Corona Virus Conspiracy?

The Unknown Dangers of the COVID Vaccines

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Based on these still unconsidered factors, people may have a false sense of security after receiving a vaccination

While the rush to find an effective vaccine for the disease is understandable, there are still some very important points and questions that haven’t been addressed, let alone answered, by the “officials”, as well as the vaccine manufacturers.

I think it’s important that the the information below be satisfactorily answered, so as to absolutely minimize any danger directly from the vaccines, as well as from overconfidence that people may have, as a result of a false sense of security after receiving a vaccination.

NOTE: The following information has nothing whatsoever to do with so-called “anti-vaxxer” information, however accurate or inaccurate that information may be.


As was stated in the first warnings about the COVID-19 coronavirus disease that we published on February 25:

“the virus becomes more aggressive over time”

This was preceded by information from November 30, 2019, which we didn’t receive and publish until May 9:

“For the time being, many human beings will die who have weakened primary and secondary immune systems, and that is unchangeable, while the virus will mutate several times and produce dangerous mutations. These new genetic variations will, on the one hand, bring forth a new type of disease which will affect children, just as other new diseases will emerge; for example, vascular inflammations, and so forth, which will also particularly affect children and young persons with stronger primary immune systems, but still underdeveloped, secondary immune systems.”

January 6, 2020:

“If the comprehensive circumstance of the Corona -Virus is to be explained, then it basically corresponds to a partly mutating germ and, in different forms, to a germ that is becoming more dangerous, which indeed attacks the lungs – non-demonstrably in an impulse-form or even demonstrably – however, usually uses them imperceptibly only as a transitional host in order to then attack the vessels of other organs in a life-threatening inflammatory form, which then often leads to death. A particularly critical aspect of the Corona-Virus is the fact that it mutatingly calls forth changes in all vessels, however, it also attacks the protective cell layer of the inner surfaces of the various organs and has a destructive effect on them.”

February 3, 2020:

3) The dangerous and deadly nature of this insidious rampantly spreading disease comes about through a mutation through which changes and consequently new genetic variations of the virus arise, which will become more dangerous and aggressive.

4) Due to the changing dangerousness of the coronavirus, in the coming weeks, first older human beings and also persons with an underlying medical condition will become infected, which also will lead to high mortality rates. Therefore, initially younger human beings, especially adolescents and children, are less susceptible to the coronavirus. However, through its independent mutation, new genetic variations come about, which will become more dangerous and aggressive; consequently they will then also spread to younger human beings, infect them and likewise claim victims.

7) Also, due to the irrationality of the majority of the population, which does not change its illogical mode of behaviour and will not adhere to the given orders regarding the protective measures, the number of infections and fatalities continue to increase; this is also because all officially ordered measures are inconsiderate and extremely flawed and inadequate to a great extent. This is the case because the majority of both genders of the responsible ones of the government are incapable of foresight, and additionally they are completely naïve – which also partly applies to the experts in virology – with regard to the dangerousness and effect of the coronavirus which independently mutates genetically.

8) Since the time of the rampantly spreading disease, SARS, the experts of virology, and so forth, have researched the SARS virus, wherethrough so far certain valueful cognitions have been gained, although the entire approach, however, is far too lax. Therefore it is not recognised that through this valuable research and its results valueful substances have been acquired, which could be worked out in a relatively short time and be used against the coronavirus which is mutating and independently changing into new genetic variations.

10) The mutations of the virus, which have been ongoing for a long time and which will continue to occur now and in coming times, will not be recognised by the terrestrial researchers for some time, which additionally will lead to many infections and fatalities.

(Note this important information: “Therefore it is not recognised that through this valuable research and its results valueful substances have been acquired, which could be worked out in a relatively short time and be used against the coronavirus which is mutating and independently changing into new genetic variations.”)

