the coming somewhat subsiding Corona pandemic is not simply the final end, which is why protective measures should continue to be heeded by the sensible among human beings. In part, the coming abatement of the pandemic is due to the climatic condition of spring and then the emerging summer, as Sfath explained at the time. This means, however, that under certain circumstances the pandemic can rise again and new mischief can break out if the climate continues to influence it. This, however, could possibly also be caused by other causes than the plague itself, such as other ailments and diseases that can arise from the plague through impulse triggers or through the consequences of change, as Sfath explained. But it is also possible that suffering and disease could arise insidiously from unrecognisable viral infections. And further, the Corona pandemic leads in many human beings – I recall what Sfath explained at the time – not only to death, but also to severe long-term health damage that cannot be cured. This was also the case with regard to insufficient and negligently tested vaccines as well as dangerous health problems caused by the pandemic, such as heart failure and other vaccine effects, etc., which very often lead to death and cost many human lives, as was also the case with regard to various long-term brain diseases, which cause serious problems over a lifetime or in many cases lead to death. I also know from Sfath that virologists, medical doctors and epidemiologists, as well as health institutions and immunologists, etc. are concealing a lot of important information for the population, such as the fact that the corona virus proteins very strongly attack the signals of the immune system and manipulate it in such a way that it fails.
Consequently, it is necessary – as I have already learned from the teachings of Sfath – that everything necessary is done for the immune system to maintain its extremely vital total body-organic function, which in particular is to be consciously handled by the human beings in such a way that additional strengthening vital substances are supplied to the immune system as required. However, these do not correspond to anything more than effective vital substances that can strengthen the immune system and maintain it to a certain extent, nothing more, because as corona virus repellents or corona remedies they are worth nothing, because they do not correspond to any remedies.

Florena:Whereby you probably think correct.

Billy:Exactly. But then I still have the announced terror pages here now, which are beamed into my computer and disturb my work as well. After that I have other things to talk about, because there are still a lot of things we should talk about – even if it is getting late.

These are the sides that constantly interfere with me and make my writing difficult. Unfortunately, I cannot do anything about that, because everything is pointless, also all the good advice from all over the world that reaches me every day.

Bermunda:That is really bad.

Florena:That cannot be true. – And that results when you write?

Billy:Yes, and there’s nothing I can do about it, because I have to correct every single word – every single one from right to left, there’s no other way. The interesting thing about it is that someone other than I can write correctly without making mistakes. Witnesses can prove that.

Florena:I want to see that, please let me touch your machine. It is never … … Wait, I am almost there. Yes, it is all right, I am writing now … It is a pleasure for me to be able to write something on your device again. You see, it works perfectly. – Now it is your turn, I will watch closely. As you are watching me, I want to watch you closely this time and very precisely …

Billy:Bittre …, here hisSZTV DZ meiun. Wercl, da ivch. Ivcjh. Jett untrr dxein emn SAuujng en svchreinbrex. Wnn dimrc bdsads g exno g¨ügt?

Florena:I do not understand, I watched you, you wrote correctly. What do you mean by what you just wrote? You have shown me this before, but only now do I really understand what is actually happening here with you. It is so …

Billy:Do you really want me to correct that?


Billy:Good, I am still trying to get it together. Here again is what I just wrote, I just need to copy it: Bittre …, here hisSZTV DZ meiun. Wercl, da ivch. Ivcjh. Jett untrr dxein emn SAuujng en svchreinbrex. Wnn dimrc bdsads g exno g¨ügt?I am trying to get it together again: Please …, here is my work. Now that I am writing under your eyes. If this is enough for you?This is now what I have written before your eyes, if this corrected suffices you?

Florena:Yes, … it is incredible.

Bermunda:It is really incredible what these religious powers are able to do. Isn’t that what they are, harassing you like this and preventing you from doing your work?

Billy:Yes, that’s how Yanarara and Zafenatpaneach found out. They have been working on it since 2001 until they finally found the source, the religious-sectarian forces that have set up their own business and are interfering with me in order to finish me off. The only thing missing now is that my physical health is being attacked by the force. Unfortunately, I cannot prevent that, so it will catch me one day and I will have to bear the consequences.

Florena:We will make an effort, but that we can do something, that will take years. That’s what Yanarara said, anyway.

Billy:By then I will be long gone, for I will not live forever and will go my own way, so that afterwards I will not again denounce religion and sectarianism, which are destroying Earth human beings as a whole, taking them over with faith, dominating them and leaving them to starve in the belief in an imaginary God the Father and in a never-existent Son of God as Saviour, in Allah and Shiva, and so on. This in order to never let the human beings think their own thoughts and make their own decisions. This probably for eternity, because hardly anyone will find the courage to enter the fray hard enough against the delusion of religion and the delusion of sectarianism, as I still do.

