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We are the Metro New York and New Jersey FIGU-Interessengruppe für Missionwissen, formed in 2018 as a local non-official study group. We became an official  FIGU Interessengruppe on April 19, 2020.

FIGU is a German acronym that stands for Free Community of Interests Universal. Our mission is to disseminate and study the Teaching of the Truth, Teaching of the Creations Energy and the Teaching of the Life provided by FIGU. We have weekly meetings via Skype throughout the year. 

We do not discriminate based upon race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, age, handicap or any other differentiating human characteristics. 

We are a non-religious group and are not affiliated with any political, religious or any other secular organizations. We do not wish to influence, coerce, or change any individuals’ thinking but simply aim to present information for consideration. 

It is up to the individual to come to his/her own conclusion concerning the information presented here. We are here to provide the Creations Energy Teachings and relative Mission knowledge as an optional route of self responsibility, with a deep deep focus on the might of thoughts. We understand that every human being who occupies their thoughts extensively with one matter, sooner or later falls prey to it, for better or worse. 

If distinct imaginings or wishes are persistently cultivated over a long period of time, then the corresponding deed or the fulfillment of the wish will occur inevitably at a certain point in time, completely on its own and without special determinations of the will.”

Billy Meier ~ The Psyche, page 86


FIGU, Free Community of Interests Universal

FIGU, Freie Interessengemeinschaft Universell

FIGU’s headquarters is located in Hinterschmidrüti, Switzerland and provides educational material in the German language/English.

For those wishing to learn more about what FIGU is and is not, please read: FIGU In a nutshell

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“Remember the teaching of the proclaimers, the prophets and hold fast to what they have given to you, and listen to their teaching of the real truth, so that you understand that you have to raise yourselves up to the truth and obey yourselves in this truth so you set yourselves free from the unknowledge, do not impose any belief on yourselves and turn to the knowledge of the truth to attain wisdom and true love”

Billy Meier ~ The Psyche

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