13) The mentioned fact of the different immune systems among the Earth’s human beings, that is to say, their peoples, groups, tribes, genera and peoples mixings, is not known to the terrestrial physicians. However, these differences are to be especially considered because they are very significant, because not only are they dependent on the atmosphere and determined by climate and regions, rather they also depend on societal modes of behaviour and so forth. Therefore in various countries they contribute especially strongly to the infection with the rampantly spreading corona disease and to mortalities. In certain countries the atmospheric and climatic influences on the immune systems lead to particular viral genetic mutations, wherethrough also different infectious moments arise; consequently the ongoing gen-based mutations of the virus also show different symptoms with regard to the rampantly spreading corona disease. Accordingly, these are particularly pronounced in certain areas of emigration countries due to the mixing of peoples. However, regarding that there is still more to explain, namely also concerning the ‘purity of species’, species diversity and the mixing of peoples, because these have a special value with regard to resilience of the terrestrial human beings’ immune systems which are weakened or strengthened accordingly.

February 3, 2020, Part 2:

2)  The coronavirus corresponds to a mutating virus species, which can emerge in typical and atypical corona-forms, therefore, in atypical forms it is difficult to recognise it as a corona species.

4)  In its type of mutation, the coronavirus is particularly dangerous with regard to the full blood count, which, due to the virus, shows serious changes in all measurement parameters of the leukocytes, erythrocytes, haemoglobin, haematocrit, MCH and MCHC measurements; just as the virus also brings about blood clotting disorders.

May 22, 2020:

“As our research has shown thus far, this virus – in its ability to mutate– has developed into an extraordinary and dangerous ultra-multi-virus, that is to say, an extreme multiple pathogen. Overall this is a matter of a very peculiar virus in which many kinds of characteristics have come about through mutations, which cause many kinds of diseases and can infect and make any organ ill, just as it can also produce completely new diseases.”

June 16, 2020:

“The rampantly spreading corona disease, if a recognised or unrecognised infection has developed, can last for months, namely depending on the moment of mutation and intensity as well as regarding the immune status of the infected person and so forth.”

July 26, 2020:

“9. All the symptoms of disease called forth by the corona virus that we have mentioned in recent months remain valid and will also not experience a discontinuation due to potential mutations of the virus.”

August 5, 2020:

“However, this virus continues to go through phases of mutation, which from time to time cause new susceptibilities to disease, which, as a rule, is not recognised by the entire terrestrial medical science and thus also not by the virologists, because they neither have the necessary knowledge in this regard, nor do they have all the necessary requirements in terms of technology, apparatuses, chemistry and other things.”

“7. The dangerousness and lethality of this insidious rampantly spreading corona disease is due to a continuous mutation of the virus, in which case the mutation-changes which arise from it bring about newly occurring genetic variations that become more dangerous and aggressive, which, however, can neither be recognised by doctors nor by virologists and so forth, because they do not have the necessary knowledge and instruments for that at their disposal.”

October 29, 2020:

“A further mutation of the virus will also occur in the coming weeks. So, as you say, by the end of next November the disease will have killed around 1.5 million people, because all those in positions of government and public authority are incapable of doing their jobs and do not know what they should be doing.”

Immune Systems

In addition to where it’s mentioned above, there is this information to take into consideration regarding differences in the immune systems.

February 25, 2020:

“If and when the rampantly spreading disease, Covid-2, becomes visible/manifests itself in a person depends on the strength and stability of his/her immune system. Based on what the Plejaren or Ptaah explained, the immune systems vary from people to people and from race to race. The current Coronavirus, i.e. Sars-CoV-2, hits hardest the Chinese as well as all Southeast Asian countries bordering on China, such as North and South Korea, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Myanmar/Burma, etc., because the immune system of these peoples reacts/responds in a less stable wise against the virus than that of other peoples, such as the Europeans, where it is usually milder and causes flu-like or pneumonia-like illnesses without a necessarily fatal outcome. However, if immune deficiencies are already present in Europeans, then the Corona virus becomes dangerous for them too and can quickly lead to death.