Bermunda:You are bitter.

Florena:I suppose he has every right to be.

Billy:You may be right. But it really is a case of talking for the cat, because the bulk of humanity is insane and prefers to hang on to a ‘dear God’ and an Allah and Buddha – or whatever all of them are called – instead of thinking for themselves and deciding and acting for themselves.

Florena:You remind me of our history, because it took our ancestors millions of years before they could free themselves from their belief in God. It was only about 52 000 years ago that they threaded their way to themselves, and that too only through a …

Billy:… a huge spherical structure, I know.

Florena:Yes, it was the salvation of our ancestors. It cost many human lives, but since then we have had peace, no more crime and no more hatred. The human beings think freely, decide freely and act freely, without any belief in a god and the like. They are, contrary to the God-believing Earth human beings, completely free from a faith and live in peace and freedom, without the burden of money and greed for power, as the Earth human beings do contrary to this.

Billy:That would be what should also be the case with earthly humanity. But these are wishful dreams, for there are only very few who are interested in the effective truth, for the majority of earthlings prefer to listen to the delusion of God, to the sectarianism that keeps them enslaved and in bondage. This in relation to a faith through which work-shy people enrich themselves by pious speeches and lies on the believers in God’s delusion – like clergymen, priests, bishops, cardinals, ‘Seel’sorger’, and above all the chief bigwig Pope in Rome, as with other religions and sects and their leaders and bigwigs in general all over the world.Only their few are the ones who turn to the truth, as a rule they are FIGUans who deal with the truth and find the way to the truth. This while others call themselves atheists, but are nevertheless believers in some way – just not knowing the truth – because in their false atheism they believe that they have eaten wisdom with shovel diggers.Furthermore, it is still to be asked – because it interests me – what the future will bring in this respect. In particular, the question is – since the Earth is being flooded with so-called plastics, with plastic and with all kinds of poison – what will become of everything else. What is still vast land – which still exists, but which will soon no longer be, because it will suffocate in the rubbish of the plastic world and the poisons and the new buildings, through new houses, roads, factories, cable cars, football pitches, chair lifts, and railway tracks of all kinds – will soon become a rarity and a rarity, very expensive and unaffordable. This, if nothing is done about it, as I remember from Sfath. So the world will lose all ecosystems and their nature, fauna and flora, and the atmosphere and climate will be destroyed even further. This is not least because the earthling, through its overpopulation, which has long since become rampant and is still growing inexorably, needs more and more land to build on, cutting down the vital oxygen producers and CO2 silos – the forests and rainforests, the primeval forests.The wind also plays a major role in this, because it spreads all the rubbish over the world that the earthling releases into the wild. In addition, there are the storms, which in the future will be additionally determined by climate change, which spread all the rubbish even further and also rob the land of its fertility and make it lifeless.And there is also the earthling himself, who – especially in Europe – interferes with the life of nature, who exterminates traditional plants, animals as well as creatures, etc., although they have been indigenous to Europe for years and centuries and will in future enliven the land, which will become increasingly scarce in the foreseeable future as a result of the inexorable increase in overpopulation.Everything and anything that seems alien is labelled invasive and eradicated, because it is not understood that climate change also brings about the entire change in nature and thus also the change in plants. It is not understood that the invasive also has its right to live if it does not cause any damage, which is really only rarely the case and must be suppressed in order to preserve the habitat of the fertile – which is also determined by human beings, as a rule completely unjustly. It is even unjustly demanded by conservationists that supposedly invasive plants should be eradicated, even though they are neither dangerous nor invasive, but rather are local, grow according to their soil and are completely harmless. It is only through human beings that they become dangerous or rampantly degenerate, whereas they remain completely harmless if left alone. That is our experience here in the centre. If we had to go by what is madly preached by those who want to eradicate all alien plants, then we would have to eradicate at least half of all the plants that grow well here on our grounds and have been native to Switzerland for centuries.As far as weedy plants are concerned, they can only reproduce invasively if they have the correct soil or subsoil to do so, otherwise they remain in place and simply grow where the wind has just carried the seed. We have experienced this ourselves at the centre for almost 50 years, and we have done well with it – except once when a human being interfered. I cannot remember who it was, but it was unpleasant.

Bermunda:Human beings just do not understand the truth, which is why they also cannot find its origin.They do not understand that the whole of nature and its fauna and flora, as well as the planet itself and all its ecosystems, and thus also the atmosphere and the climate, are in a state of constant change and that consequently nothing remains as it is at present. The entire planet is changing inexorably, and with it also everything that lives on it. Consequently, nothing remains as it is at present. Of course, it takes a long time in total, millions of years, but the change takes place continuously, and it happens without human beings noticing anything. Even hourly the ongoing change of the whole Earth is taking place, multiplied and accelerated by the evil destructive machinations of the ever more overflowing overpopulation. Earth human beings, however, do not realise this in the life of their erroneous faith – in addition to the confused belief in their god or gods – which is geared towards the planet Earth continuing to exist as it is at present. This is a grave fallacy, for the Earth is undergoing an artificially produced change through the unreasonableness of Earth human beings, triggered by the very evil destructive as well as destructive machinations as you have aptly described them in your predictions, which I was also allowed to gain insight into when Ptaah presented them to us that we could gain knowledge of them.We know that all existence lies solely with the Creation, which never demands anything and neither rewards nor punishes, but only exists, develops higher and neither inhibits nor influences the life of the human beings in any way, but he alone can determine and effect this according to his own will. Never is creation able to determine anything itself, to decide and to act according to its own will, because in its existence everything results according to the law of self-evolution, absolute self-development, which forms itself according to individual unfoldment.