Fundamentally, Ptaah explained, that the (inter)mixing of peoples should therefore be refrained from, above all, because it usually has a negative influence on the immune system of the descendants, although in exceptions a positive influence is also possible, which however cannot be predicted. Every (inter)mixing of human beings of different peoples inevitably changes the immune system, weakens it or strengthens it, as the case may be. So the immune system of a member of a people with a stronger and more stable or much weaker immune system, can transfer this immune system stability positively or negatively. A weakening can already occur/happen through a longer or shorter stay in a country whose people have a weaker and more unstable immune system, which is why travelling to faraway countries also involves certain dangers in this respect.”

(NOTE: For the sake of brevity, and because of the comprehensiveness of this information, still largely unaddressed by the “experts”, I will only provide a link to this earlier information, from February 3, 2020.)

Blood Groups

The following, from September 23, 2020, is quite comprehensive and demands serious study – and responses – by medical authorities:

“Furthermore, it must be said – as far as I am allowed to explain something in this regard according to our directives – that the entire terrestrial medical science should not simply concentrate on the development of a certain vaccine, but at the same time also concentrate on the different blood groups. This is because these are important, because they determine – and this is something that should be emphasized – the degree of infection factor from the outset. In this respect I have to explain – for which I will use the terrestrial medical terms – that the erythrocytes or red blood cells, which consist of different structures such as proteins and lipid compounds on their surface, must be influenced by appropriate vaccines. The term lipids corresponds to a term which is to be understood as accumulation, whereby the lipid compounds mentioned are usually the largest on the erythrocytes. In this respect I have to explain – for which I will use the terrestrial-medical terms – that the erythrocytes resp. the red blood cells, which on their surface consist of different structures like proteins and lipid compounds, have to be influenced by appropriate vaccines. The term lipids corresponds to a term which is to be understood as accumulation, whereby the lipid compounds mentioned on the erythrocytes usually consist mainly of water-insoluble natural substances. Due to their low polarity, lipids can be easily dissolved in hydrophobic or waterless solvents. Lipids are similar to blood groups, whereby each person possesses a certain type of such antigens, which, as foreign proteins, cause the formation of antibodies against themselves in the body and thus form a certain blood group. The most important blood group systems of terrestrial human beings are first and foremost the subscription system, then the rhesus system and the Kell system, for which I must explain some things to understand non-medically educated people. Blood groups in the narrower sense are all genetically determined erythrocyte characteristics or slice-shaped, approximately 8.4 micrometers tiny cell nucleus-less cells, which are slightly dented in the middle. Such erythrocytes or blood cells have a lifespan of about 4 months and can be calculated at about 26 000 billion in an adult person.

Normally, every structure or organism of the human being develops an antibody on the surface of a cell, which represents an own blood group property. This blood group determination has a comprehensive practical significance, which, for example, prevents negative transfusion reactions in the event of a necessary blood transfusion. This is also important for clarifying transfusion incidents, for prenatal care, as well as for organ transplantation, all of which are of great importance in forensic medicine on earth.

If a person receives blood of an incompatible blood group, this can lead to a dissolution of erythrocytes by destruction of the cell membrane with the transfer of hemoglobin into the plasma, which destroys the blood components, which can be fatal. Not all blood groups are compatible with each other, which is due to the blood group antibodies, because for each blood group antigen there is also a specific blood group antibody, and this antibody can recognize the antigen in question and clump with it. So it is clear that blood group antibodies in the blood of every human being drive against those antigens that do not belong to humans. This prevents the body’s own immune system from acting against its own erythrocytes. However, if a blood transfusion is carried out with the wrong blood of a different blood group, the foreign erythrocytes are fought in the blood system. The determination of the blood group is therefore of immense practical importance in blood transfusions, especially in organ transplantation. And finally, it should be said that blood groups of ethnic populations are usually different and also unequally distributed. This is just as the various blood groups are, of course, fundamentally different depending on their ethnic origin in terms of their susceptibility to infection, and also in terms of susceptibility to the corona virus, to which blood group zero (0) is the least susceptible because it has a certain better immune stability than the other blood groups. These are the facts to be explained.”

So, how do scientists make a truly effective vaccine against an ever-mutating virus, a…manmade bioweapon at that? It would certainly seem that the information above deserves enormous scrutiny.