Billy:Tell me about it … It is so and remains so, and it is also good, for the whole thing so does not need a ‘dear God’, an ‘Allah’, a ‘Shiva’, ‘Aither’, ‘Amaunet’, ‘Puja’, ‘Durga’, ‘Lakshmi’, ‘Ganesha’ or ‘Vishnu’, ‘Parvati’, ‘Yahweh’, ‘Ahura Madza’, ‘Lucifer’ or ‘Aurora’ etc. What is needed now is intellect, mind and reason, and also a personality that is independent of all external influences that are capable of negatively affecting the character image and consciousness. Positive character traits and values of consciousness, which are used to form the personality, must not be allowed to degenerate, but must be strictly controlled and preserved in order to come to positive fruition in the expression of the personality.The truth of all that exists is simply called creation, and it is and remains objectless for all time. It is pure energy, precisely energy of creation in endlessly diverse form, which endlessly evolves and exists, but leaves each life-form free to develop itself according to its own value, just as the whole of creation prescribes. So there is no God or even several Gods, there are only human beings who are free to develop according to their own discretion and meaning – free according to their own will, which builds up during the 6-year period of their puberty, which arises at the early age of their becoming young and is to be used correctly in order to fulfil the meaning of life – their personality formation and their entire evolution as true human beings. In this there is no deceptive power which is good for religious-sectarian fantasies, but only for reality and its truth, which is connected in knowledge with nature, its fauna and flora, the whole universe and thus with creation. The belief in a God, who supposedly created the world and the universe, is nonsense anyway, because only creation was capable of this, because it has existed since the beginning and will always remain so until it one day enters into the Absolutum of BEING, highly evolved and eternally constant.If the word religion is considered, then it is derived from ‘religio’, from a Latin word that means something like ‘fear of God’, according to another interpretation also ‘reconciliation with the gods’. The misguided belief in a god or god-father, in a son of god, in a ‘saviour’, in Allah or Shiva, in a higher power above human beings, which makes them dependent on it in terms of belief, consequently allowing themselves to be misled and misled through life by truth-slanderers and liars, is – to put it mildly – just nonsense. The human being thus does not recognise the meaning of his life and consequently orients his way of life according to what is lied to him by the religious representatives. Many human beings therefore deal with death in their faith and believe in a heaven and a hell in which they are supposed to ‘end up’ one day according to their way of life.Even so-called ‘experts’ cannot explain exactly how many religions there actually are among the entire 9.2 billion earthlings, because it is difficult to say whether a belief system also really corresponds to a so-called religion. Generally, a distinction is made between 5 world religions, which are made up of so-called Buddhists, Christians, Islamists, Judaists and Hinduists. Each of these world religions also has its own different and primal currents, which are simply called sects – as if mainstream religions were not sects! Often there are also enormous differences in the prayers of the delusional believers, so it is impossible to assess all religions accurately and also to write everything down. The religions also have a very long history – mostly lies and lies, and also murderous and inhuman.Some world religions have only ONE god, others have MANY gods or others NO gods or goddesses. According to Sfath, Earth human beings had about 45,000 different religious beliefs around 1950, which has probably multiplied since then with the horrendous mass of overpopulation. Of these, Christianity and Islam will probably make up the bulk, while Hinduism and Buddhism as well as Judaism lag behind. All the rest, however, are distributed among small religions, sects and private groups, as well as purely private faiths.For my part, I think that religions are nothing but stupid and silly stories about gods, goddesses, saints, sons of gods, angels and spirits and other invented entities that were invented in order to be able to dominate the stupid delusional believers. Furthermore, these idiotic religious stories convey certain ideas to the delusional believers about how they should behave correctly in daily life and existence, but immediately take up arms and kill their enemies without hesitation as soon as someone dares to say something against their own belief in God or against their own opinion or freedom. So such ideas of ‘divine love for all’ can of course change very quickly, especially among believers, i.e. earthlings, as well as especially among communities, when a call comes from above, I mean from those in power, or an order is issued to do so.It is a fact that every day new sects arise, new religions, new political groupings and fanatics, where human beings flock together and believe in something. It is enough for a handful of believers, for example, to manage to pass on their convictions to their neighbours, and a new sect is already on the march, spreading death, terror and destruction. And the whole thing is passed on, even to children and children’s children, until it is rampant with hatred, murdering and spreading death and misery, only to suddenly disappear again as if it had never existed.Many sects, groups, political fanatics and religions, often with so few followers that hardly anyone knows or notices them, live among humanity and influence others with fear and terror. Always, some stand out in particular by freaking out and taking up arms, shooting indiscriminately and murdering innocent human beings – just to cool their heels and satisfy their false faith by murdering innocent human beings. The question is, where is this ‘dear God’ who is supposed to see, guide and keep everything in order? Where does he sit that he allows such injustice and does not call the guilty to account, since he is supposed to be so just? But everything is only a lie, because since there is no God, but his imagined existence is only a lie and a deception, he can neither intervene nor call the wrongdoers of his believers to account.Christianity and Islam, as world religions, both emerged from Judaism, whose founder in ancient times – more than 4,500 years ago – was a black man named ‘Abram’ from Africa, which is vehemently denied today. For this reason, Christians and Islamists know many of the tall tales from the Torah, the Jewish religious book. And this is why Jews, Christians and Muslims also worship the same prophets, who are considered God’s messengers and are declared ‘holy’. In addition, Christians have the audacity to declare the Son of Man Jmmanuel as the Son of God and to worship him as a ‘holy saviour’ – a human being who vehemently resisted this, but in vain, for the Christians’ delusion of faith is stronger, for they cling with all their might to the delusion of God.The fact that Islam is also involved in this, in the form of the Dome of the Rock and thus the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, the ‘sanctuary’ of this denomination, really takes the biscuit.The Al-Aqsa Mosque is a mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City, and is considered the third most important mosque in Islam, supposedly connected to the central sanctuary of the Kaaba in Mecca, as well as to the Prophet’s Mosque and the tomb of the Islamic prophet Mohammed in Medina, according to the Al-Haram Mosque.The Al-Aqsa Mosque is considered the third most important mosque in Islam, apart from the central ‘sanctuary’ of the Kaaba in Mecca and the tomb of the Islamic prophet, the Prophet Mohammed’s Mosque in Medina. The name Al-Masjid al-aqsā, which means ‘The Distant Place of Worship’, refers to the first verse of the 17th Sura, which reads: ‘Blessed be He who came with His servant in the night from the holy place of worship in the distant place of worship whose surroundings we have blessed …’ = Blessed be He, means: Muhammad. The distant place of worship means: Jerusalem. The Al-Aqsa Mosque was thus called a ‘far-off place of worship’ in the Qur’an, whereas it was actually built 103 years later and after the events written in the Qur’an. This is contrary to the false claims that it was created as early as 90 years after the events said in the Quran. At present it is called the following: The first of the two directions of prayer (Jerusalem before Mecca) and the third of the two Holy Places (Mecca and Medina) are said to