One thing that should be quite obvious is that there is absolutely no comparable, accurate and easily understood information available to the average person.

It was mentioned, however, that scientists had made some cognitions pertaining to the original SARS outbreak of 2003 and the information gained then should be revisited, as it may contain clues as to how combat this disease.


Though not directly connected to the factors under consideration regarding vaccines, there is this very troubling mention of heredity that shows the as yet not recognized scope of this disease, as made possible by inept, arrogant, ignorant, unqualified “leaders” and “experts”:

September 23, 2020:

“…the ever increasing overpopulation will carry the whole thing far into the future by heredity, which already started months ago and cannot be stopped or stopped anymore.”

The entire discussion about the COVID-19 pandemic is awash in theories, incorrect, revised and (supposedly) corrected information and, of course, a flood of brain-dead, denial-based conspiracy theories.

Now consider if my outrage might be warranted over the deliberate suppression of this information by people like Colleen Brady and her utterly incompetent staff, as well as all the other so-called journalists, governmental and medical officials, etc., throughout Arizona.

If keeping this life-saving information hidden from the public, as well as investigative journalists, medical and governmental officials, isn’t a crime against humanity…what is?

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(23) 4-Jul-2020 – The relaxing which is now announced worldwide leads to a new wave of coronavirus infections as well as to many corona-deaths

– Contact 742 – an arrogance and low intelligence prevails in regard to intellect and rationality with the majority of the state leaders and municipal administrators and likewise with the majority of the supposed medical experts

– Contact 742 – The same applies for the majority of all the populations of all the countries worldwide, as the irresponsible demonstrations as well as the reckless general security-opposing behavior show

– Contact 742 – the relaxation of the curfews and the rescinding of the duty of wearing protective masks – which has been announced for weeks, because of the state leaders, municipal officials, virologists and other supporters of the relaxation – will lead to a new wave of coronavirus infections worldwide as well as to many corona deaths

– Contact 742 – it is not a second wave, as is erroneously assumed, rather it is a further escalation of the ever-continuing outbreak and emergence of the rampantly spreading corona disease

– Contact 742 – the coronavirus most of all spreads via expiration droplets, that is to say, aerosols

– Contact 742 – the virus can very quickly spread and indeed especially when persons get together in groups or masses

– Contact 742 – deposits occur on the surfaces of objects, then the coronavirus, as our research shows, is able to survive up to 3 days and even up to 96 hours

– Contact 742 – Viruses cannot die off, because they are not life forms, they are organic structures that cannot be killed

– Contact 742 – Many show only mild and flu-like symptoms, while others show no kinds of signs of an infection at all, however are nonetheless infected by the virus and can also pass on the rampantly spreading disease

– Contact 742 – left behind by the virus in the human organism – be it after a recovery or during an infectious state in which no infection can be detected – the virus can form and maintain undetectable long-term damage

– Contact 742 – every human being who is infected by the coronavirus is a carrier of the rampantly spreading disease

– Contact 742 – also children can become infected by the virus and even die of it

– Contact 742 – The coronavirus especially takes hold on immune systems that are already compromised and are weakened in terms of energy

– Contact 742 – disorders of the psyche and anxiety lead to susceptibility to the coronavirus

– Contact 742 – also human beings of every age can be affected due to various reasons; for example, as a consequence of exhaustion, lack of vitamins, minerals and trace elements

– Contact 742 – an iron deficiency anemia as a consequence of vegetarianism and veganism

– Contact 742 – the danger of infection is called for with long stays in closed rooms, if infected persons stay in there

– Contact 742 – outdoors via the wind the expiration droplets, that is to say, the aerosols, are carried up to 10 or 15 or more meters

– Contact 742 – air conditioners as well as air circulation systems can also distribute the virus particles across quite a distance

– Contact 742 – cut foods, can be a breeding ground for the virus, especially cut meat – regular hand washing and body hygiene count as personal protective measures, just as the wearing of suitable gloves

– Contact 742 – If typical corona symptoms arise, then a corona test and a self-imposed house arrest should occur