be directions of prayer, clearly worshipping the Prophet and not Allah as is claimed.In the area of today’s mosque, there used to be the ‘Herodian Temple’, which the king of the time had built in 924 BC, but which was destroyed by the Romans 73 years later during the Jewish War, when Emperor Titus Flavius Vespasianus, as successor to his father Vespasian, ruled the Flavian dynasty.Today, all that remains of the Temple is the retaining wall, the so-called Wailing Wall, which is used diligently by the Jewish faithful. On the Temple Mount itself, the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I had a Christian church built in 53, which he consecrated in the name of ‘Mary of Nazareth’ or the ‘Blessed Virgin’ – one wonders how a pregnant woman and later mother can still be a virgin? – The church was destroyed during the conquest of Jerusalem. That was – I assume, because I cannot remember the exact year – around the year 612. As for the whole thing, I still remember the year 1969, when a lunatic from Australia – I cannot remember the name of the lunatic (Bernadette’s note: Denis Michael Rohan) – carried out an arson attack on the Al-Aqsa Mosque. At that time I had just returned from India, Pakistan, Turkey and Greece.But now let’s move on to the religions and sects, where great differences appear, however, and also among the main religions. Differences appear above all among Christians, Islamists and the Jews, who most worship God, Allah and Adonai/Jehovah. It is true that the Jews are still waiting for their one Messiah, for someone who will save and redeem them from evil and from the evils of the world – but they will wait until all eternity; in vain, because he will never appear, because he corresponds just as much to a fantasy being as God, Allah and Adonai/Jehovah. This was also the case with the first Christians, who originally adhered to Judaism and waited for a ‘holy’ Messiah, but forgot about him when they met Jmmanuel, whom they simply called ‘Jesus’ and became believers in the delusion that Jesus was the Messiah prophesied to them by fantasists and liars.In fact, they only call their God ‘Father and Lord of the World’, because they do not pronounce the name of God, as is also the case with the believers in Islam and the Christians. They all believe that, on the one hand, it is not appropriate to speak the name of God and, on the other hand, that there is only one God who alone created the whole universe for human beings.According to their indoctrinated conviction – i.e. that of the delusion believers – God is always omnipresent and guides human beings and the world very powerfully and, above all, benevolently. He is supposed to know the secrets of human beings, reward them for their good deeds, but punish them for everything they do contrary to his love and his laws.According to the faith of the Jews, God chose the Jewish people and commissioned them to spread the faith in the one and only God throughout the Earth. To this end, he made a covenant with Abraham, the father of the Jewish people. God then revealed his teachings to Moses, and according to tradition, God also made a covenant with Moses and the Jewish people on Mount Sinai – the only question is whether he is asleep and does not see all the evil that his ‘sheep’ do on Earth. Namely, all the murders and all the crimes, all the rapes of women, all the wars, all the terrorism, and the overpopulation destroying nature and its fauna and flora as well as the whole world!Go and multiply, that’s what the Bible says, but not a word about the fact that too many human beings are destroying all life on planet Earth with their overpopulation and that the present 9.2 billion earthlings – which are still wrongly officially calculated at 7.8 billion – have already brought the earth world to the brink of complete collapse. How rhymes the Bible saying of the God from the Christian Bible, which lies there the pious words and quite obviously impresses the God delusion believers particularly:6. And the Lord passed by before his face, and he cried, ‘O LORD God, merciful, and gracious, and patient, and of great mercy and faithfulness!7. … Who preserveth mercy in a thousand parts, and forgiveth iniquity, and transgression, and sin, and before whom is none innocent; Who visiteth the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children’s children, unto the third and fourth generation’.And again it should be explicitly mentioned that all theists believe that they are dealing with only one God, consequently they adhere to monotheism and spread the delusion that this God alone created the whole universe for human beings. According to their indoctrinated conviction, he is always present and powerfully and benevolently guides the world. He knows the secrets of all earthlings, rewards them for good deeds, while punishing them for everything that is against his love, his commands and against his laws.According to the belief of the theistic God-delusional peoples, they are all chosen and commissioned to spread the faith in God in relation to the one single God throughout the Earth. For this purpose, he is said to have made a covenant with Abram the African, the father of the early Hebrew people, at a very early time. He then revealed his insane teachings – which he had obviously made up out of his fingers – to the Hebrew people of that time, who recognised the imaginary God and allowed him to ‘lead’ them over the millennia, before the temple leader Moses came to the fore and seized power, proclaiming himself as leader and claiming that he had also made a covenant with God on Mount Sinai.But now back to the sects and religions, which are by no means uniform, but very different, for there are also those who believe not only in one, but in many gods. For example, there are the Hindus who live their devout lives in India and Nepal as well as on Bali, where they worship, for example, the monkey god Hanuman, the creator god Brahma and the elephant god Ganesha.But there are also communities that manage entirely and completely without deities, such as clear Buddhism, whose followers honour the Buddha as the enlightened one, but not as a god, but see and appreciate him only as a teacher. It is true that these human beings can be seen as sages if they only honour the Buddha and follow his teachings. But if they do anything else in the course of their physical contortions and body control etc., the whole thing already belongs to the cultic, which goes beyond normal control and belongs to the realm of self-mortification.Then there are the sects and religions that do not worship a god, but nevertheless have gods that have certain meanings for them. In some currents of Buddhism, for example, there are various gods, but they do not have the great significance that the god has in divine religions and sects. And last but not least, there are of course human beings who simply do not belong to any sect or religious community, who do not believe in any god, but are free thinkers, or atheists. But in the case of such people I have found that they are nevertheless believers, if not in a God then at least in personal views, ideas and opinions that are as diverse as there are stars in the sky. So with them there is no knowledge of reality and its truth, but a belief of some kind, which makes them dependent on their view, idea or opinion, and so on. Consequently, in spite of everything, they are only believers, but of a way that is completely free from a God – but believers who are not knowing, but dependent on their own views, ideas and opinions. They do not realise that they exist alone and yet in the mass of the energy of creation, and are thus dependent on themselves and at the same time on the mass of all living things.And because there are so many different earthlings as a result of overpopulation, so there are also many faith groupings, sects and religions, views, ideas and opinions, etc., for however and wherever we human beings go, live and allow ourselves to be influenced or not, we are confronted daily with reality and its truth. We honour earthlings, human beings whom we hold in high and honourable esteem, and gods, spirits or saints are worshipped who are deemed to be high powers. In some areas of Earth, Earthlings live together in very small communities of faith, and often an extended family or village has a sect or religion all its own. And so it is quite clear that for this reason the whole Earth is teeming with different delusions of faith. But let us leave all that now, for it is of no use anyway, for it only endangers and destroys the truth all the more, for it is disputed and denied anyway, because everything is believed that has been handed down from time immemorial, even if it is fundamentally false and a lie.

Florena:That finds its reason in the fact that Earth human beings do not know the truth, but want to be lied to.

Billy:I am interested in something else, namely why microplastic is not actually recognised by earthlings as an earth polluter, even though it not only pollutes the inland waters and oceans and suffocates all life in the waters, but also pollutes the land that can still be used by chemicals.

Bermunda:It is also disregarding the great outdoors through its massive overpopulation, as well as its fauna and flora. It abuses and kills them, as well as the waters of all kinds, the atmosphere, the climate and the land, which is only kept fertile by bare chemicals. Moreover, research is being carried out in the direction you mentioned, but this has not yet reached the public. However, the first steps will be taken, but the whole thing will not bring much benefit, you know that very well from Sfath.

Billy:I am curious to see how much of the truth will come out. I do not have much hope, because everything will be so banal anyway, so uninformative and so meaningless that it will not penetrate the hard skulls of those earthlings who are halfway interested in it. Moreover, it will be broadcast at a time chosen in such a way that no one will listen, but only a few freaks who are halfway interested in the matter. It is common for important television programmes to be broadcast at times when no one is watching them and no one is interested. Football and football again – which is always much more important as sheer idiocy – but not the truth about what overpopulation is destroying all of nature, its fauna and flora, the entire ecosystems of planet Earth and its atmosphere and climate.

Florena:You are really bitter, but I understand that, because it is really more than just bad what this overpopulation is doing to the Earth. It is much worse than you mentioned in your predictions, which I was allowed to see at Ptaah the other day.

Billy:You are talking about the ones I wrote in the sanatorium in 1947?


Billy:Yes, I know. – I have been wanting to get those in for a long time, but I just have not found the time. But what do you think about the wave of refugees from the South and East to Europe?

Florena:What you wrote in your prediction that Europe will be flooded by this, for which the German Chancellor, as a person incapable of governing, will be to blame.

Billy:Aha, and what about insect mortality, which is being driven by chemicals in agriculture in such a way as to cause unparalleled damage to nature, and which is being driven in such a way as to wipe out more and more that is vital for the continued existence of humanity? Since this is so important, this should have been known long ago and a ban should have been enacted that no pesticides, no herbicides, no fungicides and no chemicals of any kind should be used in agriculture and in gardens, because all this destroys nature and its fauna and flora.

Florena:These are pious wishes, but the farmers and gardeners are vehemently fighting against them, because without chemicals, they can no longer extract anything from the completely depleted and infertile soil, and they can no longer harvest anything edible. So they will fight back, by hook or by crook, as you like to say.

Billy:Then I have a political question that relates to Switzerland. Actually, I know you do not deal with it, but I would like to hear your private opinion. – What do you think about the Swiss government in Bern getting involved with the EU dictatorship and saying yes and amen to its demands – at least partially?

Bermunda:First of all, we know that the EU will not have permanence, and secondly, it is wrong of Switzerland to go along with the European Union’s demands. Everything has been wrong from the very beginning, because the EU is dependent on Switzerland, not the other way round. Switzerland has only given in to empty threats that were well calculated, but really only empty. Switzerland always fell for it, that was unfortunately the reality, and in doing so it sacrificed its neutrality and freedom to a dictatorship. Unfortunately, this is irreversible. The more Switzerland acquiesces to the EU’s demands, the more dangerous it becomes for the country’s neutrality and peace, because the whole thing already knows no borders and finds its continuation in the inevitability of the alleged peacekeeping mission of the Swiss military, which is forced to perform foreign war services under the guise of neutrality – supposedly as observers and helpers.

Florena:I can only confirm that – there is nothing more to say about it.

Billy:I thought so, … so I was not wrong. That’s all I wanted to know. – Then something else: I do not think it’s good that vaccination certificates are issued for the Corona vaccinations, because I think it somehow discriminates against the non-vaccinated. Besides, it has been proven for a long time that a large part of the vaccinated is nevertheless contagious and another part suffers from severe side effects, up to and including heart failure, which is why it is irresponsible of virologists and governments to urge human beings to vaccinate. And that the vaccination certificates also put the unvaccinated at a disadvantage, that remains to be seen, because this idiocy will still have its consequences, because the vaccinated will eventually be favoured over the unvaccinated, causing many to lose their jobs and become unemployed.