– Contact 742 – a swab test for virus genetic material a test shows a high degree of accuracy in regard to the new coronavirus

– Contact 742 – evidence of antibodies does not mean a final healing or immunity

– Contact 742 – a certain group of human beings with anitbodies can accordingly remain infectious for an undetermined time

– Contact 742 – corona infection’s acute continued-existence-of-the-impulse which is still not known to terrestrial medical science and is not detectable

– Contact 742 – If a contact with an infected person has occurred, then a corona test should immediately be done and one should voluntarily isolate oneself from other human beings for at least 30 days, due to actual incubation period

– Contact 742 – the state leaders and municipal officials determine and act in such low intelligence and therethrough present a bad and death-bringing model for the populations

– Contact 742 – the irresponsible rescinding and ending of the safety precautions contributes to The infections and deaths in regard to the still raging rampantly spreading corona disease which will continue unrestrainedly world-wide – a second wave will follow, it can break out already by autumn or winter or even only next year

– Contact 742 – hundreds of thousands of infections, which now until the end of the month of June will increase to high above 10 million

(24) 19-Jul-2020 – Damages, that the Corona-Virus can produce

– Contact 743 – state/country leaders incapable of handling the Corona-epidemic

– Contact 743 – dumb actions of the loosening or terminating the security-measures will bring serious results

– Contact 743 – Trump is the most dangerous man of the world

– Contact 743 – Epidemic/plague pathogens are transmitted in closed spaces through the air

– Contact 743 – Outdoors, Corona-viruses is further carried with the wind as with calm-wind, consequently greater distances must be observed from person to person

– Contact 743 – If people stand too close together, a risk-of-contagion exists, and indeed also then, when inappropriate simple masks are worn

– Contact 743 – The Corona-virus can cause mild or severe organ damages such as:

– Damage to the lungs

– Damage to the heart

– Damage to the coronary vessels

– Damage to the heart valves

– Damage to the respiratory systems

– Damage to the kidneys

– Damage to the brain

– Damage to the consciousness

– Damage to the pancreas

– Damage to the blood vessels

– Damage to the mucous membranes

– Damage to the limbic system

– Damage can actually befall all organs

– Contact 743 – There is no life-time immunity against Corona-Virus

– Contact 743 – Corona-Virus will continue to exist for all time, even after the termination of the pandemic

– Contact 743 – There is no herd immunity

Contact 743 – Once suffered and recovered from Corona, there is no protection from a new infection

Contact 743 – Once recovered from Corona, a further infection can still be deadly

Contact 743 – Also Corona-illnesses can easily cause diverse organ-ailments

Contact 743 – Diverse organ-ailments, which arise after a complete recovery from the Corona-Virus; are embedded in the organs and can trigger different ailments/sufferings and diseases for years or decades

Contact 743 – Corona-Virus exhibits long-term effects in the body of the human beings

Contact 743 – Corona-Virus also befalls domestic animals and all other mammals, as however also some non-mammals

Contact 743 – actual origin of the Corona-Virus and who actually bears the guilt for the pandemic

(25) 31-Jul-2020 – Further important recommendations regarding modes of behavior in view of the still rapidly rising first corona-wave

Contact 747 – water (as well as air) can also be a carrier of the Coran-Virus (e.g., public pools, lakes and streams. etc.)

Contact 747 – easing of the otherwise only halfway effective lockdown will result in many millions of coronavirus infected human beings world-wide, as well as hundreds of thousands of corona virus deaths Contact 747 – Corona- infractions and deaths is the fault of the incompetent responsible ones of the state and the populations themselves

– various doctors, virologists, immunologists and conspiracy theorists, as well as certain mighty ones of the state and so forth, negate the facts and trivialize or vehemently deny the whole of the circumstances of the rampantly spreading disease and the disease itself

– populations of all countries have hardly, extremely reluctantly or not at all adhered to the half-way good and correct health pre-cautions as well as precautionary and safety measures

– due to a premature relaxation of the lockdown, the number of infections and deaths across the globe has now drastically increased

Contact 747 – corona infections will exceed the 20 million mark

Contact 747 – The mighty ones of the states and the authorities, as well as the majority of the simple-minded populations, still do not take and implement the necessary proper health precautions

Contact 747 – the whole of the current occurrence of the worldwide spread of the corona pandemic is not the result of a so-called second wave

Contact 747 – the irresponsibility of the incapable mighty ones of the states who have thoughtlessly, and therefore with low intelligence, declared the previous lockdown orders to be over and therewith have shifted their responsibility onto the populations

Contact 747 – The majority of the populations has become completely indifferent and irresponsible regarding the rampantly spreading disease in terms of maintaining their own health

Contact 747 – Persons who have fallen ill with the corona virus and recovered from it again will not have life-long immunity, just as no herd immunity against this virus is possible; rather immunity will be of limited duration, depending on the case

Contact 747 – Persons, who have fallen ill with the corona virus and recovered from it again, will be susceptible to various ailments and diseases for the rest of their lives

Contact 747 – the protective measures and precautions against an infection by the corona virus must now be adhered to much more strictly

Contact 747 – new safety and preventive regulations against the risk of infection by the coronavirus must be taken into consideration and implemented (16 point list)

(26) 3-Aug-2020 – Latest Corona-research cognitions of the Plejaren and about the Benefit of Sport

Contact 743 – Once acutely infected with the coronavirus, the infected ones can carry the pathogen in them as a long-term infection for many months or even years

Contact 743 – a reappearance of the rampantly spreading corona disease can occur from time to time, just as other ailments and diseases can be triggered by it, which, as corona virus complications, are able to bring about health problems for the rest of one’s life

Contact 743 – a corona infection is often wrongly diagnosed as summer flu

Contact 743 – During infection and the subsequent recovery, the rampantly spreading corona disease produces antibodies which are useless as a certain protection against a new infection

Contact 743 – Risk factors such as pre-existing illness, being overweight, smoking, alcohol abuse, excessive sport, exhaustion, psychical illness and a weakened immune system are just as significant risks in the case of a corona infection

Contact 743 – Both mild and severe cases of the rampantly spreading corona disease mean for every patient that in the future, even after recovery, he/she will be more or less a carrier of imperceptible mild to severe organic damage

Contact 743 – Once infected by the corona virus, various organs in the body are attacked and ‘marked’ by viral infections which can barely or not at all be detected

Contact 743 – if an infectious disease test is carried out, it will give a positive result in a person infected by the corona virus, but the rampantly spreading corona disease cannot be detected as such

Contact 743 – a corona virus infection that is not noticeable or is barely noticeable, or a corona virus infection that is severe and overcome, even after recovery generally brings about imperceptible organic complications in all human beings, which however only become active in the course of further life and until the end of it

Contact 743 – The rampantly spreading corona disease, if a recognized or unrecognized infection has developed, can last for months, namely depending on the moment of mutation and intensity as well as regarding the immune status of the infected person

Contact 743 – contrary to the confused terrestrial human claims and representations of so-called sports fanatics, sports teachers, health apostles, physicians and other ‘experts’, who portray sport as healthy and strengthening the body, sports activities involve organic health risks, namely also brain damage and damage of the consciousness, as well as accident risks, which provoke physical damage or even death

Contact 743 – Sports-obsessed ones are those who are pathologically ill in their consciousness and who, in their sports delusion – whether privately or professionally – have to prove themselves anew every day

Contact 743 – Overcome coronavirus diseases, which have taken an imperceptible course – this possibility actually exists – or have taken a severe course, can, after 6 or more months or after years, still cause lung disease, and other diseases that are predetermined by the rampantly spreading disease and become life-threatening

Contact 743 – recovering from the rampantly spreading corona disease is doubtful because a recovery does not necessarily mean effective healing

Contact 743 – the state of health condition that existed before the illness. In this respect, this state is never again possible in the case of an infection by the corona virus, because this virus settles in all organs of the human body

Contact 743 – after a corona virus infection there can no longer be a state of complete recovery, that is to say, a state of complete physical, consciousness-based and social well-being