Bermunda:To this it must be said that this will be true here and there and that these calls for vaccination are really unconscionable, because the virologists and the leaders of the state know very well the danger of vaccination with a vaccine that has not yet been sufficiently researched. The whole business of vaccine production is based on what you once called a profit-making hustle. Which is only for profit and disadvantages those who are trusting enough to engage in vaccination. The truth is that those who have accepted such vaccinations and have not suffered any side effects – even if they are in the billions – have been lucky. This is because the vaccines used are still insufficiently tested and, moreover, can legally only be tested without inhibition and free of charge by being used on the willing and fearful populations of all countries.

Billy:There is nothing left for me to say about this, but the one thing that remains for me to mention is that every human being must consider, decide and act upon everything himself, because every recommendation as to whether someone wants to be vaccinated or not, or whether he decides and acts according to reason and intellect and according to his own intellect, that is left to each person alone, and in every conceivable respect. Every human being must decide for himself at every moment of his life, without any influence from another, consequently only the purely personal comes into effect in complete self-responsibility. So I cannot say what each individual has to do, because each person has to think, decide and act on his or her own responsibility. But this also means – and here we come back to sectarianism and religions – that every belief and delusion in a God must be eliminated and effectively only one’s very own thinking capacity, decision-making potential and one’s very own ability to act may be taken into consideration, but never a belief or even delusion in anything.Misleadingly, the sect and religion priests and the Fritzes of the same name preach that human beings should think for themselves and act correctly, but always only according to the delusion of God, consequently delusion is in the foreground either way and the very own thinking, deciding and acting is always and in every case not independent and one’s own, but externally determined and in any case always and without exception shaped by faith. Thus, the fact proves that every human being who is a believer in God always and in every case does not think, decide and act independently, but is always inhibited by his faith and only exercises his thoughts, decisions and actions accordingly, that is, what his faith in God or other faith dictates to him. The indoctrinating faith preached – be it by sect and religion advocates or other believers, deceivers and liars of any kind – always has an effect on him in such a way that the human being thus inhibited believes that he thinks, decides and acts according to his own and free will, while he, however, truthfully indoctrinated, thinks, decides and acts according to what has been hammered into him sectarian and religiously by sect and religion believers or other delusional believers. Thus the human being is not free in his thinking, decisions and actions, but always bound to his faith, and according to this faith he lives into the day without even thinking about the fact that he is actually – influenced by his faith – only a puppet of those guilds who control him on the fool’s rope of a faith in God or other faith in order not to have to do any decent work himself, but to live at the expense of the ‘stupid’ believers.Well, if the human being of the Earth – the Earthling, that is – really wants to be free of all faith, then he must bear the responsibility himself for everything and anything in his life, whatever arises. This means that for his thinking, decisions and actions in every single case he must be absolutely aware that he has to bear full responsibility for everything and anything himself and that neither ‘fate’ nor a ‘dear God’ is responsible for it. Every ‘fate’ is forged by the human being himself, for he is the being ‘God’ himself, who directs and creates everything, who bears responsibility and determines everything during the entire lifetime of the human being. Nothing but himself – except the laws of the state, to which he must necessarily submit, but which he is able to obey at his own discretion – can prevent him from doing his duty as a true human being and from exercising self-responsibility in the correct way. For this he must only be himself and fully aware that he is an independent being without dependence on a faith of any kind, but responsible for himself and for all his deeds, for his thoughts, decisions and actions.In order to free himself from all faith, the human being has to take a difficult path which leads him along paths that often make him doubt the correctness of the truth, but are such that finally the truth breaks through so powerfully that all doubts fall into deep oblivion in such a way that they are finally dissolved and become void. This is the path that leads to the human being slowly becoming knowledgeable and turning only to the truth, and thus to the BEING of creation and its all-time existence, which continues in endless repetition and in the constant change of evolution into all conceivable duration.

Florena:It is simply amazing how you are able to put everything into words that clearly, plainly, simply and understandably express everything that needs to be explained.

Bermunda:That is why he is who he must be, even if it is not understood by those who want to know and understand better, but who are in truth too ignorant to understand his words correctly. He is the human being who brings the teaching, the truth of which the human beings of Earth will argue about, for he does not simply bring peace, but he must precisely be the one who triggers the conflict so that the human beings of Earth will seek and find the path to truth. Therefore, he is who he must be, consequently it is not like a miracle that he is who he must be.

Florena:That is clear and understandable to me, and the meaning of my word also does not draw this into doubt for my word only refers to the fact that it is amazing how exactly our friend always finds the right words to explain something that we would have great difficulty in explaining.

Bermunda:Excuse me –, then I misunderstood your words.

Florena:That’s how it turns out sometimes. Well, that clears everything up.

Billy:Then I can continue with my question. What is the situation with you regarding professional sports, like football, for example, where the players play professionally and do not have a regular job?

Florena:That is not usual for us, because sports are only played outside of the usual time, which you call working time. The fact that you have to pay money to watch is disgusting. Besides, we do not have any money systems or similar payment systems, and our directives also forbid such machinations.

Billy:That is clear. Then the next question: all the rulers are great powers, also with their words, consequently they speak of the misery and distress of those human beings who are in need and misery and donate a lot of money to them, that …

Bermunda:… the needy 1. never receive, 2. are collected by the state leaders themselves, and 3. are diverted from tax money, because the state leaders themselves do not sacrifice any of the private money they have.

Billy:That’s what I wanted to know, actually. Then the following: What Greta Thunberg is doing is obviously criminally directed, because the stupidity of this brat and her demonstration movement completely distracts from the effective problems that exist due to overpopulation causing climate change.

Florena:That is correct, the machinations of Greta Thunberg are the equivalent of being criminally directed, because the real reason is thereby suppressed by concealing where the real reason for environmental destruction is to be found, namely overpopulation.

Billy:I think so too. But what about this, because I once heard more than 70 years ago that the Earthlings’ sectarian and religious mania was leading to the downfall of humanity?

Florena:This danger does indeed exist; at present even more than before at the time when everything was still somewhat more peaceful. Now, in fact, everything is in the balance between possible degeneracy and sanity, with the EU and the USA in particular being the malignant driving forces interfering everywhere and creating a mood of war. This continues until – as you say in each case – someone’s collar bursts, which can be sooner or later. In Switzerland, too, it is fermenting because, as everywhere in the world, completely incompetent persons are sitting at the head of state, who do not know what is going on in the peoples, who are dissatisfied and are striving to finally have a state leadership according to their sense, in which not only incompetents sit, but righteous ones.
Billy:You are probably right, but nothing will change until one day there’s a crash. What do you think about sanctions imposed on other countries?


Florena:Typical of those incapable of governance, of persons devoid of all intelligence, reason and sanity. They live under the delusion that they can achieve something through sanctions, which they want to apply to naughty children and thus punish them. This is effectively childish thinking and just as childish acting as Bermunda mentioned earlier.

Billy:Then we are in agreement in this respect. But what about the fact that the authorities are concealing the truth that so-called UFOs really exist and that they are even being shot at? Like many other things, everything is simply dismissed as a conspiracy theory, and rightly so, because too much nonsense is being spread. But what is right should also be called right and not simply denied.

Florena:That is why we will also be absent and will not return until after the end of July or August.

Billy:I do not understand that?

Bermunda:We will be absent for a longer period in 12 days – until the end of the month of July or August.

Billy:Ah, that’s news again. – And Ptaah?

Florena:He will be back at the same time.

Billy:Though I do not ask why, yet you will have a valid reason for your absence.

Bermunda:We very much do, and that lies in the fact that since time immemorial we have not allowed ourselves to be known by other strangers, but only in isolated cases, as happened in connection with Sfath, and also in the early days with members of the FIGU groupings.

Billy:You mean that none of the strangers could ever locate you, not even your ancestors?

Bermunda:Yes. It has …

Florena:You should not be so open about it, because ….

Billy:I can leave out what has been said so far, after all, when I call up the conversation.

Florena:You should, what’s been said should really …

Billy:What was said before I’ll already …, because the strangers. … So I’m going to do the …

Florena:We really need to remain undetected by the strangers, because we can …

Bermunda:I did not think of that …

Billy:Honestly, I did not either. I only now understand why you are so eager to …

Florena:Yes, and that’s all we should talk about.

Billy:So when I retrieve it, I will just write down what is necessary. I think that’s all that’s necessary. But I am interested in what you have to say regarding the …

Florena:Regarding your …

Billy:I will settle for that. – But then I have this question: how many languages do you actually have on Erra?

Bermunda:We have several languages, but only one that is common to all and that each person is completely fluent in.

Billy:Then every person can communicate with every other person, wherever they meet.


Billy:Then I have the question about prostitution, fornication. I was asked how you on Erra do it? Do you also have brothels or something like that?

Bermunda:We do not know of such things. Our directives also do not contain any such records, because basically everything in this respect is frowned upon and regulated among our peoples before it comes to emergency situations. We have regulated everything in this respect in such a way that androids are available to regulate all private needs in this respect, on a truly private basis, without any public prostitution taking place. Thus everything is regulated privately, in such a way in female and also in male respect, consequently female as well as male androids are available, but never human beings who would give themselves to this activity. Of course, communities of this kind exist between two human beings, but as such they are firm unions and consequently no prostitution is practised in this relationship either.

Florena:That should really cover everything for today, which is why I am in favour of ending everything now.

Billy:Whatever you say. So be it. It is really late, also in normal time. …