(27) 17-Aug-2020 – How the Situation is with the Corona Waves And how the State Leaders Exercise their Responsibility

Contact 748 – claims of 2nd & 3rd waves started are premature, the 1st wave is still going on

Contact 748 – false statements are constantly made about the number of cases, as well as the corona infections and corona deaths

Contact 748 – in dealing with the corona pandemic, the majority of the terrestrial human beings are obviously just as unteachable as the majority of those responsible for the countries, who are supposed to make an effort about the safety of their peoples, but which they do not do

Contact 748 – the majority of the populations themselves, which – contrary to their being concerned for health and respecting life, and completely irresponsibly and indifferently – indulge in their many pathological cravings for pleasures and pursue them, as a result of which the rampantly spreading corona disease cannot be stopped, but spreads further and claims more and more victims

Contact 748 – what will occur before the first wave is considered over and a second wave actually begins

Contact 748 – when the human being is master of conscious intelligent-rational thought, but does not use it, then a state of low intelligence arises and this state prevails in the majority of peoples just as it does in their governments, which is why they do not strive for the necessary health and safety measures and can neither prescribe nor enforce them, wherethrough many victims are to be mourned

Contact 748 – still 1st Corona pandemic wave, which is rolling all over the world, that by autumn, around about 22 million human beings or more will be infected by the corona virus and there will be over one million deaths

Contact 748 – that which corresponds to the truth is that the total number of corona infections and corona deaths worldwide is 11.4 times higher than is generally wrongly calculated, because all effective facts are neither really recognized nor researched.

Contact 748 – Today’s ‘modern’ technology alone – still in the early stages of a higher development – corresponds to a great danger for the continued existence of the terrestrial humanity, because, as a result of its underdevelopment of consciousness, all conceivable old and new inventions of all kinds, values and unvalues are always immediately transformed into weapons and works of destruction, annihilation and extermination and with those terribleness, wars, murders and terror are carried out.

Contact 748 – certain sections of the responsible state leaders and relevant responsible authorities in all the countries of the Earth have recklessly assessed the whole of the dangerousness of the corona-virus to be a bagatelle and insignificant or as very weakened and dangerless, and in some cases it is irresponsibly still considered harmless

Contact 748 – in large parts of the populations, especially among those who are of pathological low intelligence, who go around in indifference and thoughtlessness, but also among confused know-it-alls and completely irresponsible conspiracy theorists, through whom everything gets very badly out of the control of the good human nature in such a form that all indispensable safety precautions are inevitably trivialized and disregarded.

Contact 748 – the necessary obligation to wear protective masks is largely abolished, ridiculed and, moreover, the state authorities leave it to the discretion of the population in various places; consequently such protective precautions, that is to say, the wearing of protective masks, can be determined according to the personal decision of the individual person, which brings corona infections for many human beings of Earth and also causes the corona deaths to increase more and more, which will soon exceed the official million mark.

Contact 748 – this will not lead to a fact of rationality, because the entire economy and the associated commerce as well as the financial might will continue to remain the more important side of all irrationality and will therefore continue to occupy it, indeed contrary to the necessary safety with regard to the health and life of the Earth’s human beings in general

Contact 748 – the majority of those responsible and the majority of the mighty ones of the state and the authorities are never-the-less keeping the population in the dark about the great danger of the rampantly spreading corona disease, in order to further the will of the economic lobby, that is to say, of the entirety of the institutions, companies and corporations and with regard to furthering measures concerning the production and consumption of all economic goods

Contact 748 –  the rest of the evil is done in the form of playing down the danger of corona, by rescinding any obligation to wear a protective mask and by leaving it to the will of the majority of citizens who are incapable of rationality-bearing consideration and cognitions.

Contact 748 –  among the majority of the heads of states and leading authorities on Earth surpass everything we have ever encountered among any peoples of other worlds in terms of irrationality, egoism, irresponsibility and enrichment to the detriment of humanity.

Contact 748 –  If all of the negative of the state leaders and authorities is analyzed, then no real general people-benefitting values can be recognized, but only egoistic self-interests through which the majority of the mighty ones of the state and higher administration leaders elevate themselves and shine in their own glory and feel adored, but truthly do not want to do anything for their people.

Contact 748 – to all of the entire FIGU community all around the world, and all of them ought to follow my advice by following all of our recommendations regarding the safety precautions mentioned, through which they can optimally protect themselves from the corona-virus – with a certain degree of safety – by wearing protective masks and by keeping their distance from other persons on all their paths and errands and so forth and wherever they go.

(28) 30-Aug-2020 – How the Corona Pandemic will Develop Further

Contact 749 – As Overpopulation increases – unemployment increases

Contact 749 – robot technology – automated product production make human beings totally redundant for work processes

Contact 749 – uninhibited increase in the overpopulation resulting in chaotic disorder and Gewalt

Contact 749 – Gewalt producing Ausartungen (things getting very badly out of control of the good human nature)

Contact 749 – parts of the populations rebel against all the precautionary measures taken by governments and authorities and they do not abide by the necessary decrees and rules

Contact 749 – unconcernedness around the personal well-being and that of the fellow human beings

Contact 749 – personal unconcernedness towards one’s own well-being and towards the fellow human beings

Contact 749 – large parts of the populations unconcernedly and irresponsibly disregard the precautionary measures regarding corona and therewith the protection rules that are recommended or prescribed against the rampantly spreading corona disease

Contact 749 – irresponsibly they travel abroad on airplanes, private vehicles or on public transport, organize small and large amusement parties and binge drinking, visit brothels, cinemas, bars, inns and theaters as well as participate in public music shows

Contact 749 – swimming at river beaches and sea beaches or public swimming pools, all of which are teeming with earthlings who are unconcerned and irresponsible with regard to the rampantly spreading corona disease, is a source of infections and deaths by the corona virus, as are altogether any demonstrations and other human mass gatherings of any kind.

Contact 749 – A certain majority of all governors and Earth’s population are completely irresponsible and unconcerned with regard to the rampantly spreading corona disease

Contact 749 – This, however, will be a disaster for many of them when they become infected or even have to pay for their unconcernedness, ignorance and irresponsibility with their lives.

Contact 749 – all the figures known to date regarding the number of infected ones and fatalities due to the rampantly spreading corona disease do not correspond to the facts

Contact 749 – this virus continues to go through phases of mutation, which from time to time cause new susceptibilities to disease, which, as a rule, are not recognized by the entire terrestrial medical science

Contact 749 – in a few weeks the death toll to be mourned will exceed one million. However, this only applies to the official cases

Contact 749 – all the rational explanations and advice that are given are not being remembered or understood by numerous unteachable ones and therefore are neither taken seriously nor followed by them.

Contact 749 – the entire spreading of the rampantly spreading disease is the result of the inability of the governors and authorities as well as the WHO and the official health organizations, who are neither able to assess in any form the effectively precarious situation, nor to determine and implement the necessary measures

Contact 749 – it is the masses of the populations themselves, who are utterly incompetent with regard to intellect and rationality, who, in their low intelligence, do everything to drive the evil forward even more

Contact 749 – the leaders of the people have shifted the responsibility away from themselves and consequently, instead of enforcing all necessary protective measures against the corona virus, they have dissolved the lock-down

Contact 749 – inadequate modes of behavior of the leaders and that section of the population which is simpleminded and mentally incompetent with regard to intellect and rationality, all evil and terribleness in every kind and form, up to destruction, annihilation as well as rampant death, can unstoppably spread further throughout the world

Contact 749 – 11 important things that should again be mentioned

Contact 749 – 9 things remain valid and should be observed

(29) 6-Sep-2020 – Center Visits under Corona Pandemic Conditions

(30) 22-Sep-2020 – Additional Corona Pandemic Information #1

(31) 30-Sep-2020 – Additional Corona Pandemic Information #2

(32) 21-Oct-2020 – The 2nd Wave of the Corona Pandemic Becomes a Global Wildfire – and About the Suitability of Different Masks

(33) 22-Oct-2020 – Measures for the 2nd Corona Wave

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